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  1. We are unable to process your request at this time. The TransUnion Fraud Alert service is only available during the following hours: Online Fraud AlertMon – Sat., 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CST Sun., 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CST
  2. Disputing the last collection, only on my TU. Not a major burden as most places use EX and EQ, but I still want it gone. I disputed with TU and it did no good. The account is listed as the name "Why not lease it", so I sent them a DV letter, and they replied with: "We are the creditor as defined in 15 USC 1692(a)(4)- not a debt collector collecting for another party". "We are a creditor, not a debt collector". ------------- Ok...but this is the company that is REPORTING the debt on my CR. I did receive a letter from TRS (telecheck), but they are not reporting on my CR. So this company claims they are not a debt collector, but have listed themselves on my CR and the item is "placed for collection". If WNLI has placed an item for collection, and I'm (supposedly) in debt to them, then they ARE collecting a debt, and they ARE a debt collector. But according to their letter "We are not a debt collector". What should I do?
  3. Wow. Got the letter from them today, not only does it say 9 day holds, it also says the only way to put money into my account is direct deposit. I'm going to write them a letter asking to close my account. That is ridiculous. Maybe penfed isn't picky, but paranoid? I've never heard of a bank or cu instating such heavy restrictions on a savings account. I have a savings with sallie mae, and even with bad credit it's a full featured account and then even sent me a free box of checks!
  4. Wow. Just received a notice from penfed, it says due to my credit, all checks deposited into my savings account are subject to a NINE business day hold, and that I can "re-apply" for a lower hold SIX months from now. I don't care who you are, that IS picky, and I've never heard of a bank or a CU, subjecting someone to a long hold time on checks due to credit.
  5. https://www.youracu.org/accounts/checking/perk-checking/ This account rewards ACU members that frequently use their debit card and online bill pay. Earn 5% Annual Percentage Yield* on the first $1,000 when account requirements are met and enjoy the ACU checking benefits package. Better get a knife...
  6. Well it took some digging to find it, but I did find a nice CU that I switched to. Offers 5% APY on checking act up to 1,000 dollars, a $100 bonus if you direct deposit, and a few more perks.
  7. This is the last denial letter for a credit card. 23rd April I have officially gone back to the garden. This was for a Gas Credit Card from Valero, Serviced by DSRM National Bank. It says they obtained my credit score from Equifax, and it was 508, well I'm thinking it wasn't fico because it said "scores range from 280 to 850". I also know my EQ fico was 571 on 17th April. Now here is the kicker... KEY FACTORS THAT ADVERSELY AFFECT YOUR SCORE: Total Balance on Trades (we know that). Number of Recent Inquires (same). Revolving High Credit Um...huh? Doesn't say high balance, doesn't say high limit, revolving high credit. MAKES NO SENSE. ...and finally, the one that takes the cake: LACK OF MORTGAGE TRADES. Ya...the score is low because I don't have a mortgage.
  8. The master thread lists credit unions that you have to be military to join, that is NOT "anyone".
  9. I thought CC's just went off of score, and score was calculated with DTCL ratios, inquiries, etc.
  10. I talked to the CU today about which card I should apply for in the future, they said they can't tell me because it would be "a liability", seems weird that a loan officer can't give advice.
  11. Well I mean my reports. I get my CR's daily from USAA and everything matches on EX and EQ. I guess the CB's have different data fields as you said and it makes a difference. It's weird that even with 608 I can't qualify for anything.
  12. Associated does pull for membership. Almost all do.
  13. Just found out my EX Fico is 608, while my EQ fico is 571. There is no difference in reports between EQ and EX. Same number of collections (0), same balances, same amount of tradelines, etc. Is there a variance between CB's? Or is it normal for there to be such a difference?
  14. Checking Account. No minimum balance. All Packages Feature Free Debit Card with Unlimited ATM Transactions Free Online Banking & Bill Pay Money Management Tools Mobile & Text Banking Free Access to Your Credit Score withMy Credit Score Follow the steps on the next pages to help ensure a free checking account. -U of W Credit Union
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