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  1. For the past couple of days, all new cases are what they call imports. Usually there are 20 - 40 new cases per day. Yesterday 41. No, there are no tracking devices. That's a myth. All people entering China are quarantined without exception. Chinese citizens that show no initial signs of COVID-19 are allowed to quarantine in their home, but their home is sealed and monitored 24/7 by what is termed the infamous "neighborhood committee". Anybody who attempts to break quarantine -- and there have been a few cases -- is imprisoned for 3 - 7 years. All non-Chinese citizens -- and this does include ethnic Chinese who have acquired overseas citizenship -- are quarantined in a specially designated facility, usually a hotel, at their own expense. Facilities are guarded. "Normal" restrictions aren't still in place in various different locations with "normal" depending on location. In Beijing, housing estates / housing communities are still restricted to property owners and legitimate tenants only. Nobody else without a residence card but the official postal service mailman may enter. Temperatures are checked upon entry. There are no exit restrictions. In areas surrounding Hubei Province to include some areas in Zhejiang Province (close to Shanghai), residents are restricted to their homes or, sometimes, communities and are only allowed to exit once every 3 or 4 days to shop for groceries. Only one resident per dwelling is allowed out. In Wuhan and parts of Hubei Province, life is still hell. While there are no new cases, people are still restricted to their homes. Depending on your housing estate, you "may" be permitted outside at certain times to pick up food items provided by the neighborhood committee, but only inside the estate. Masks are mandatory. If your housing estate is not lucky, you stay in your home 24/7 and the only way you exit is on a stretcher and / or in handcuffs. Food is brought to each apartment at designated times. Not that I'd consider any of that shiat edible, mind you. The big question is when will things return to normal. In Beijing, probably in another couple of months. Likely May at the very earliest. Most likely June. And even then it depends on how the whole COVID-19 circus develops. As for Hubei Province and some surrounding areas, maybe much longer.
  2. LA apparently has a math major that works for the county and realized they will never get 19 million test kits. They are not going to test anybody unless the results would actually influence the treatment the individual would require. So, basically, if you have slight fever and vomiting, they will perform a lung X-ray and if that's clear, send you home to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, whiny little biatches across the nation continue their meltdowns because there aren't -- and never will be -- three test kits available for every individual in the country.
  3. I've never tried a Navy secured loan, but I'd imagine it works the same as a Navy unsecured loan, which does work. So does a USAA unsecured loan. I would find the loan with the lowest interest rate possible and the longest repayment terms available. You also need to ensure that whatever loan product you choose, payments above the required monthly installment carry over to future monthly payments. There are loans where an extra payment does not relieve you of the requirement of following set monthly payments. Also, don't let being a cheapskate ruin your plan. The first time I tried this was with a $30,000 USAA installment loan. I took the loan out for five years at 12% and it posted to my credit reports within a week. At that time I planned on paying the loan down to $500, but then realized that it would cost me $60 per year in interest. So I then decided to pay off everything but $100 and save $48. Makes sense, right? Well, think again. Next month I get a letter in the mail saying "We thank you for successfully paying off your USAA loan. Come back for another any time you want!" Going online to check this weird letter out, I see my loan was paid in full with a zero balance. The turds forgive balances of $100 or under. In the end, my credit score dropped. Worse was that the almost $100 I had already paid in interest got me virtually zilch. Don't listen to any tightwad spouse and leave a $200 or even $300 balance on the loan. If the approximately $3 in interest every month is going to kill you, you shouldn't be playing this game in the first place.
  4. I'd invest it. Buy surgical masks here for $0.50 each and sell them to suckers on eBay and Amazon for $49.99 each. 🤣 ** Seriously, just joking. I'd use the money to hire cheap hitmen to go after all the idiots price gouging.
  5. Yes, it worked. I paid off the loan and scores generally dropped. I opened up another one and scores increased from 810 to 840. A lot depends on which FICO Score you measure.
  6. Time will tell. Hopefully everything will go as hoped for, but color me not so optimistic.
  7. Yeah, it was garbage from day one. IIRC, rewards were in Sprint $ and even then only 1%, except for Sprint purchases. The people who even designed the complex have the IQ of a dyslexic gerbil. Then, they forced most people to apply at a Sprint store. It was underwritten by Bank of Missouri, another turd participant. The actual issuer and card manager was Home Credit LLC. They are from, IIRC, Yugoslavia or Czech Republic and this was there first attempt to enter the US market. Pure idiots. Their failure has done consumers a big favor. And then there's Sprint itself. Dead as we know it.
