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  1. 1. I heard that you can get a free equifax fico from them. Which is the best card to get in your opinions? I'd like to stay with a 0 annual fee though.
  2. Just figured I would report on this and my experience with Equifax on removing. I had one that was due to fall off 03/2017 so Friday I opened a dispute online that it was obsolete. Well I get an email today saying that it was deleted from my report. So its finally clean!
  3. So heres the back story, I got a personal loan from NFCU to do some home repairs that I had to do. Anyway, my credit wasnt as good as it is now, so I have a high interest rate. Has anyone had any experience with them if they would refinance it at a lower rate if your credit has became substantially better?
  4. So I checked my Experian and it says that some JDB is due to fall off in December. I know I heard it was 3 months early for EX. I tried to dispute it as obsolete on experians website but it wouldnt let me since I put a dispute on it previously. Am I able to do it over the phone?
  5. On the recon line now, will update
  6. So I got the card in today. Only a 1k limit. When can I call and recon the starting limit or cli?
  7. Anyway, Im not sure on what the Starting line was. I guess I need to call and find out
  8. Decision:Congratulations, your credit card application has been approved! You will receive your credit card within 7 to 10 days and the Welcome Package within 10 to 14 days at the address you provided.
  9. pea_jay

    Ebates CC

    I can't believe you app'd with a collection that's fixing to drop off in a month! You just got a NFL, Amazon, Discover, and BofA pending...Now a 7-10 day on Ebates. You should stop now. Well I read that they pulled TU which was my clean one, along with BOA
  10. pea_jay

    Ebates CC

    Is there anyway to check the status of my app or do i really have to play the waiting game?
  11. pea_jay

    Ebates CC

    Experian is clean minus one collection that is falling off early next month. 8 Inq's on it. And they did pull EX per CCT
  12. pea_jay

    Ebates CC

    Well I apped but got the 7-10 day message :/
  13. pea_jay

    Ebates CC

    Anyone have it? I just discovered it and it seems like a good deal due to the extra cash back that I could get at places I already order from. Just looking for opinions
  14. Are they there on the weekends? or a Monday wait?
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