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  1. Update- called Comcast and paid it directly. Now I'm hoping the CA doesn't report collection to the Credit Bureaus.
  2. It hasn't showed up on my reports yet. I too was always under the impression to pay the OC directly. Especially since it just charged off a couple days ago.
  3. I just got a call from Comcast. They say I owe $185. This is accurate as I had moved out of my old apartment me and my brother were living in a few months ago. Everything was in my name Electric, Internet and Lease. So to try and help my bro, I kept everything in my name and he would pay me directly. Well after months of him constantly being late with the all the above bills I was already fed up. Then this morning I get a call from a collection agency called Diversified I think, saying that the Comcast Internet had been charged off and I owe $185. The charge off date was barely July 16 2017. I
  4. Got one of these emails tonight to, for the Amex Blue Cash $150 cash back after $1000 spend.
  5. Thanks for the info guys...Didn't know this about PenFed.
  6. Join NFCU and apply for one of their CC https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=567859&page=1 They usually hand out big limits.
  7. In one of the emails I got from them, copy SS card was not asked for. They asked for acceptable identification documents and listed State issued DL Military ID Passport Permanent resident Alien card U.S. citizen ID card Then for proof of address. Voter card Paystub dated within the past 2 months Vehicle registration Insurance documents Bank statement Tax docs Utility bill W2 from most recent tax year. So there ya go, no SS copy asked for. I hope this helps. I sent in all docs Tuesday night minus the SS card. Called in now and talked to a very helpful CSR. Sh
  8. Is NFCU requiring your social security card too open account? I've misplaced mine at the moment (moved recently and its boxed somewhere) Trying to get in before this method is shut down...
  9. My US Bank Secured always reports the balance as of the 30th of the month. But my actual statement cut date is the 10th (they never reported this balance). I was always paying my balance to 0 by the 30th.
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