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  1. I actually wonder about that. I think it was an offer. I read an article about the Apple Card and I just decided to check my Apple Wallet. There was a link about Apple Card and I clicked. It asked a bunch of questions and then came back with a PDF to read with my limit and APR. It asked if I accepted, and I clicked yes. Then the congrats screen. Is Apple Card open to cold apps yet?
  2. Well, the drama begins ... Got the pre-approval on my Apple Pay. Being the diligent Hegemony Disciple that I am, I applied. Instant approval for $20k. Hard inquiry on TU. Not sure what scoring system Goldman Sachs Bank is using, but on a scale of 350 - 850 they say mine is 845. Seems like they don't use credit scores much when setting the APR because mine is 17.99% -- not that I give a rat's arse. The lowest they say is 12.99%. They do not seem inquiry or new account sensitive. I have 8 under a year old on TU. About ten new accounts.
  3. Who is the original creditor? When did you first go delinquent? While there is a chance you could get sued for the $700, it may be a slim chance. Even if you are sued, it's safe to ignore advice about a judgment appearing on your credit reports that may be difficult to get deleted. Judgments no longer report on your credit reports. There is always the chance that the tradelines could reappear after the OC updates the account status. What the odds are, I do not know. Many original creditors do not accept pay-for-deletes, but I wonder if you could ask them for a pay-for-not-updating. Have you tried a pay-for-delete for the full $700? Another question would be, is a settled charge-off any better than a charge-off + CA tradeline or a CA tradeline all by itself? For credit scoring purposes, it might be better down the road a bit. If I were in that situation, I'd try to work with the OC. If that failed, I would still probably settle. It's still a major derogatory, but it will start aging immediately. Otherwise, every once in a while you might see a CA tradeline pop up that will keep the sh!tstains fresh.
  4. Actually, banks are prohibited from lending to minors and even college students. The issue is private lenders have sprouted up like rice. One of the most popular ApplePay knock-offs, AliPay, offered a line of credit to anybody with a pulse. The Central Bank recently ordered them to shut it down or risk having their entire business nuked. Now the new official policy is that anybody who lends to a minor or college student must eat the debt if it goes into default. What is going to start becoming a big problem is when adults start defaulting. Typically in China the default rate is extremely low because debt collection is draconian. In many instances, it is an actual criminal offense to not pay a credit card debt. Then there is the pesky little fact that parents / children can be forced to pay the debts of their children / parents. If you don't have the money? You'd better learn how to sh!t cash. Someone in the family will ultimately own a home and that can be taken to cover your debts. Or your car. Debt collectors can visit your home, your employer and your neighbors at all hours of the day or night to discuss your debt. In China, there is no such thing as the FDCPA or the FCRA. Also, one simply default, and you will be barred from any new credit for several years after you've paid it back. Any bank that lends to anybody on the official blacklist will get stormed by their bank regulators. And banks in China are scared sh!tless by bank regulators. The China Banking Regulatory Commission has balls bigger than the planet Mars.
  5. Yeah, the Einsteins keep repeating that drivel about never using the same password twice. It must be nice to be a moron without a life. I've got around 500 log-ins that I've accumulated over the years. 500 differed passwords? They can FOAD.
  6. No approval offer for me. GS only hounds me for their pre-approved $40k personal loan, but not their highfalutin Apple (Turd) Card.
  7. Yup, dismal. Highest reported is $20k, and that was an outlier. Most under $10k. If it's a soft, I'll give it a try. Otherwise, they can FOAD.
  8. Any links, Hege? Stats? You were right to expect disappointment, it seems. Probably like when Sprint launched their credit card issued by a Eurotrash Czech Republic issuer, Home Credit LLC. Limits were laughable. Wife and I shut those turds down really fast.
  9. That is weird. I can use my Chinese ICBC cards on ApplePay, but not my US ones. Weird, indeed.
  10. Start a thread and we will help you decide. I vote DCU.
  11. I have the same issue with joint accounts at BoA, Chase and USAA. It's a major pain in the butt. But on the other hand, these 3 accounts were already very old before I added my sister-in-law and resulted in her very first FICO Score being around 780 with a ten year history.
  12. I just asked a millennial that works for me. They said GS means "geek sex".
  13. I'm praying for you, Hege. Pray you can find a husband as nice as CV's; Pray you can find a double-wide as nice as Centex's; Pray you find a wife as nice, sweet and beautiful as Kat; Pray you fall in love with Discover; And pray you stop bleeding credit limits.
  14. Such a pity. My condolences, Hege. Anything I can do to help you, please let me know.
  15. Don't let Hege fool you. Kat is sleek and sexy. 😍
  16. I don't, buddy, I don't. I do, however, like to wind you up once in a while. I hate to see you always so serious. Bad for your health and all. 😄
  17. A monkey in a silk dress is still a monkey.
  18. Definitely does suck, especially if there seems to be no discernible reason. IMO, the least they should have to do is give a solid reason and an avenue for appeal.
  19. Karma is for those who hold the handrails lest they fall off the edge of the Earth. If there were such a thing as karma, you'd be a millionaire and I'd be in abject poverty. CV would be in prison. Hege would have married Kat long, long ago.
  20. Trust me, it's really easy to tell people to FOAD. I can teach you. 😂 Seriously, I'm glad it sort of worked out for you. But I'm still curious, what could she have done if you refused to refinance?
  21. Just curious, but what would happen if you just told her that you are going to need time to get refinancing? Would she take the vehicle away from you? What are her options if you do not refinance?
  22. Just tried. No challenge questions. No instant decision. No credit pulls. Not going to deal with whiny little bitch lenders. Just froze everything to prevent the hit. My guess is they get the challenge questions from Innovis and I have that frozen for a long time now.
  23. How many new accounts you have -- within last year?

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