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  1. Go Bank has a habit of putting over two week holds on many checks, even from major issuers, and even if you've been a customer for a long time. I think there are holes in the regulations that allow this. Wow, how ridiculous!!
  2. Be thankful you don't "bank" at a CU then. My teenage daughter has a checking account with Alliant, for her paychecks, since she has a job. I've been a lot more pleased with them than U.S. Bank. But I had a terrible experience with a small local CU a while back, so I won't do my regular banking with any more small name CUs. I'm not a huge fan of big banks either, but at least I can easily get to a big name bank branch, if my account gets screwed up.
  3. That's possible, I would imagine. But I'm mostly convinced that sometimes banks just do ridiculous things without a logical reason.
  4. Thanks everyone! I walked down to the bank today on my lunch break. After that 5 block walk, in this 85 degree humid Cleveland heat, with my asthma flaring up, I was reading to snap at someone, lol. I told the bank teller what happened, and showed her my paystub. She looked at my account, called someone on the phone, and then told me the hold was removed. She said the bank thought the check wasn't going to be honored. Really?! It's a government payroll check!! In any case, thankfully it's fixed. I'm just a lowly public assistance caseworker, and I need my money, lol. Jokes aside, I'm loving my new job so far, and am feeling beyond fortunate and thankful to have gotten it. I've been applying for jobs with the county for about 6 years now, with no luck until just now. The county is having a massive hiring spree, in the division I work in, so I guess I got lucky. The pay isn't great, considering that it's a degree requiring position, but the hours and location are great, lots of paid time off, and absolutely fantastic benefits, especially the medical insurance. It will be a fraction of what I have now through my husband's employer, for far better insurance. It's a unionized position too, which I'm excited about. My dad was a 40 year union member and union steward, so I know he'd be happy for me, if he was still alive. I'm in a 10 week training class, until August 1st. So much to learn, but not at all boring. And I have a great group of fellow classmates. Anyway, yep, it takes 3 pay periods, weeks for direct deposit to start. The county is just sloooowww to do anything. I had to go through an 8 month hiring process. Apped in October, test in December, interview in January, contingent job offer in May, background check, drug test, fingerprinting, approval from the county executive for my hire, then I started work in June. It sure tested my patience, lol. Glad I'm working now, finally! Thanks again everyone for the advice!
  5. I wasn't sure what to post this under, so I thought I'd put it here. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, with my local county government. I got my first paycheck on Friday. A paper check, because it takes 3 pay periods for direct deposit to be set up. I have a checking account with US Bank, that I opened maybe three months ago. I deposited my paycheck in a US Bank ATM on Friday afternoon. US Bank credited my account for $200 immediately, then posted the rest on Saturday. I used my debit card a few times (yes, the evil debit card) a few times over the weekend without a problem. Today after getting home from work, I checked my checking account balance online, and see that my account is overdrawn! It showed my account as having been debited for the amount of my paycheck. I called US Bank, and the guy I spoke with couldn't tell me anything other than that a hold was put on my paycheck deposit until July 2nd!! All he could suggest is I go in a branch to find out why. This was a relatively small check, being for only one week, and yes, because of my being a relatively low paid government servant. Less than $600. It's not like I deposited a $10,000 check! It was also a local check, AND it's from the local county government, one of the largest Ohio counties. It's not a personal check, and it's not from some tiny company no one's ever heard of! Is it even legal for a bank to hold a local payroll check for 11 days? My checking account has been in good standing, so I don't see how they can justify it. It leaves me in a bad situation financially, because I need some of those funds to pay for my son's summer day camp this week while I work. I was laid off for 8 months prior to starting this job, so money was already tight for me. I'm going to go to a branch tomorrow on my lunch break, but I'm just incensed in the meantime, and was wondering if it's even legal for the bank to do this?

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