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  2. How long does it take for AMEX to report the new tradeline to the CRA's?
  3. LOL... sent i would like you to PM it to me also PLEASE
  4. Maybe so...... I dont know! Just seemed strange to me! LKH seemed to think that it was a promotional inquiry also, so maybe yall are both correct
  5. according to equifax..... promotional inquiries are listed with a pre fix PRM...... PRM Inquiries with this prefix indicate that only your name and address were given to a credit grantor so they can provide you a firm offer of credit or insurance. (PRM inquiries remain for twelve months.) AM or AR Inquiries with these prefixes indicate a periodic review of your credit history by one of your creditors. (AM and AR inquiries remain for twelve months. This is the hard inquiry that citibank pulled from me opening the account CITIBANK NA Hide Details 06/30/13 Creditor Contact Information CITIBANK NA PO Box 6282 Sioux Falls, SD 571176282 (605) 331-2626 This is the one that confuses me...... AR-SEARS/CBNA 06/25/13 How can they have done a " periodic review of your credit history by one of your creditors" when I didnt even have an acct with them?
  6. anyone else have any experience with this???
  7. So the strange thing to me is there is a soft inquiry on my credit report on 6/25 from Sears/CNBA....... from what I understand these inquiries are from periodic account reviews. The thing is that I have never had an account with them in the past. However on 7/1 prior to realizing they had pulled a soft inquiry on me I went into my local Sears store and purchased a push mower for 350 bucks and they were offering 12 months 0% interest so I figured, what the hell, and filled out the app. Much to my suprise I was not only approved but it was for a 6k dollar credit limit..... which is 2k higher than the highest credit limit that I have open. So my real question is how did they have the ability to pull my inquiry prior to me having an acct with them???
  8. Mississippi........Thanks for any help or direction that you can give me
  9. Yes it was a state tax lien
  10. I recently had a judgement put on my credit report for unpaid taxes. Since then I have paid the amount in full and last month they updated it on all 3 credit bureas to "released". My question is there a way to have it taken off my credit report completely since it was paid in full. If not how long does a public record like this stay on your credit report???
  11. so if I had been turned down for "too many recent inquries" by lets say chase bank for a credit card....... how long should I wait before I apply with them again so that I dont cause any red flags or make them wonder how in the heck I went from too many to ZERO??? LOL
  12. Thanks you Mr Wang!!! Hopefully I will get the remaining 6 inquries off my report in the next two days :-)) Not bad considering that I have already removed all my inquries from transunion and im down from 14 on equifax last month. Either way Im super grateful for all the knowledge and info that I have learned for you and also the MANY other great people on this site over the last few months........ Y'all are THE BEST How much do you think my score will go up without any inquries vs the 14 that I used to have on there?!?!
  13. so based on this round of c*...... when will Mississippi get hit?!
  14. If you don't mind me asking, what are your scores and basic stats? Other credit cards etc......

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