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  1. Gonna sign up for this shortly. 2 questions.Can i get a joint acount/loan with DW or do we need to each do it seperately? Also, will this only impact Fico 08 or will it help the other FICO scores, specifically the ones that banks use for mortgage lending? While I am asking, can someone point me to any thread discussing improvements of those scores? Will be in the market for a mortgage in the next year or or so. Thanks!
  2. I got over being lazy and called. The rep agreed that there is nothing extra in the ultimate that is in the cheaper one. Might as well get cheaper then cancel
  3. Do you know if the one time product would include anything else?
  4. Not sure if there is a thread for this already or not, but I didn’t want to open a new one… For one time 3B score, do i get anything extra by purchasing the FICO Score 3B Report (59.85) vs the FICO ultimate 3B (29.85) and just cancelling after a month?
  5. Thanks. Once I cancel the card, can it then be removed from my reports? Who would I contact? See shifter's post above.Thanks. It's all coming together. What's the logic behind allowing it to be removed?
  6. Thanks. Once I cancel the card, can it then be removed from my reports? Who would I contact?
  7. Sorry for the misunderstanding here. Are you saying I can remove myself as an AU from the credit report while still keeping the card open or I need to close the card. Also, what's a CFPB?
  8. You mean log in to amex and remove the au? Iwant to keep the au card active, at least for now because... I've called amex to add au and they have said to add myself more times to get sbs credits. Is there any way to remove it while keeping the card open?
  9. Hi all. I searched hi and low but have not found much discussion anywhere on the internet or the boards here on this topic. If it already exists, then mods, please move to the appropriate thread. So I added myself as an authorized user to a couple of my own amex cards and my wife's amex cards. In the past these never showed up on my CR, but recently they have been showing up as new accounts and have lowered the average age of accounts. Is there any way to have these removed from my reports since on some they are just part of my regular amex account? For the one's I am an AU on my wife's accounts, I have heard that you can have those removed from the reports. Are both these possible, and if so how do i go about it. If I can;'t remove them, can they at least be removed once the AU accounts get closed down, or am I stuck with them for 10 years? Thanks in advance!

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