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  1. Not to mention that even if $500 could get you a new alternator and battery you'd be at 100% exposure. That's just begging to get FITA yet again. You are doing very well at $300k. Not everybody is as anal retentive as I am when it comes to certain aspects of credit. And as every good jarhead will tell you, seat belts anal retentiveness saves lives. The standard load for Marines on a combat mission is 240 rounds. However, if I ever caught a Maine in my unit carrying only 250 rounds I'd shove my boot so far up their arse that my knees would be 💩stained. I demand everybody carry at least 1,000 rounds and for me, I'd never be caught with less than 2,000. Better to get a hernia humping ammo than a closed casket. Same applies to credit.
  2. I'm proud of you! Now keep up the good work and go for $250k.
  3. Yes, you are missing something. @TheVig and @hdporter have already given excellent rationale for having as many credit cards as possible. A key phrase to remember is: Get while the gettin' is good! We have all seen times where issuers get paranoid and start slashing limits or closing accounts out of pure paranoia. We have all seen times where issuers have issued dismal starting limits out of paranoia. We have all seen where issuers start declining applications for nonsense reasons such as too many INQs just because they are paranoid. There may well come a time when you will need more that $100k in limits and issuers will tell you to FOAD because economic times are not good. What happens when issuers start slashing limits and your $100k becomes $50k overnight? All you can do is sit back and whine about it. Well, not me. DILLIGAF if times turn sour and approvals are difficult? I already have almost every card out there. DILLIGAF if issuers start reducing credit limits 50%? Slashing my limits 50% means I go from $2m to $1m in available credit. BFD! There was a time when I had two kids in college and one month every quarter had to pay about $40k in tuition and expenses. Do you even have $40k amongst all your cards combined? I'm positive you don't have even one card with a $40k limit. So WTF would you do, pay by bank account ACH and lose $800 in rewards? Fook that! I'm lucky now because only the last of the trio is in university so that means every quarter I have one month with a $20k expenditure. I bet you couldn't put $20k on all your cards put together without reaching 50% UTIL. For me, it would be 1% UTIL. Now, to be fair, there is a disadvantage to having a lot of available credit. You need to have graduated third grade math and be able to control your spending habits as well as you should be able to control your bowel movements. Anybody that cannot do that needs to stick with debit cards.
  4. I wouldn't apply for an AmEx card from anybody but AmEx unless there was a good SUB or I was really bored. I have the Comenity / Bread Caesar's Rewards Visa for many years and no problems with them.
  5. Jethro, does it hurt when you think? Not only do you fail to grasp simple issues with e-currency and digital currency, but now you take it even lower levels by failing to grasp fundamental issues like rank and service. You should have listened to Uncle Jed and stayed in third grade.
  6. As well they should be, Marv. I'm thinking of starting a thread that can become a sticky -- Biggest 💩 Banks: Rate from 1 💩 to 5💩s.
  7. Not unexpected. Coddling scumbags is the norm now. Know how they coddle the scum of society in China? With a bullet to the noggin. Shoplifting is unheard of. Even ripping off a pencil will result in a) getting caught and b) 1 - 2 years minimum in prison. Steal something more valuable -- say $1k worth of items, and you will have a 5-year vacation. Extremely large sums = death. Home invasion / burglary? 15 - 20 years. Robbing / stealing even $0.01 from a bank? Death. Over 25 grams of any illicit drug, including marijuana, for any purpose whatsoever? Death. Sale of even 1 gram of illicit drug, including marijuana? Death. Murder? Death. Weapons possession? If not death, life in prison. From arrest to having the dead sentence carried out used to take around 3 months. With the whining of the international community, they instituted a judicial reform of sorts. Now it takes, at most, 1.5 years to execute someone. Several years ago when I first came to China for a temporary assignment, I went to a McDonald's for lunch and stupidly left my brand new iPhone on the seat. I never realized that the phone was lost for several hours and only after two days did I realize it must have been at that McDonald's. I went back with the intention of asking the manager for assistance, when almost as soon as I stepped foot in the restaurant the manager ran up to me, grabbed me by the hand and guided me to the table where I had originally sat. She pointed to my iPhone on the seat and told me nobody had even touched it. Several had heard the phone ring and reported it to the manager. In the US? No freaking way!
