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  1. There was once a time when a few AU cards would allow you to establish your own creditworthiness and successfully apply for your own cards. That is usually not the case anymore. A lot of credit card companies will ignore AU accounts on those without their own accounts reporting. Some card issuers, such as UMB, will even count your AU accounts and hen deny you for having too much available credit due primarily to the AU accounts. Still, AU accounts can be a benefit. While some issuers will ignore them when determining your creditworthiness, they will generally use the AU credit limits when determining your initial credit limit on an approved application. I would probably not close those accounts. I have a tendency to not close anything unless absolutely necessary. Having a ton of accounts on your credit reports will not kill you. Well, unless you apply for UMB. But then who is stupid enough to apply for a UMB card?
  2. Ok, Chase, so WTF is going on? My son got his new Chase Amazon Visa with a $25,000 limit. His cash advance limit is $6,000.
  3. Ok, grab a beer, sit back and check this out ... So Chase is worried and cut cash advance limits to 5%. They don't want anybody using their Chase credit cards to get cash because, in spite of the astronomical APR and the 3% -- or more -- cash advance fee that earns Chase a 💩load of money, they think you will run away with the money. Makes sense, eh? Well, the fook it does! I just got an e-mail from our buddies at Chase entitled: "Sucker, you’re pre-approved for a My Chase Loan®" "No application. No credit check. Lower-rate loans." So, let's get this straight ... on a $100k credit limit, I can get no more than a $5k cash advance at an APR pushing at least 24% plus a 3% cash advance fee. Or I can get $33k of my limit as an instant loan at 6.99% and no cash advance fee. Are the folks at Chase fooking regarded? It's a rhetorical question so no need to answer. We already know they are. So, brother @hegemony, if you need cash off your Chase card just let me know. I'll lend you the money at 25% APR plus a 3% cash advance fee. You have to give me @Kat58 as collateral. Deal?
  4. Because PenFed has a brain and isn't woke. Chase must be following the standard industry practice of hiring water buffalo herders from the slums of Mumbai to run their risk operations. Reducing a cash advance limit will never prevent people from getting cash out of their credit card. It's easy to buy gift cards. It's even easier to go to one of a hundred sites, including our own US MInt, and buy gold and silver coins that can be easily resold, often at a profit. One of my youngest son's classmates paid another classmates $15k tuition for him and gave him a 1% rebate. Even when you add the 2% convenience fee for paying with a credit card, he still came out better than if he had gotten a straight cash advance. If someone wants cash off their credit card, there are at least a hundred ways to do it. Those Mumbai slum rats must think they are dealing with their own countrymen.
  5. Hmmm ... isn't that French for "suck"?
  6. Makes me want to switch from Verizon / Stinkrony. Hopefully it will be a good card just like their Apple Card.
  7. @Burgerwars gave an excellent suggestion. I'm not sure how many cards you have, but I know that AT&T lets you pay your $100 cell phone bill every month with twenty $5 payments. Only problem, though, is you have to do it manually. I have yet to see any automated system that allows multiple automatic payments on different credit cards.
  8. Still into the booze, eh? By the way, in the interests of accuracy, that picture is of brother @hegemony 40 years ago.
  9. Seriously, are you on drugs? I have a bargain for you. You give me $500 and I will help you build credit by adding you as AU on two of my oldest credit cards. 🤣 Even if you took out the loan and it did report to the credit bureaus, it will likely hurt you instead of help you. The tradeline will likely show the lender to be a finance company. Finance company accounts, albeit not in default, are looked down upon by FICO and lenders alike. Case in point: A good, albeit not very bright, friend wanted to build credit for himself and his wife. He applied for a personal loan from Citibank for $2,500 and use the Installment Loan Hack to boost his FICO. He had his wife apply for the same $2,500 loan from Citi Financial because he saw the APR was 1% less. Seems somewhat logical since Citibank owns Citi Financial, right? His wife's FICO dropped. One of the negative reasons given was "Presence of finance company account".
  10. If Wells Fartgo wanted to reward those paying rent, just eliminate swipe fees on transactions at rental agencies so that they don't have to charge the 3% swipe fee on to renters.
  11. OMFG!!!!!!! It's @Kat58!!!!! Brother @hegemony, WTF happened? I thought you had her safely relegated to your Slummerlin bedroom????? WTF did you let her go back home??????
  12. 5%. Seems like a pretty stupid move. There are many other ways to get cash out of your credit card other than getting a cash advance. As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat.
