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  1. I called them and the rep said that it has not been turned over to a CA yet. They did offer a settlement though but would not budge on taking a PFD.
  2. I am trying to get rid of an OC charge-off. It is still well within SOL and not in the hands of a CA (I assume since no CA is reporting or calling me about it). I have already tried the following: 1. CRA dispute 2. OC validation 3. PFD offer What should I try now?
  3. How did they respond, or did they respond at all?
  4. Could someone explain the process of bumping inquiries? Thanks.
  5. Sorry, sbfreak, missed the comment about the "redeemed repossession"...geez...
  6. You can dispute the DOLA which is obviously incorrect if they repo'ed the vehicle years earlier. They probably are counting the date of the sale of the vehicle as the DOLP. But in doing this you run the risk of waking a sleeping dog. Make sure you are outside of SOL if you choose to dispute it.
  7. Love your testimony! Thanks for sharing :-)
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