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  1. The big issues I see is so many shady looking companies....with unsecure websites and no office location...private domains....HUGE RED FLAGS! Why in the world would you want to send your personal identification to a company like that? Some people I guessneed the "hand holding" and I get that. My cousin did it herself with success but used the 30 Day Credit Miracle program - www.30daycreditmiracle.com (not sure if we are allowed to post links here - and I know peole hate the "credit repair company" term...but this is more of an info product - mods feel free to delete the link if it isn't alloed). Worked for her. Told her about this forum but she went that route. When oyu actuallydo it yourself you understand it better and honestly it prob helps develop good credit habits as you won't want to go through it again!
  2. Free Equifax FICO score (w/ free 10 day trial): http://www.myfico.com/lp/SEM020001.aspx?cm_mmc=SEM-_-G|Gen-Brand-Free-BMM|Free-FICO-General-_-free%20%2Bfico|b-_-22073082431&sourceid=SEM_GC008A146K000760BL001_22073082431&gclid=CNfQyPavwbgCFRCa4AodW0AA8g
  3. Ahhh, thanks!!! Makes perfect sense now!!! So as long as it keeps saying 79 I am good and no c* Few weeks and it should be good!
  4. ok, so the counter will just say 79 every day then? (or is that as high as it goes?)
  5. I had 79 softs in the counter when I started...now after a few days of pulling multiple times a day the counter still says 79.....any idea why this could be happening? Should I stop?
  6. Gotcha. I will see what I can do...jsut trying to B* them off ASAP...if I have to spend a few bucks its well worth it.
  7. Ahh, well if that is the case I'll just pay the monthly fee...it is cheap. EQ rep said it was the same as the other product...just doesnt pull the other 2 bureaus...
  8. Not EC....signed up for equifax credit watch...it only pulls EQ...since my other 2 bureaus are frozen. The other 3 all have free or $1 first 30 days...so it isn't costing me more...and I would like to get rid of them ASAP.
  9. 70 days even if I am pulling 4 daily from tomorrow on (USAA, AMEX, EQ COM, MPM)....or about 18 days pulling all 4?
  10. Here are my softs: AR-AMERICAN EXPRESS 09/16/12 AR-CAPITAL ONE 07/17/13, 01/22/13, 12/17/12, 09/21/12 AR-CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA 04/15/13, 03/27/13 CIC/EXPERIAN RPTS 07/19/13 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 07/19/13, 07/18/13, 07/17/13, 07/16/13, 07/15/13, 07/14/13, 07/13/13, 07/12/13, 07/11/13, 07/10/13, 07/09/13, 07/07/13, 07/05/13, 07/03/13, 07/02/13, 07/01/13, 06/29/13, 06/28/13, 06/27/13, 06/25/13, 06/24/13, 06/22/13, 06/21/13, 06/18/13, 06/17/13, 06/11/13, 06/10/13, 06/07/13, 06/06/13, 06/05/13, 06/04/13, 06/03/13, 05/31/13, 05/30/13, 05/29/13, 05/28/13, 05/27/13, 05/26/13, 05/25/13, 05/24/13, 05/23/13, 05/22/13, 05/21/13, 05/20/13, 05/19/13, 05/17/13, 05/16/13, 05/15/13, 05/14/13, 05/13/13, 05/11/13, 05/10/13, 05/09/13, 05/08/13, 05/07/13, 05/06/13, 05/05/13, 05/04/13, 05/03/13, 05/02/13, 05/01/13, 04/30/13, 04/29/13, 04/28/13, 04/27/13, 04/26/13, 04/25/13, 04/24/13, 04/23/13, 04/22/13, 04/21/13, 04/20/13, 04/19/13, 04/18/13, 04/17/13, 04/16/13, 04/15/13 EQUIFAX 04/22/13, 04/22/13, 04/03/13, 04/02/13, 01/18/13, 05/26/12, 05/23/12, 05/21/12, 05/19/12, 05/16/12, 05/10/12, 04/17/12, 04/10/12, 04/10/12, 04/05/12, 04/04/12, 03/30/12, 02/23/12, 02/14/12, 12/19/11, 12/19/11, 11/09/11, 10/07/11, 09/19/11, 08/12/11, 08/11/11, 07/20/11 EQUIFAX 03/31/13, 03/30/13, 02/07/13, 05/01/12, 04/18/12, 02/06/12, 02/04/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 03/20/12, 03/07/12, 02/21/12, 02/21/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 09/27/11 EQUIFAX 07/10/13, 07/10/13, 06/21/13, 06/21/13, 05/30/13, 05/30/13, 04/09/13, 04/09/13, 04/09/13, 04/09/13, 04/09/13, 03/29/13, 03/28/13, 03/23/13 EQUIFAX 03/08/13, 02/17/13, 02/07/13, 12/29/12, 12/25/12, 12/19/12, 11/22/12, 11/17/12, 11/05/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 02/04/12 Equifax Consumer Services 07/19/13 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 07/19/13, 03/30/13 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 07/19/13, 03/30/13 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 04/09/13, 02/13/13, 05/09/12, 04/30/12, 03/27/12, 03/22/12, 03/20/12, 02/28/12, 02/20/12, 02/16/12, 02/08/12, 01/05/12, 11/17/11, 09/30/11, 08/30/11, 08/24/11, 08/23/11, 08/17/11 FAIR ISAAC 07/10/13 ND-FAIR ISAAC 07/10/13 AR-MACYS/DSNB 03/29/13, 11/30/12, 10/26/12, 09/28/12, 08/31/12 And here are the hards I want to B*: (5 of them) 7/12/13 7/11/13 7/11/13 7/11/13 7/10/13 And this is what the counter says:
  11. Ahh, ok...all 5 are from last week....most of the softs are before that...
  12. Holy crap....so I had USAA...signd up for MPM, AMEX CS, and EQ Complete....to starts pulling 4 daily and B* my 5 new inq.....I should have gotten C* the other day....I pull today, and see a ton of softs...load them into the counter....and it shows 79 confirmed softs! So does that technically mean if I do not get C* soon I could B* all 5 inq off in about 4-5 days?!
  13. Anyone have a valid enrollment link or promo code for MPM?? I used a keybank link a few days ago but called in and they said they have no info - seems to be so hard to get enrolled with them. Any tips?
  14. Spending that kind of money why don't you have an Amex platinum or something? No credit cards? They won't do anything for you - get a rewards card so you can take advantage next time.
  15. Ok, thanks. So I am assuming if it takes 22 days to "fill the tank" that I could quite possibly B* these 5 new Inq's off by day 27?
  16. I have been reading up on B* and just have a simple question... From what I can see C* should hit MA in a couple days, on Thursday. I have 5 EQ inquiries from last week that I want to B* off so I am back down to 0. I have USAA daily...and I just signed up with MPM (said they will mail the info in 2 weeks but I called the number and they said call after 24 hours and they can provide me the online login)...I iwll then sign up for EC and AMEX CS...that will give me 4 daily pullers. QUESTION: If C* appears to be Thursday in MA should I start pulling all 4 on Friday morning? With 4 pullers should I be able to B* all 5 of these new inquries within 30 days? Thanks in advance B* pro's...
  17. FINAL UPDATE: US Bank card was approved also for $19,500... So, in total it was 5 EQ inquries (the only inquries - so time to b* back to 0).... Total new credit obtained: US Bank.......$19,500 Discover.......$10,000 Chase..........$18,000 USAA...........$25,000 Total...........$72,500
  18. update: called barclays for an update on the visa black card. they sid they were unable to pull TU - so I asked them to pull EQ - they did - and denied it because there were 4 other inquires on EQ in the past couple days (5 now with barclays) - said they would have approved it - so, I should have gotten that one approved before going on the spree! lesson learned... also apped the us bank flex perks travel rewards visa signature last night - I called right after - they said they pull a "random" bureau and pulled EX - but it was frozen - I did some sweet talking to the woman and she resubmitted and it pulled EQ - said I should have a decission within a couple days....so fingers crossed on this one...if this one gets approved for a nice high limit I will be pumped. So that is 5 new EQ inquiries that I need to B* now in the next month. I am going to keep TU and EX frozen...then as soon as EQ is free of inquiries again I will let everything sit.
  19. USAA Approved $25,000 Then pulled the trigger on Discover and Chase as well... Discover $10,000 Chase $18,000 Kind of low for Discover...but not a bad day...still waiting to hear from Visa Black but I think since TU is frozen they will say no....if that is the case I will call recon and see if they can pull EQ... Time to B* haha
  20. Hope not! I have head of them offering some nice limits. Fingers crossed for 25k... Do you mind telling me what limits you have seen from them? I have 2 cards at 15k each and hubby was at 12k. You can also check the creditpulls database. Thanks a lot. Hope to hear form them soon.
  21. update: called usaa and they said application is still being reviewed....still no inquiry for visa black - so I am thinking that since they couldn't pull TU they will deny and not pull EQ?... I have some other cards I'm ready to pull the trigger on as well...may app for a chase later today - they are EQ and I have heard of some nice limits from them.
  22. Hope not! I have head of them offering some nice limits. Fingers crossed for 25k... Do you mind telling me what limits you have seen from them?
  23. Pulled myfico again...and I see the usaa inquiry...still no inquiry from visa black...score actually went up. The usaa inquiry is now the only inquiry on EQ....I really am wondering why it wasn't an instant approval. I'm sweating now lol

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