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  1. So I have had ZERO success with early deletion. I have called both EX and TU with no success. Any tips on how to get these removed. The rep at EX stated "it is already set for an earlier deletion then required and will be removed on 5/23/2017." The TU rep just flatly refused to do anything stating this is the information they are reporting so it must be correct and is slated to be remove July 2017. Any tips? Am I doing something wrong? I asked them to look at the account and stated I think this is too old to report on my accounts.
  2. Hey all. Just got off the phone with Experian for a CA that states it is on record until 5/2017, I was trying to get it removed early. The rep would not budge and stated it is already slated to fall off early. He gave me a date of 5/23/2017. The account is also being reported by the OC , DOFD is 9/2010. The amounts reported owed are different, but he would not budge on either. Should I try back or just wait it out? Thanks!
  3. Thanks all. I know SOL has to do with suing, my concern was disputing something, drawing attention to the account and the potential for suit, in addition to the reporting concerns. Sorry I did not make that more clear in my post. I appreciate your responses. It appears I can dispute a few items that are within the normal early deletion times you have listed above. Thanks for your help Amy
  4. Hello, I have been gone awhile from the boards, let some things happen and, while I am not quite as bad off as when I first started, I still have some work to do. I am so grateful you all are still here! I have a couple of questions I am hoping to get help with. 1. A family member added me as an AU a couple of years ago to help with having a card while traveling. I utilized it maybe twice, paid my portion in full and cut up card. It is still being reported at an AU account on TU and EX but not EQ. Their current usage looks like it is at 95%. Its paid each month but utilization is extre
  5. I am currently in rehab with ECMC on my student loans. They also took a significant amount of money from last years tax return. I am only three months into rehab, however I would like to reutrn to school and will of course require a loan. Is it possible for the default status to be removed sooner than the 9 month time frame? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Amy
  6. I agree. CCB is the devil, I wish I could get them off my reports!
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