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  1. Well, you don't even have the $2/3 thing right. Discover cancels out $1.99 and below as a credit adjustment so they don't have to generate a paper statement. A few other cards (they're dwindling) cancel out .99 and below. Not because of credit reporting. I mean, it's obvious super low utilization > no utilization, but I've seen it pop up that bare minimal utilization < super low utilization before. We're only talking a couple points here, but I'd like to see whatever science BobWang has that $2 is somehow magical.
  2. Credit Karma doesn't count. The advice in this thread is to maximize scores. While I'm sure you aren't losing too many points with your method, you aren't maximizing your scores either. Just out of curiosity, have you ever compared $2 to 2%? Like next month let one report with a couple hundred bucks and see if your score goes up or down. Like there's certainly other factors, but I've never seen my score drop because I forgot to pay down my Forward card from $150 to $2 on the day before the statement closed (which I forget frequently)... for example (I've been on Equifax recently, not Credit Karma). I just assumed that was because I was staying in that 2-3% range. Now if I close with like $10,000 of M$ on a card, I've seen the score go down as many as ten points.
  3. Weird, I noticed that 1% was worse that 2-3% a few years ago. I think CreditKarma or one of the other services even pointed it out as the issue. But I haven't paid attention recently. I usually have all my cards report 0 exactly one or two that report less than $1000.
  4. That's pretty funny, and a little disturbing considering how much work I put in closing/reallocating crap this past year just to get some juicy PLOCs.
  5. Ones that are manufactured spending friendly, so I'd rather not say. They're more than happy to give me a checking account, but as soon as I try for a PLOC... "too many inquires, too much available credit". I even had a long conversation with one where she basically told me she'd never seen a credit report like mine and was convinced I was planning to load up my cards with $500,000 and flee the country or something. Lowering my CLs have had virtually no impact on my credit score interestingly enough. I was raised on credit boards believing you never close anything and take ever increase you can that doesn't cost you a hard inquiry. With 0% balance transfers rare, MS and bonus offers are where it's at, so I haven't missed any of the CLs I've dumped.
  6. This thread is true with major banks, not true with many credit unions. I get declined all the time with a 750 to 800+ score. The only reasons ever given are too many inquires and/or too much available credit. I strongly believe when it's hands on rather than a system, they'll get spooked by anything and inquires are an easy to spot red flag (especially since credit union cater more to typical people, not bonus chasers and manufactured spenders). I've steadily dropped my available credit from $400,000 (which admittedly was crazy) to sub $200,000 and I'm still getting declined. Trying to get it down to close to my salary now to hopefully eliminate that issue.
  7. Any way to fudge living in Texas? Like set up a P.O. Box or something? Seems too elaborate to dump some TU inquires, but curious if anybody thinks it's possible.
  8. For those that are new to CB, do NOT do this. This is a 'mistake' waiting to evolve into a complete eff-up. Yeah, I can verify this as a complete eff-up and never should have mentioned it. I had a credit union just drop me because I had 11 inquires in the last 60 days (3 from them and 3 from the same Cap1 application). I can only assume it was because I asked nicely for them to remove their three inquires or they never would have even noticed.
  9. ...it will okay. We will all be okay in the garden... I guess I'm just in the bargaining stage of grief over this. I mailed off a bunch of letters asking politely to have inquires removed. I know it's probably a huge fail, but worth a try since some of my hard inquires or from smaller places and BOA that have left me off the hook in the past.
  10. The inquires show up before the next accounts. So obviously they do matter. That was kind of the point of the old App-o-ramma, to get as many applications in before they reported. Now they report almost instantly, so the AoR has become more or less obsolete.
  11. So if inquires don't matter, why did Transunion and Equifax bother to fix it? Or is everybody just in the denial stage now dealing with their loss?
  12. Available credit is not debt... But a lot of credit unions are concerned it's potential debt as I've found the past couple years. Beware. Working at the same job for 15 years and living at the same house for 10 without a single negative item on my report other than too many inquires wasn't enough to convince them they hadn't sniffed out my master plan to buy $250,000 in lottery tickets and flee the country if I lose.
  13. Not here. One credit union pulled TU on March 12th, Cap1 pulled on March 31st, and another Credit Union pulled on April 1st and inquires went up one each time with none dropping off. Went through R* bringing back 11 from the dead earlier if that's a factor. Nothing will drop off due to time until September.
  14. My experience lately is major credit cards don't care much about inquiries, but small credit unions are sensitive about EVERYTHING. Like 10 inquiries (none in the last six months) and "too much available credit" (a little more than double my income) put me 0-for-3 going after PLOCs. 800+ credit score was basically worthless once they took a good look at the report. I do suspect they were more skittish about the available credit, but they all cited both and saw the inquires as a red flag of a pattern of trying to generate even more available credit.
  15. Anybody had any success writing to your banks/card issuers/etc. and requesting nicely to have valid hard inquiries removed recently? I tried that a couple years ago and it knocked out a couple (really low success ratio, like 3-for-20 if I remember right). I thought the theory was you had a better chance with banks that rejected you and for things that weren't REALLY credit related like cell phone contracts.
  16. Anybody laying odds on the possibility of EQ R*?
  17. I noticed the new Credit Karma EQ soft pull is being uncounted. Expected? ND-CREDIT KARMA, INC: 01/23/15
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