  8. At least they warned you. I have an idea ... Why don't we all pitch in and buy brother @hegemony one rubber each every month. It's really a win - win - win - win - win - win - win - win situation. We all win because we get to use an otherwise inactive card every month for something useful. The environment wins because buying fewer pencils means also fewer trees get chopped down. Brother @hegemony wins because he doesn't have to feed another mouth. Brother @hegemony wins again because he won't end up getting sued for child support. Mrs. @hegemony wins because she doesn't wind up in jail for slicing off brother @hegemony's richard for infidelity. Ms. @Kat58 wins because she doesn't end up struggling to raise a child. The environment wins again because of instead of burning petroleum and polluting the air, we use it to make rubbers and preventing world overpopulation. If we play our cards right, we can set up a non-profit charitable foundation called NoHegeBaby LLC and turn it into a huge tax write-off. Hell, maybe we can even turn a hefty profit!!
  9. How did you manage to go back 500 years in time when WU was relevant and not a total joke?
  10. With the Dolphin molestation event, she has proven not only her concern for you, but exceptional wisdom. And I would also add exceptional restraint. Were I to do something my wife ordered me not to do, I'd be pushing up daisies already. I'd rather go back into a combat zone than get my wife really pissed at me. P.S. Remember, Bev, "spare the rod, spoil Harry!"
  11. Remember, that cane and that scooter serve a dual purpose. Don't listen to her and do exactly what she tells you to do and she can use the scooter to chase you down and the cane to clobber your butt!
  12. No matter what happens, you've already hit the jackpot with Bev. Just continually remember to cherish her and no matter what just STFU and listen to her and do what she tells you to do.
  13. You are absolutely correct about requesting a new account number. Yes, the activation instructions on the sticker said to scan a QR code to activate, but I was using my Apple Watch / Phone and couldn't do that. So I called the toll-free number on the back of my card. After that first experience I thought I had dialed the wrong number and I double checked. No misdial. I have tied a number of times after that just to record what happens and no misdial at all. When the number rings it doesn't seem like it is forwarded to another number. Usually when the number forwards there is a distinct sound or a pause in the ringing. Here's the number on the back of the card: (844) 876-1879. Try calling and see if you get Stinkrony. After the first fiasco, I called the second number on the back of the card: (937) 534-3638. That number worked perfectly. It recognized my phone number instantly and only asked for the last 4 of my SSN before stating "Congratulations! Your new Synchrony Premier MasterCard is now activated!" "Your credit limit is **amount deleted so brother @hegemony cannot laugh at me!** and is available for immediate use." I then connected to a CSR to report the strange experience with he first number.
  14. Amen, brother! Amen!!! Hell, I'd go for that card even if it had no rewards.
  15. Should have used a rubber, bro. My condolences.
  16. PotO


    Not sure what you mean. My EQ is at 830. If I use the $2 Trick, it pops me up to around 840. When I let balances amounting to under 1% report, it takes me down to about 825. Now, for me if I go strictly by $2 it does absolutely nothing for me. With available credit at $2m, my $2 needs to be around $1.5k. So for me it would be the $1.5k Trick. When I let 1/2% report, it takes me to 825.
  17. Absolutely positive. No misdial at all. I called the number later a number of times and double checked my dialing records. Either Stinkrony printed the wrong number on their cards, had their number stolen / hacked or else changed their number not thinking of the thousands of people with the wrong number on the back of their card.
