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  1. I am going to apply for a mortgage loan soon and am getting my ducks in a row. Thank you in advance for your help. On Experian, I have a couple of accounts with notations that are not listed under comments but instead are listed under "Re-investigation information". For example one account says: "This item was updated from our processing of your dispute in December 2014" Do I need to have this "Re-Investigation Information" notation removed prior to applying for a mortgage?
  2. Same for me except I'm at day 95. I had the notice when I logged in where it said it was time to apply for a credit increase. I can't remember the exact language. Instant denial. I PIF and have a 801 TU FICO so I'm just giving up for a while. Seems like they are not giving many increases right now.
  3. Good info. Thanks. We need more Representatives like Collier.
  4. Store cards almost never close. The Target card is probably dormant. if you want you can increase the CL. Actually I use my Target card for small purchases numerous times a year and always PIF. I also update my income monthly. It appears that most people who have opened Target cards after the TD takeover are not experiencing the same as me. Oh well, I'm not going to close it because it's one of my oldest accounts. I remember seeing someone post that their limit with Target was 200.00 for 18 years before they finally received a CLI.
  5. I guess I am the winner (or loser is more like it) for having the lowest credit limit on a single card. Target Redcard--$200 credit limit for well over 12 years. I only keep it for age. Needless to say, I am not a fan. Lowest credit lines: 200 Target 6000 Capital One 9000 Discover Highest- Chase 35k
  6. I have been advising a family member with their credit and he had Deville pop up on his TU report for a collection that was 6 months shy of the 7 year reporting period. It was most likely actually past the reporting period but it was reported as 6 months shy of the 7 year reporting period. He had not received any form of communication ever before this appeared. They did not respond to a request for validation. He filed a dispute with TU & Deville verified- they did not report the account as in dispute either. He filed a complaint with the CFPB and Deville was not truthful and said they had responded to his validation letter & the account would remain. He filed a 2nd dispute with the TU as "too old to report "and it was gone in less than 24 hours. It only reported to TU.
  7. I was hitting the button every 31 days from the time I was approved (2 day notices, so I count from the day the CLI showed up on my online account and not from when I received the email which is always a few days later) I've been getting CLI's every 31 days for several months except for this month. Guess it's time to slow down. Will try again next week. LOL
  8. I received the same offer to upgrade. I guess I'm confused on what they consider a grocery store. I do the bulk of my grocery shopping at Kroger which has a gas station and Whole Foods. Very little at Wal-Mart. So basically only my purchases at Whole Foods would get the 6% since they don't have a gas station?

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