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  1. Will be past sol in march or april 2022 in Georgia. 9600.00 balance. Navy still owns debt and is reporting co every month. The offered me around 2000.00 settlement but that was years ago and haven't heard a peep since then. Ive been waffling on this for a while on what to do. Do i wait it out and risk a lawsuit right before sol expires or do i contact them now and see what they say? I could do 2000 but it would have to be spread out over 4-6 months. Thanks
  2. Thanks. Haven't purchased a vehicle in a long time and am researching things. One other question, wife has better credit but will need my income. What's is best way to get best rate,me as cosigner or the joint credit app with her first? I can probably qualify on my own as I have very low dti with scores in low 600s but I'm looking for the cheapest rate. Thanks
  3. Anyone know which auto lenders are prone to use this score in Georgia? Thanks
  4. ok, i think at the very least there is some creative date manipulation going on here but will order paper reports to see if any more info i can use. Thanks.
  5. Reports directly pulled from equifax,eperian and tu.
  6. There is nothing showing telling me when this is expected to be removed on experian or equifax. There is a status date on experian of Sept 2017. TU says 11/22 removal date
  7. Old cap 1 account now with llnv Around 350 balance DOFD Sep 2015 Date Opened Sept 2017 Date Reported March 2021 This tanked my score 50 Points Deliquency First Reported Jan 2018 Anyone seeing anything fishy here? IDK but these reporting dates i don't get. Was opened in 2017 ,first reported in 2018 and then Reported in march of this year. How is it rereported if its already reported. This debt is almost 6 years old and tanked my score like it was brand new. I'm not understanding this one if anyone with a explanation could help me out? Thanks
  8. Anyone have any email addresses to send goodwill letters? Ive searched but can't come up with any. Thanks
  9. I have the means to pay everything off right now,just wanting to be halfway sure that i would qualify.If not i probably would not pay off my current mortgage at this time
  10. I am planning to purchase house in six months or less.I have cureent middle score of 627.My credit reports have several credit cards that are reporting as settled,all over a year old.I have 3 current cards 2 are maxed out at 1000 each and 1 is at 50%.I have a current mortgage with only 1 30 day 3 years ago,270.00 a month.Also several small medical collections paid and 2 medical at 800 each not paid.I have no other debts.Income at 3100 month without wife,prefer to only use my income becasue her credit is a lot worse.I plan to pay credit cards and mortgage off.Looking for a house of 125000-1350
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