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  1. Yes I linked my Verizon wireless account and they show the last payment amount and payment date as well as current balance.
  2. I want to share an update on my two Cap One trade lines. Both were bumped from low limits to $3k by calling EO number. I got a call back from them after about a week and they gave the good news. CapOne EO office customer service people are also very helpful.
  3. I use Mint for all the accounts except for GECRB which I linked to Manilla so it's great to check all your balances from these two great mobile apps.
  4. I had an old HSBC card which cap one bought and it was listing twice. One from HSBC and one from cap one. I disputed the HSBC one and Experian and Equifax both updated it as 'lost or stolen'..I will try disputing again as duplicate account. It's hard to understand how CRAs work sometimes
  5. I PC my Delta Gold which I got in Dec, 2013 to BCE few days ago. I asked for the product change to BCP but the rep said that he can only change it to BCE. He added that after three months I can call back and ask for the PC from BCE to BCP. I think you should call again. Good Luck!
  6. Congrats. It should be a soft pull. I got a massive CLI as well through them few weeks ago and it was a soft pull for me
  7. I have one of each, so it is possible I think to keep both one has to apply for store card and discover separately so two hard pulls. The customer rep told me that when they upgrade to discover they close the store card. The other negative is that discover reports as a new account.
  8. Congrats!! What changed?! Thanks. My credit utilization went from 24% to 9% as GECRB UW did the magic and raised my limits on Walmart card from $1100 to $10k and on Amazon Store card from $1500 to 10k. GECRB is just amazing.
  9. I wish they let you keep both just like Macy's does but they close the original store card.
  10. I just logged in but unfortunately no offers I have had the Walmart card since Feb 2013.

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