  8. Forget it. 1. Masks are only, in the best of cases, 25% effective -- at most. 2. We've already seen several cases where people break quarantine with disastrous results. 3. It's extremely difficult to "avoid groups" shopping, at work or in other environments. 4. It will take light years to get the billions of mask necessary for everybody to have them. They are virtually all made overseas. Most in China.
  9. Unlike Hege, I do not use HHI. My reported income is approximately 2.4 times my aggregate credit limit with BoA. I doubt having higher reportable income would help. My wife only uses her income when applying for CLIs with BoA and her income is over 8 times mine. She's been stuck at $99.9k with BoA forever. Every once in a while we request CLIs and get declined, but never any AA.
  10. The Sprint Credit Card has croaked. The Bank of Missouri and Home Credit LLC have suddenly and without notice closed all Sprint Credit Card accounts. Not that anybody should care. The card was a turd from the word go.
  11. Anything you find interesting? I scanned through it quickly and didn't find anything particularly striking.
  12. I wouldn't count much on immunity. They already know that you can come down with COVID-19 more than once. A vaccine would be nice. I'm not sure how that will work, though. There's already a flu vaccine, but every year demand is high and at least in Vegas they now restrict sales to senior citizens. I can't imagine they will produce 330,000,000 doses and effectively distribute that to the herds rushing to obtain one. Instead of the term self-isolation, I'd say better is simple enforced home-incarceration. We've already seen cases of scumbags "escape" self-isolation to infect a dozen others. Can't remember where, but there's a case now where state police guard a house 24/7. Well, better ramp up hiring because we will probably need to hire about 10,000,000 state troopers ASAP. Social distancing is nice, but difficult when you still have to shop for food. Of course, the shelves are already bare in some areas so not sure how that's going to work out. I only see three things that will make this palatable: 1. Luck. A hell of a lot of luck; 2. Massive brain infusions so people actually stop acting like idiots; and 3. Public leaders en masse growing a pair. Color me not so optimistic. What about the thousands of homeless on the streets? I don't see where SanFran can effectively implement a shelter in place. People need to go out and buy food. We've already seen crowds at supermarkets fighting over a can of beans. Of course, you can buy a $2 can of beans on eBay and have it delivered to your home ... for $89.99.
  13. Don't worry, buddy, I'll front you a sack of rice every so often.
  14. IF NY sees 100,000 COVID-19 cases and IF 20% need ICU care, they could need 20,000 ICU beds. The first IF is a biggie. If NY hits 100,000 cases, then hopefully COVID-19 exterminates the entire political leadership simply because reaching 100,000 cases shows what useless fooking 'tards they are. They should round 'em up and herd 'em out right now before it's too late. The disease epicenter is Hubei Province. Wuhan (actually, more accurately, the counties surrounding the City of Wuhan) is ground zero. The population is around 60,000,000 and even though they had their thumbs up their arses for the first month of the outbreak they managed to find religion and keep cases to around 80,000 with deaths at only about 3,000. Also, the population in this area is far, far more densely packed than NYC could ever even imagine. They have far fewer than the 11,000* ICU beds that NYC has at its disposal today. Authorities need to grow a pair. If they have some genetic mutation that prevents that from happening, they can import a few pair from China. Shut down ALL public transport. Put soldiers in the streets to prevent all inbound and outbound traffic into cities. Shoot product pirates and scalpers on sight. Ensure markets are well stocked and prices controlled. Beef up Internet service. The US Embassy in China had staff in Wuhan and they made it through the crisis unscathed. They were on a work-from-home routine. They had all the food and supplies they needed. After "work" they had the whole family together watching Netflix and CBS All Access. A few I know even had treadmills in their apartments so got plenty of exercise. Even more exercise when after lights were out they fooked like rabbits. Hell, even @hegemony can't do that in Vegas now. For the past week or two, they have had between one and zero new cases per day. They will probably remain on lockdown until April or maybe even May just in case. Oh, and they got by with far fewer than the 11,000 ICU beds that NY currently has. * Yes, 11,000. The governor has already admitted in separate interviews that the 3,000 beds he mentions are in individual rooms that can easily accommodate an additional bed. He has also stated he has an additional 5,000 beds available in other facilities such as National Guard armories. As @centex has already accurately indicated, he's just being a leech looking for a handout.
