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  1. I see. I think that explains it. I will fix this in the future. Gratitude.
  2. CV, I don't have any card at 20%. My problem is that my EX is showing 0% util even though I let a card report a small balance. EX via CCT this morning was 711. November was 740. My question is did I screw up the Util game? More than 99% of all people do not game utilization at all, ever, and yet creditworthy people get new cards by the millions every month. What are your current FICOs? FICOs EX 711 (0%), TU 758 (1%), EQ 786 (1%)
  3. CV, I don't have any card at 20%. My problem is that my EX is showing 0% util even though I let a card report a small balance. EX via CCT this morning was 711. November was 740. My question is did I screw up the Util game?
  4. I currently have just over 200k in CL across 6 revolvers and two Amex charge cards that I pay after statements cut. I typically PIF and let one card report a small balance in the $50 dollar range for the last several years but I only pull reports and pay extra attention when I am about to app. In December I was out of the country and I let one card report about 10k on a 50k limit and another 6k on 20k limit. I paid it off and let it report $49 (NFCU visa sig) this month. I just pulled Credit Check total and my utilization is 0% on EX via CCT. WTH am I missing? Is CCT wrong? It used to be a balance of $1 got you 1% util reporting. I am about to app for an EX puller and I need my score maxed. How can I fix this? I have another card that'll close tomorrow and report on the 9th so I can easily add a balance today to get 1% reporting. What should I do?
  5. FYI: There is a work around to the AMEX AU blacklist. I'm willing to share via PM with mod. I burnt AMEX in a chap7 3 years ago. I currently hold a Plat, PRG and SPG as an AU with my own account access. I have not tried to sign up for CS though.
  6. Not true. Income was sub 45K when I got my flagship. Original limit was 12.5k.
  7. FR for $700????? Gimme a break. There' are tons of people pushing 30-40k per month. just spend ten seconds on the flyer talk ms forum. If Amex FRs you over $700 do yourself a favor and tell them to shove it.
  8. Walk into cvs and buy two prepaid cards. To be specific, you want OV or VGC. Offload using evolve money or buy money orders at Wally and pay your $700 bill with it.
  9. This doesn't sound creative at all. Basically, the ploy is to apply and get approved for new credit cards. Max them out for 12 months interest free and finance your business with the funds. Generally speaking, financing business with cards is a not a great idea. I'm not sure what your credit file looks like at the moment, surviving 12 months of maxed out lines is tough for most. You could get CLDs, account closures and other AA from your other lenders. To me the sketchy part is the so called "banking relationships" you're paying for. If you spend just 1hr on CB you'll know that getting 20k+ lines doesn't require any sort of privileged relationships. People do it here everyday in large amounts. I wouldn't pay anyone for the opportunity to pile 125K in credit card debt for 12 months.
  10. Seems to me like an excel spread sheet could do this for you. It doesn't sync and you have to input manually? Yeah...excel can do that. Save your $60!
  11. Good job OP. Now before you get your new BT card, make sure you go the EO route for your capone card and ask for 15K CLI. It will be a soft pull. It will lower your utilization and bump your score a bit and make you more attractive for the BT offer. When you are ready for the BT, post here again and you will get advice on the best offers out there.
  12. If you are willing, seems like something your local news station might be willing to cover. It is a great "big evil bank" screws the little guy with google results story. They might just run with it and my o my, imagine if it got picked up nationally.
  13. 1. Order your reports. Keep pdfs. Annualcreditreport.com 2. Get off the phone immediately. If they call, of course answer. Say you won't discuss anything and ask to be contacted by mail only. Don't say yes. Don't verify address. Just get off the phone. If you have a phone recorder app......(idk what your state law is regarding two party consent). What state are you in and what is your DOFD so we can figure out if you are still within SOL. 3. Send a DV. Include the "inconvenient to contact by phone at any time". CMRRR of course. 4. Wait for the DV results. 5. Lock down your reports. 6. Breathe, hope for some violations and get ready to play.

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