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  1. I was on vacation in the US. I actually now live in Europe where wait staff are very pleasantly surprised when they get tipped and since I tend to tip there at the same rate as I do in the US they're often astounded Also, yes friend B is cheap. In fact friend A and I found out we'd both been tipping slightly more than we would have because we knew friend B would undertip. Any suggestions how to get her to tip more? Don't want to cut her out of things but it is embarrassing
  2. I was on vacation in the US. I actually now live in Europe where wait staff are very pleasantly surprised when they get tipped and since I tend to tip there at the same rate as I do in the US they're often astounded
  3. cv I agree wholeheartedly that the practice of tipping is ridiculous. Time employers started paying servers a decent wage then we could forget about tipping altogether
  4. Interesting. I'd always thought a percentage was the standard thing. One of my meals was $125 and I wouldn't have felt good just leaving a few bucks but each to their own. Any other opinions anybody?
  5. So...... I was recently on vacation with a couple of friends. We always had our own checks at meal times. I currently tip 20% for expected service up to 30% for great service. I base my percentage on the total, including tax. Friend A tips a similar amount but only on the cost of the food not the total bill Friend B tips 10% of total bill amount. Both friend A and I were mortified by the 10% friend B left but no matter how we teased her about it she wouldn't leave a penny more. My question is should the tip be based on just food value or total bill? Btw we're all 3 widows on similar fixed incomes. How do we make friend B realise 10% is insulting?
  6. Yeah, I'd thought take it and put it in savings until they realise their screw-up and ask for it back. Could make a little interest on it depending on how long it takes. Don't see that I could be charged a penalty as I submitted correct information and they're the ones who messed up
  7. I moved from the USA to UK part way through the last tax year so that part of my income earned in the US was subject to US tax and that earned in the UK subject to UK taxes (since I'm British) Initially had a letter from the UK tax office telling me I'd underpaid by £1551. Although I knew I'd underpaid I thought it should be about £800. So I sent an adjustment in. Today I received 2 letters from the UK tax office - both written on the same date - the first one told me I had overpaid on taxes by £285 the second told me I'd overpaid by £7,300. So it's not just the IRS which is screwed up
  8. They've been posted there for 3 years and no nothing of the area. They're obviously trying to avoid the parts of the city with high crime or drug problems but since they have a very young child need somewhere not too far from everything. They have 2 large dogs and it looks like rentals will be an issue because of that. Midland is sounding quite promising but they're worried about the journey from there to Bay City in the snow. I'll tell them to investigate south - thanks for the input
  9. LOL - thank you for that informative input
  10. Looks like DD and SIL are being posted there. Anybody have any knowledge of the place, areas to avoid, recommend etc, etc?
  11. a good personal accounting package which can be used on a Mac?
  12. Thanks all. Appreciate just being able to talk about it. Breeze - telepathic hugs work too, lol
  13. As many of you will know from past posts of Flyboy and I my relationship with DD has been tumultuous to say the least since she hit puberty (she's now 28). She has many health issues and after Flyboy passed I moved to the US to be closer to her to help her out. Arguments have continued on and off to the extent I was seeing a therapist because I felt so low. Therapist confirmed what I knew deep down that I'd given DD the power to treat me any way she wanted and get way with it. I realised I had to take that power back if I wanted anything to change. So I gradually started standing up for myself. In addition I made the choice to move back to the UK which really pissed her off. Long story short we got into a huge argument and I told her a few home truths - one of which was that she's a narcissist. Her DH walked in in the middle of the argument as she was screaming at me to get out and I'd never see her or my 7 month old granddaughter again. Then I said something pretty unforgivable (even though I believe it to be true) - I said the her DH that when he got tired of her treating him like chocolate I'd support him in a custody battle. She became so enraged that she flew at me and knocked me flying into some furniture which left me pretty bruised up. True to her word I've not heard anything in the 2 weeks since this has happened and as well as unfriending me on FB has instructed any shared friends not to share photos of my granddaughter with me. For the sake of the baby I did try and reach out somewhat but got no response. I know that if I apologise and back down and stay in the US she'll take it as a green light that she can treat me any way she wants to and get away with it. My mind tells me to accept the situation and move on with life without them, my heart is grieving for my granddaughter. I leave for the UK in the next couple of days and am broken-hearted. WWYD?
  14. Sorry for the delay. Time zone. Lest I be accused of being sexist, EPB comes in two versions: 1. Evil 2. Psycho 3. Biatch / B'tard Thanks PotO. Nowhere near as raunchy as I thought it was going to be Thanks for asking, RD. I thought I was the only one I think I prefer my Egress Payload Buffer
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