  15. You are correct. I should have known better. Any money they collect is wasted in the blink of an eye.
  16. It might actually help. I mean, if some of the junkies croak then it's a win - win - win - win.
  17. You're right in that they will only increase your chances by a few %. Even the best masks only give you slightly better odds. I've noticed on 3M surgical masks there is an expiration date -- usually good for 5 years IIRC. Not sure why they'd have an expiration date or if after that date their effectiveness is eliminated or diminished. The most effective type of mask you can use is one of those surgical face shields, but made by a reputable company. Who knows, they could prove to be babe magnets. 😃
  18. For COVID-19 the standard test is with two swabs for each patient -- one nasal and the second bocal. Because of known false positives & negatives, once you have been diagnosed as positive, it takes three separate tests each returning a "negative" before you are considered free and clear. Because these tests are not instant and take some time to process, it usually takes 2 to 3 days. This is the CDC standard. Now that the CDC is making testing available locally or regionally, it could be a little bit faster. Anyhow, the idea that some have about how we need 327,000,000 testing kits available to defeat COVID-19 is simply insane. Another crazy idea people have is that taking everybody's temperature is 100% effective or that wearing a surgical mask will ensure you never get COVID-19.
  19. We don't have 1 billion people. In the beginning China put into effect the same policies that various US locations are using now. It had minimal positive effect. It was only after the Chinese authorities went ballistic and pretty much confined people to their homes that things were brought under control. I don't see that happening in the US.
  20. Your intelligent analysis leaves the chicken-little Neanderthals with nothing to do with their lives. While testing is useful, it is not the most important piece of the pie. Testing is known not to be 100% accurate. There have been several cases where false negatives and false positives have been returned. Then, as Centex just mentioned, there are a significant number of people who will never even be considered for testing. By the time someone does get tested, they will have been infectious for at least a couple of days and it has already been proven that you can infect others long before you even show symptoms. They have also seen where you can have COVID-19, get over the virus, test negative and then shortly thereafter get re-infected. To effectively test everybody in the US, we need several billion test kits and facilities & personnel to process them. It simply ain't gonna happen. Ever. What would help immensely would be to implant brains in millenitards so they follow basic sanitary guidelines and social distancing. You know, I'm not exactly fond of the shiathole where I am stationed, but I have seen some things here in China that do work. As soon as they pulled their head out of their arse, they enforced not social distancing, but social isolation to an extreme. They clamped down on both domestic and international transit and they've gone door-to-door hunting for anybody with even the slightest fever or flu symptoms. Self isolation? 🤣 Try forced isolation in your home with doors and windows welded shut. Draconian? Yes. Effective? Hell yes! A population of 60,000,000 in the epicenter and only 80,000 cases. In Beijing, with 30,000,000 (actually 1/2 that since the migrant population was not allowed to return from their Chinese New Year holiday), a total of around 100 cases. For the past week or two, in the whole country only fewer than 15 cases per day, and all but a few from international travelers coming to China. All International travelers arriving now go into a jail-type quarantine. Those that are Chinese citizens go into home-jail-like quarantine. In Beijing no panic buying, shelves are fully stocked ... you can even buy surgical masks in abundance. There are precisely zero turds selling $2.99 bottles of disinfectant soap for $50. Life is grand! This whole shiatnami could be over in a few weeks if both authorities and, most importantly, people took things seriously and intelligently. But we all know that will not happen. Centex, I love your term "covidiocy". Here's one I like a bit better, though: covitard. There's a site called Silent Country just busting at the seams with covitards. They have Neanderthals there discussing what types of tools and disinfectants you can buy at Home Depot so if someone in your family has a toothache you can do the extraction yourself at home in the comfort of your tool shed. 🙄
  21. Scaremongering pure and simple. 30% will not get infected. Even in the epicenter of COVID-19, where the slowness of an adequate response has lead to an elevated number of people infected, there are under 85,000 cases out of a population of approximately 60,000,000. It's also important to realize that Wuhan, China is far, far more densely packed the NYC, not to mention the rest of NY State. A far more realistic hysterical guess would be much less than .5%. And by the way, the Governor has stated that those 3,000 beds are in individual rooms. They are already setting them up for two beds per room. Then, he has stated, they have an additional 5,000 beds available in other state facilities. Now comes the part where math is your friend: Your 1% amounts to only 1,000 beds. The only question here is whether, if needed, the various authorities clamp down as hard and as effectively as China did on individual movements.
  22. True. At least in China, if you have any type of fever whatsoever you are deemed to have COVID-19 unless proven otherwise.
  23. There is a status update on several sites. The CDC, WHO and Johns Hopkins has charts. The latest on the mortality rate is, IIRC, 3.4%. They state that it is "mostly" elderly and / or those with pre-existing medical conditions. I haven't seen where they publish statistics identifying every mortality age and precisely what pre-existing conditions there were.

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