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  1. I bet we got twin turds here, folks.
  2. Oh, I can answer that question! ✋ Answer: The same kind of defective human being POS that porch pirates their neighbors stuff. 😎
  3. Reading really is a fundamental skill in life. Shall we set up a GoFundMe so you may finally acquire that skill? The OP clearly stated the concern was a credit card judgment and not a judgement lien. Our resident non-reader stated the SOL as 4 to 5 years, depending on the category. That was simply wrong. Newbies here deserve accurate, dependable answers to important questions. I understand that some people have fundamentally poor reading skills. They may consider getting themselves a literacy volunteer.
  4. Fixed that. 😂 More than one way to skin a cat. Gotta keep Marv on his toes.
  5. Unfortunately, many credit unions wouldn't sell you 8' of rope if they see you already own 2'. My theory is that credit unions are like that because they hire unqualified, shetty and re ... -- Oops, can't use that word here -- credit analysts. Fortunately, Navy isn't like that. I have found a way to get a CU to approve your even though they ordinarily wouldn't because of your already "excessive" available credit.
  6. Sounds like the possible reason could be that they think you have enough available credit already. This is a common line of thinking for credit unions. What is the total of all your credit limits?
  7. Does CapOne secured graduate? If the CapOne card "graduates", you are ok. If not, I'd find a secured card that does. "Graduate" means that after a period of time -- usually one year -- of responsible use they will unsecure the card sending you back your security deposit and, often, raising your credit limit.
  8. Make sure you have everything documented and then sue them in small claims court. You can probably earn a bit for you time and trouble.
  9. Use it as needed, but pay off the whole balance except for $2 prior to statement date. Search the forum for "$2 Trick" or "$2 Hack". Your account will be considered new for about two years and it will take time for your score to increase significantly. Use the card as needed and continue to pay on time, every time. I'd probably be looking at adding another card to the portfolio. Equally, if not more, important, though, is to work on any derogatory data still on your credit bureau reports.
  10. That is simply wrong. In Pennsylvania, a judgment lien is fully effective for five years, and is governed by the five year statute of limitations. 42 Pa. C.S.A. § 5526. The actual judgment itself is valid for ten years unless steps are taken to renew the judgment for an additional ten years.
  11. The profit on that spend is only about $700m. Merchant swipe fees average about 0.25%. It always amuses me when morons open their eyes in excitement and claim "China is a huge market!" If they had 1/2 a brain they would say "China is a huge POOR market!" China UnionPay is deeply entrenched in the market and has a virtual monopoly on credit cards in issue and a total monopoly on debit cards in issue. That and other dynamics of the local market makes it unlikely AmEx will ever turn a profit in China.
  12. Sandwich making not that valuable of a skill.
  13. That's a thought situation. Must cause a lot of stress. I've seen a lot of -- let me try to be PC today -- "unusual" things in China ... and the typical Chinese philosophy under that type of scenario would be ... 1. Belts work on grown kids, too; and 2. Unadoption. Hell, come to think of it, that's what we do in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, too.
  14. They will not let you combine the cards.
  15. FUBAR. On so many different levels, FUBAR. But then considering myFUKO is, basically, a zoo for Neanderthals, why should we be surprised. Here is another corollary for you ... "I might post on myFUKO, but I have a brain."
  16. I don't wear pink-flowered jackets or high heels. I stay safe by keeping my zipper zipped. Sure, there were a whole herd of purdy LBSs, but when you think with the big head and not the little one you realize that, ethics, morality and marital fidelity aside, there is just too much that can go wrong. I might have a home in Vegas, but I don't gamble.
  17. You might be toast. Not me. I'm well-prepared for a rainy day, month, year or decades. Besides, ever wonder why the very last option for our government is to fail to pay our troops? The average guy in my unit carries more than one weapon -- one of which is fully automatic -- and enough ammo to light up a small town. Try not paying him for a month or two and ya'll will be sleeping under cheap chiseled stones.
  18. As long as you continue to pay your taxes, my retirement is golden. 😁
  19. Interesting. A couple of observations: I think your main issue wasn't accurately estimating the job, but the fact that you priced yourself too cheaply. When I was a kid minimum wage was $1.00 an hour. On a day with light snow, I'd charge no less than $5 to clear snow from the walkway from a porch to the sidewalk. If there was a short driveway involved, $10. Longer driveway, $15. Minimum. And folks would pay. Heavy snow day, triple those charges. Take it or leave it. When we had those fine Upstate New York winter blizzards, all bets were off. I wouldn't even dust off your porch steps for less than $15. Anything else was $40 to $75. You either paid or dug a fooking tunnel to get out of your house to the street. And your car in the garage? You'd have a better chance of dialing 1 (800) Santa Claus to get a sleigh ride to work. On a nice blizzard day, I could earn at least $1,000 without leaving my block. After I convinced my old man to buy a snow blower, I'd charge the same, but extend my area two or three blocks and never earn less than $2,000. My dream was moving to Alaska and becoming a millionaire. There was one richardhead college kid who tries to ruin my racket. He had a little Toyota pickup and put a plow on the front. He'd charge people something like $20 to $40 to plow your driveway in two minutes. Only thing is that the idiot never left his truck and the plow pushed piles of snow that ultimately blocked your sidewalk or, worse yet, got pushed out into the street. City maintenance would come by and fine the homeowner for pushing their crap into the road. If you were one of the unlucky ones on every block to have a fire hydrant on your property and the plow pushed snow over it, you were doubly fooked because fines were a days wages for most people. Then the city plow would come by and push it right back into your driveway. People finally got smart and decided it was better to pay the local neighbor kid a bit more, but get a quality job and 24/7 on-call availability. Washing neighbors' cars was a good racket, but more in winter than summer. Cutting grass in the hot summers was another money maker. It got to the point where I schlepped off my paper route on my little brother and kept half of his earnings just to focus on neighborhood gigs. And now here I am fixing to retire in Las Vegas and have @hegemony push me around in a motorized wheelchair.
  20. I suppose the good news is that their $1.2k in what-was-once-savings is 3 times higher than the national average. I read where the average American has a whopping $400 in available savings. When I was a little mean tyke, I was pretty industrious and hard-working. I saved a good portion of my allowance, lawn-mowing and snow-shoveling money. If I ever had as little as $400 saved my father would have shown me precisely why God invented belts.
  21. Had some jokers in my unit who were "fortunate" enough to receive the gift that keeps on giving after a brief training mission for our LBBs in the Philippines. Upon their return Stateside, had to restrict them to the barracks to keep them all from turning into a regular old Santa Claus. Kind of strange how our unit's pink-flower-jacketed boys never got any gifts.
  22. Yup, that's Navy! Vindictive SOBs. There was a point when they'd let you keep your deposit accounts, but refuse you online access. USAA did that, too. Not sure if they still do. I can't even imagine having an account without online access.
  23. Nothing wrong with trying to negotiate an attractive settlement that fits into your budget. I just wouldn't use the B-word. You are right about Navy's blacklisting. They (and a few notable others such as AmEx and USAA) are very vindictive. I'm not sure what their policy is on continued membership with them if you've reached a settlement. Personally, if I ran into difficulties and had to default on all my debts, if I could pay anybody off it would be Navy, USAA and AmEx. While they aren't ones that offer the best rewards, I still value those relationships most. YMMV.

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