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  1. Thanks for the response. I'll keep all the records in a neat bundle and hope 1) the medical office follows through and 2) I never to need them.
  2. Hi, I've read through the WHY CHAT HIPAA guide, and my situation falls outside what is described there. The short version is: I have an ongoing billing dispute with a medical provider and insurer; I owe them something, but not as much as they're asking for. I left the balance unpaid because the provider said it would not be referred to a CA while going through the dispute resolution process with the insurer. However, the provider (a large medical group) unexpectedly referred the unpaid balance to a CA. Yesterday I became aware of the referral to collections from the online records system of the provider. I called the billing office immediately to inquire and they said they could still accept a payment and recall the collection action -- so I paid the outstanding balance with a credit card. I have a ledger from the provider showing the payment and a zero balance. Between the time of referral to the CA and my payment to the OC, the CA did mail me a letter stating they wanted to collect the debt for the date of service in question. I received the letter today, and that's the first time I came to creditboards to see what to do. No collection action has been reported to the CRAs (yet.) My question is: how should I proceed? Ultimately I would like the collection action purged from the records of the CA and for this never to hit the CRAs. I feel like I need to take some defensive action (a debt validation letter?) with the CA, in case the OC doesn't follow through with their withdrawal of the collection referral. I would think that if I sent the validation letter, the CA could not actually validate the debt since the OC would have to now show them a zero balance -- but I feel like this could also create records with the CA that could come back to bite me in the future. Your guidance here is appreciated, thanks!

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