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  1. The one thing I am a little concerned about is that this judgment has not reported on my credit for a few years because I had gotten it deleted. Once they receive payment, is this just going to reappear on my credit reports? If it does, will it be easy to get rid of it since it is over 7 years old now? I personally just want a letter from the court that says, "this judgment has been satisfied".... and hope nothing reports.
  2. Hey ICAN.... They told me that they would report it to the court within 15 days but I would get a response from the CRA's in 30-45 days. I'll pm you the letter.
  3. Definitely will shifter... I will be taking care of this crap first thing in the morning. Time to cut this judgment loose.
  4. A personal check has your checking account number on it. Gotcha
  5. Also, what is the security of going with a certified check?
  6. Yes I have a written agreement. Not sure how to attach the letter through pm. It's written that this will be considered as a settlement in full. Good point...I have to ask if I will be 1099ed. It hasn't been on any of my credit files for 2 and a half years now. I just need to take care of this so I can pick up a property without the worry of these scumbags coming out the woodworks.
  7. It's been a very long time that I've been fighting this judgment. Finally I have reached an agreement with CACH LLC. I need to get this off my back because there is a 9% interest added to my judgment each year and there is a SOL of 20 years...all courtesy of Illinois. It's been 7 years and my original judgment has nearly doubled. If I do not pay this now, I'll probably owe $50k by 2030. Regardless.. There has been an agreement reached. I just need to know what to put in writing on my check in order to protect myself and what else I should expect for them to do once CACH receives their payment from me.
  8. I was loving what you were saying regarding to file a stay in court till I read this article: http://www.culiklaw.com/cach-debt-collector/ Apparently, they can continue to collect.
  9. I still have not received this letter that they are going into BK. Is it possible that they are BKing on one of their entities in a certain state only?
  10. Does that help my situation ICAN? Since LVNV wasn't the one that had the judgment against me. they have to transfer judgments thru the court system to be able to enforce thru the courts ( garnishment, etc ) - just a sale of an internal account won't cut it Do they take it as far as going back to the court system? Do you think now would be the best time to try to settle with CACH? or would settling with LVNV be better?
  11. Does that help my situation ICAN? Since LVNV wasn't the one that had the judgment against me.
  12. Wow this can be big for us who have problems with CACH. I'm one of those people. They have a judgment against me and they had sent me a letter about a month ago stating that they're going to go to court to garnish my wages. Luckily I don't work at the place they have on file anymore. Maybe after 7 years of not being able to contact me they are going a different direction because they might now be in a rush to collect money?? What happens to our debts if CACH is BK'd? Also, I'd be willing to file a "stay" with the court if I can. If it goes through successfully, would I be able to get a mortgage if CACH technically can't touch me during that period of time?
  13. Hey OC gal.. I've actually been farming for a little while now. I never got around to the LC Biz LOC. I was just trying to get info on it to see if it might be worth taking a shot at it some day. But I'm sure they want docs for 75k. As for NFCU Biz LOC, that I do have. It was not a recent app though. Probably closer to 2 years now.
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