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  1. Hello all, I recently had my last stubborn baddies fall off and am considering applying for a few more cards to round out my cashback rewards. I have the following cards: USAA Cashback Rewards Plus Amex (5% gas) NFCU Cash Rewards (1.5% everything) Lowes Walmart I am AU on DGF's: Discover (Quarterly 5%) Fidelity Visa (2% everything) Blue Cash Preferred (6% "grocery") I was considering the new Uber card or AARP card for dining as we do eat out quite regularly. I was wondering if the members here had any recommendations. TU08 783
  2. Look into a secured card that will graduate with you. Maybe NFCU or Bank of America?
  3. Call them and if they didn't approve ask for a secured loan for $500 and then use the proceeds to fund a secured card. The card will graduate to unsecured on it's own on IIRC the 12th or 13th statement and you can PC to any of their cards (and request and interest rate decrease and CLI). I would suggest adding to the $500 at around the 11th statement so your funds won't be tied up long, but it will graduate with the higher limit. You should also look into their LOC it is good utilization padding. NFCU grows fast, good luck.
  4. Recently I took advantage of the staples VGC rebate, but when I tried to use the cards to purchase MO at WalMart (my usual liquidation strategy) they defaulted to credit with no option to change payment to debit. In the past whenever I have been stuck with low dollar value cards ($5-$20) cards I have used them as payments to my Lowe's credit card which accepts debit payments in store. Synchrony is pretty good about mailing out refund checks for credit balances; there is no need to call, etc., but I worried about potential adverse action with larger ammounts. Has anyone had any experience with
  5. Look up the 1-2 punch flowchart or wait a little bit longer and dispute as obsolete. Also as other posters have hinted this is the wrong board. Perhaps a mod can move it for you somewhere where it might get seen and you could get more help.
  6. I don't think any of my Visa Signature cards ever had NPSL. Was it ever an actual requirement?
  7. You may wish to look into a secured loan from Alliant Credit Union.
  8. Update on Walmart situation. I got $50 Walmart gift card from co-manager and he spoke with management re policy and I now have no issues buying gift cards at this location.
  9. He grabbed my backpack as I was exiting the store. I should have gone for the money, but management was apologetic and I felt bad as the associate involved would likely be terminated. I have noticed that they are much less agressive with their receipt checking now doubtless due to some retraining. I am not out for $$ or to hurt someone's livelyhood, but I do want to correct these things. It is unfortunate that location has high rates of shrink and fraud, but treating everyone as a criminal is not the solution.
  10. APPSN - Application Pilot for People with Special Needs
  11. Just a thought, first thing you should do going forward in this MS* game to is remove that chip from your shoulder re: your sensitivity about being "Treated Like A Criminal"!!! You should understand that many aspects of the MS* game look suspicious and perhaps criminal to cashiers, CSM's, Store Managers, Bank Tellers, Bank Managers, etc,,,, etc,,, etc... Seriously, I just can't wrap my head around the concept of ANYBODY playing this game pulling out their cell phone and taking a photo of ANYBODY who didn't do what you expected and hoped for. As to your statement about receipts and
  12. Thanks for understanding. Visa actually responded to my complaint and is requesting more information. I have never had them actually follow up on a complaint before, although all my previous ones have been for demanding ID as condition of sale or surcharges. I wouldn't be surprised if holding the receipt was a ploy to stall me while they contacted the authorities themselves to report the "credit fraud" and if I hadn't already spent 80% of my lunch break waiting in line to check out I might have stuck around to see how it played out, but I had to get back to work. Now to wait the three business
  13. I misspoke when I said today, the transaction obviously didn't clear immediately. My credit card was charged and they refused to provide me with a receipt or merchandise. I don't push any major volume through this card; I was just trying to kill time on my lunch. The bank was understanding and helpful. I would be seriously surprised if they shut me down for a $1000 purchase considering all the R$ I put through the card. I suppose I should have just let the hood rats at Walmart go on a shopping spree with the gift card that did activate? I admitted my mistake for not boning out at the first sig
  14. Hit a major speed bump today and looking for advice from seasoned M$'ers. I had some time to kill on my lunch break and decided to turn a small profit by purchasing some Green Dot visa gift cards from the Walmart walking distance from my employer. I selected two variable gift cards and proceeded to the closest register. I should have left when the cashier claimed the up to $500 variable load gift cards could only be loaded with $25. I informed him that he was incorrect and he simply had to input the amount as he had not even touched the keyboard on his POS terminal. He then proceeded to stall,
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