  13. What a gigantic crock of 💩! Smells just like a pure 💩 theory developed by their Mumbai slum rats to keep TransUnion from where they belong -- in bankruptcy. This technology uses behavioral analytics to help determine whether an applicant is genuine or risky based on how familiar the applicant is with the data that they are entering into a digital application. This sounds like they will score you on how fast you can complete the application process. Do you have all the data needed in your memory or do you refer to data you have in a notebook? Do you enter the data in a fluent manner showing you are familiar with the English language or do you hunt & peck showing you are some 💩head from a pig farm in a fourth world country? While both scenarios sound logical, I can think of many exceptions to that logic that will wind up throwing innocent & legitimate applicants under the bus. Also interesting is the mention of how these new features work in tandem with TransUnion Device Risk’s existing anomaly detection, location intelligence, and device reputation and device behavior analysis to help increase fraud capture and actionability. The term location intelligence is basically the two-bit concept of capturing your IP address. Apple, for example, easily provides just about anybody who asks your exact physical location making the use of a VPN practically useless. While other machines and non-Apple browsers do not rat you out by default, it can be pretty easy for someone to determine just by your IP address whether or not it is a VPN. Stinkrony already uses this system to help them reject applications. TransUnion only comes out with this garbage to lure in more dedicated subscribers, like Stinkrony et. al. who will use TransUnion to decide credit applications. I suppose it must suck for TransUnion to be perpetually in last place amongst the credit reporting agencies.
  14. I have a Chase biz card. AFAIK, the underwriting for personal and biz is the same. I am not sure if Chase will allow you to move credit limits between personal and biz in the same way as you can between personal cards, but I think you cannot. Also, the biz card does not report to the credit bureaus ... unless you screw up and default. Although it does not report, I have heard rumors that the Chase biz cards are included in their 5/24 calculation.
  15. Interesting article, bro. While the objective of reducing chargebacks related to fraud especially is good, there are a few salient facts that seem to be overlooked. First and foremost, ChargebackZero is an Indian company. There is unlikely to be even one Indian company on this planet that isn't a gigantic piece of 💩. Take the X1 credit card, for example. MasterCard's response to this joke can only be -- DILLIGAF? In India, unlike in the US, the merchant suffers the loss for fraudulent use of a credit card. MasterCard has no skin in the game. In the US, it would seem that many merchants also don't give a rat's arse about getting a chargeback shoved up their arse over a fraudulent transaction. About 1/2 a year ago I got my customary alert advising me that my Chase card was used in a card-present transaction at Walmart in Utah for $3,967. Given that I have no authorized users, the card has never been out of my possession or, for that matter, even out of my safe for a few years and that I am approximately 7,000 miles from Utah, I called Chase to warn them of a fraudulent transaction. Chase immediately cancelled my card and sent me a new one via FedEx. They told me that there was noting they could do until the charge posted and to call them back in a couple of days when it did post. It was then that I realized they don't GAF about the merchant because Chase isn't going to lose any money no matter how you look at it. In fact, they earn money. I called Walmart to alert them. The only thing they would tell me -- and even then reluctantly so -- was that *I* ordered a few wide-screen TVs online and came into the store to pick them up. They authenticated my card in-store. A few other things were out of stock, so they were going to be shipped to *me* for delivery in two days. I warned them that *I* never made that purchase and that they were going to be very soon FITA. She didn't care. A couple of days later I called Chase and they helped me cram the charge down Walmart's throat. And, as a firm believer of CYA, I also filed a police report. A similar situation occurred about a month later with someone using my Bank of America card on Amazon for over $700. BoA, like Chase, said to wait until the charge posted. I noticed Amazon and they said there was nothing they could do except wait to hear from BoA. Moral of the story: Morons deserve to get FITA.
  16. It's ok ... they will Prozac you first so you won't feel a thing. After the operation you will feel better than ever. Your IQ will likely even reach 4. You'll be the smartest Neanderthal on the ward! Oh, and apply for Care Credit. Shrinks and asylums will not accept your food stamps.
  17. No. You are looking at frontal lobotomy and life-long commitment to a mental asylum category. But don't fret, DR will be there alongside you.
  18. Think hard about that lobotomy. NNAL. 😉 Debit of any sorts is just a fraction of a step above cash. Instead of -27, maybe -26. Sorry, I don't do slums in any country, even in European countries.
  19. I, for one, am really glad you are not Dave. Or Bob, Mike, Joe, Larry, Kevin or Bill. I prefer my imagined goddesses to be fluffy.
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