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  1. Hi, I opening up a personal loan at NFCU on March 22, 2019 for $5000. Term is 30 months I only opened the loan because all my credit reports only have credit cards reporting no collections, auto or home loans student loans. - & I wanted to improve my account mixture. I never spent any of the money - I have it in a high interest account. Whats a good time for me to pay the loan off? Is there a "good time"? Since it's been a year - would paying it off now be hurtful or defeat the purpose of opening it up in the 1st place?
  2. From reading the arbitration clause , it sounds like you get 5K IF the arbitrator rules in your favor. Yesterday another exec called me and said their offer is $300 and removing the account. When I mentioned the clause they said 5K was awarded if the arbitrator offered any amount higher then Verizon’s offer.
  3. Verizon doesn’t have a judgment against me.
  4. If I'm reading this correctly you are debating whether to pay $43 or offer something less. Good lord, man, offer to pay the $43 and move on!! No apparently you’re not reading this correctly because that’s not what’s in debate at all.
  5. As of 5/31/18 the only collection reporting is the verizon. I filed for arbitration & a Verizon Employee contacts me via phone saying she will completely delete the negative tradeline if I would agree to sign a statement withdrawing the arbitration. I replied saying I know about their clause & the whole reason I had to cancel the account in 2014 was because of the horrible service & I included screenshots of the over 26 emails to the Verizon executive office & myself in 2014. This was her response : Good Afternoon, How much are you willing to settle this claim for?
  6. Congrats!!! Where you been? lol Always been here! Lol I’m more of a reader then poster! Lol. I was going through “my content” when I came across this thread.
  7. Capital one ended up extending me credit & have been giving me increases very 6 months or so... Macys...lol they want no parts. They won't even give the option of repayment.
  8. I’ve been dying to become a member of DCU.
  9. Still haven't received her credit reports yet. I did call Medicare and they said a request to put the claim "back online" because it has already been purged from the system. I have to call back in 7-10 business days to get a copy of the claim. I also called Medicaid and was told that in Feb 2012 she had straight Medicaid no HMO but she said she was unable to provide me with any documentation. I've googled the doctor who the bill is for & when I call the office that's listed they say he doesn't work for them.
  10. Thanks L. Eagle! Do I send a PFD letter & then when they do offer how do I bring up this clause? Thank you, Since the Essex county account is from Fall 2008 , how does the 10 year SOL apply? File for arbitration per the contract. It's either JAMS or AAA. Either way, that is the beginning of the end for any debt buyer. Trident Asset Management only includes the partial account number on Experian report. On both the Verizon and ADR.org site. it says I have to have the contract. How do I obtain that info? from Verizon : How do I begin an arbitration? If you and
  11. Thank you aagin WhyChat, I will contact her 2nd insurance tomorrow morning. I've opted her out & will send in the request to remove alternate names & old addresses as soon as I get them. I will be sure to come update on the progress!
  12. My mom lives in a senior community and apparently they had a “credit repair” workshop, which is how she signed up for that “free” site. I had sent away for her reports and will guide her through your steps. Thank you very much Hopefully it does get removed , but I feel her second Insurance should have picked up that cost.
  13. If Savit has a business relationship with the medical provider it is not a violation for them to get copies of bills and medical records to respond to a dispute about the collection. You can contact and ask if they are a Medicaid provider and will bill them. There is a time limit to do so. If the provider is not a Medicaid participant then it won't be covered and would have to be paid by her. There is no private right of action for a HIPAA violation and even if there was you would not have standing to pursue it. Thank you, I am trying to track down the doctors office
  14. From the looks of the bill that was sent, it looks like only Medicare was billed.
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