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  1. One of the best things is that it is really easy to clean dried blood off of it ... and there's no corrosion. 😎
  2. "If you want to, you can." Or in other words, "If you want to, you are a nutjob."
  3. PotO

    I called Blispay

    I agree 100%. I'm going to move all but $5k over to another Chase card. Hell, I might as well move all since it's not like 3% back on gas or dining is really that great any more.
  4. I like titanium. I've got a titanium dive watch that I bought about 9+ years ago that has been through hell, yet still looks new.
  5. Thank you, Hege. Now, WTF does SCM have to do with OPs issue?
  6. Please translate this into English or at least Chinese so I can understand. Who is SCM? And what is a "plethora issuer"? I didn't know plethoras could be issued.
  7. With any luck, millennials will go extinct.
  8. PotO

    I called Blispay

    Totally agree! I don’t trust Comenity that much either.
  9. Cute. Tempting. CV should get one. It will look cute along with his grandmother's pink-flowered jacket. He should wait until one of his neighbors order one then he can steal it.
  10. There is an excellent sticky thread on Capital One combos initiated by Mr. Juggalo. I'm not sure of it is still up-to-date, but it was extremely informative. Thanks to Juggs I have over $100k on a CapOne Platinum. I think Juggs got up to $150k.
  11. It definitely is a mystery. Perhaps after you've made a couple of payments they will start restoring credit limits immediately. Just a guess, though.
  12. I just made a $123 payment, using the Wallet function, on my statement that issued yesterday and my balance was immediately reflected as $0 and my available credit restored to my full credit limit. We can safely conclude that Apple and GS Bank are vegetarians and dislike Burgerwars.
  13. You can use BillPay to make a payment. At least with Shittybank, they have GS Bank as a biller in their system. My payment posted overnight.
  14. PotO

    I called Blispay

    Thank you. I'm not feeling too warm and fuzzy about Comenity these days. I have $30k with TR Visa, and if they take over the Chase AARP portfolio plus PisPay, I will have over $100k with them. I'm thinking of closing AARP myself and transferring that limit over to another Chase card.
  15. That has been my experience, also. One interesting item is how GS handles payments via BillPay. Using Citibank BillPay, which is a POS anyhow, payments are received and posted by banks in about two working days. With GS, they are received and posted the following day.
  16. There are two principal avenues for applications for permanent residence. One is via an adjustment of status for those already present in the US. The new rule seems to target these people. The most common method used for application for permanent residence is an application at a US Embassy. These applications do not even pass through USCIS until long after the State Department has dealt with the public charge issue and ultimately issued the immigrant visa. State does not (and in 99.9% of the cases cannot) consider credit history in determining whether an individual is likely to become a public charge. Even if they did / could, the public charge presumption is easily overcome by presenting a US person with a demonstrable income of approximately $36,000 or higher as a sponsor. USCIS only deals with aliens already in the US who apply for an adjustment of status or an extension of their stay. That would exclude the OP.
  17. Seems pretty firm to me. If AmEx still owns the debt now (and they rarely sell their debts anyhow), other collection agencies will not be a worry.
  18. PotO

    I called Blispay

    Does Comenity have a maximum exposure rule? They seem to be taking over PisPay. They are in the process of taking over the Chase AARP card portfolio. I already have their Total Rewards Visa and the tightwads will not let me go over $30k even though I religiously buy a pencil once every four months.
  19. No, they are not required to submit a copy of their credit reports. Again, there may be an exceptional case or two, but as a matter of routine it simply does not happen. The FCRA only gives three instances where the credit bureaus can release expired or stale data: 1. Insurance over a set amount; 2. Credit over a set amount; or 3. Employment with a salary over a set amount.
  20. With certainty, the application for a B1 / B2 Visa does not inquire about debt. During the application process and, if required, visa interview, the US Embassy does not conduct a credit check. That's not to say they couldn't if they wanted to, but I have yet to see where they have. Unless there is a criminal element to your failure to pay those debts years ago, I think you are worrying over nothing.
  21. That 2% is only if you pay using Apple Pay.
  22. Unfortunately, they are wasting their time and energy. The CEO of PenFed, Colonel James Schmuck [sic] wouldn't know how to do the right thing if it bit him in the arse. PenFed automatically grants every member with a checking account a $500 CLOC once they have been a member for 6 months and have never had any issues with their account. Every member. Automatically. Ooops, well, maybe not every member. Seems the stinking turds at PenFed exclude 15% of our nation's armed forces stationed / deployed overseas. Yup, an organization dedicated to serving America's armed forces excludes 15% of the most dedicated members simply because they cannot sleep in the US every night. According to Schmuck, "even though personnel have an APO, DPO or FPO, they are considered overseas residents and our policy excludes them." "But I will see that it is added to your account." No, Colonel Schmuck, what you can do is shove your policy and my accounts directly and forcibly up your r -- Oops, can't say that word -- pyramid arse. I bet if he spit in a tube 23 & Me would classify it as pure Neanderthal DNA.

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