  18. Nobody likes a wise-arse, bro. 🤣🤣🤣
  19. At least that's what the card mailer said. I will have him log in and see what the online platform states.
  20. Jethro, do you even understand what you are talking about? Even our own government isn't too keen on Bitcoin et al. Also, governments have discovered that it is possible perform surveillance on Bitcoin, though not at 100%. When you use your bank account or credit card to buy Bitcoin, only a moron would believe that your bank or card issuer doesn't keep track of your purchase. Then there are the ever increasing number of platforms that facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin. Look at Gemini, for example ... do you actually think they do not keep records of transactions? Then, when you spend your Bitcoin to buy $600 worth of Boone's Farm Apple Dapple and a case of cheap rubbers, the merchant keeps business records of their transactions. Anonymity is becoming more and more a myth. Then you fail to understand precisely why Chinese authorities are against Bitcoin. Key word: volatility. In a population where around 1/3 of the population lives on an income below the US minimum wage, they try to avoid situations where people speculate on Bitcoin only to go bankrupt. They had this same problem years ago when the stock market became a thing and millions of people would spend heir entire day in trading rooms watching a big-screen TV with market returns ... and losses. Many people lost money. To make matters worse, you fail to grasp exactly what a digital yuan is. China has had digital currency for almost two decades now. When you go out into Chinese society virtually nobody pays with cash. There are two predominant virtual wallets here and they are run by private companies -- WeChat and AliPay. Without these apps on your phone, you are facing a cold, meager and very hungry existence trying to live under a bridge abutment. I have yet to see any merchant or even normal citizen who does not accept payment via WeChat or AliPay. Then, there are a large number of. Merchants who will not even accept cash. The government goal with their version of digital currency and e-wallet is based on the premise that private companies can go bankrupt. Try to use a modicum of critical thinking here ... what happens when you have $10,000 in virtual currency on WeChat and then WeChat goes bankrupt? To dumb it down even further, what if you have a $10,000 balance in PayPal and when you wake up tomorrow PayPal is bankrupt and disappears?
  21. Bored, I applied for the Stinkrony 2% MasterCard and, after jumping through major security hoops, got approved for a whopping $10k. 🙄 The new card arrived and I decided to call in and activate the card. On the back if the card there are two numbers to reach Stinkrony -- one toll-free and the other for international callers. The toll-free number is (844) 876-1879. I called that number and got the normal "press one for English and two for Spanish" and hit #1. Then it comes up with a message stating that "just for calling today you can get a $100 retail rebate offer." That seemed weird. Then it went to a CSR. The CSR was basically three steps below the IQ and language skills of a regarded chimp. I could barely understand 2 of every 10 Mumbai slum words she spoke. I told her I needed to activate my credit card and she asked for the card number, phone number and then complete SSN and complete mailing address. The last two requests caught my attention since I have never before been asked for anything but the last 4 of my SSN and just my ZIP Code. What she wanted seemed highly intrusive. She also wanted the card expiration date and CVV code. When I asked why she needed so much data, she told me the call was being recorded for security purposes and I should not worry. Then all of a sudden she played a recording asking if I accepted the terms of a subscription offer that, for $28 a month, would give me huge discounts on hotels and restaurants. I told her no and that I would just activate my card online. She then stated I could use a different card. Now WTF do I need to give her the data from a second card to activate a Stinkrony card. I told her to FOAD and I hung up. I then called the other number on the back of the card and this number did bring me to the real Synchrony. I was able to activate the card without any issues. When talking with the CSR, she told me I had a declined transaction for $4.15. It was declined, she said, because they had the wrong name, expiration and CVV. Nobody knew, though, how the hell some Mumbai 💩birds overtook the number on the back of the Synchrony credit cards. I see four options: 1. Stinkrony is in on the scam; 2. Stinkrony has renegade CSRs; 3. Stinkrony is stupid and put the wrong number on the back of their cards; 4. Someone managed to steal Stinkrony's phone number.
  22. PotO


    If you have a Disco card, keep it at $3.
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