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  1. 36 minutes ago, hegemony said:

    seems the gilding is coming off this economy. at least we can just blame a pandemic not our own bad choices. IT WASN'T MY FAULT LAST TIME -- THE BANK MADE ME CASH OUT MONEY FROM MY HOME SO THAT I COULD BUY A SKEEDOO AND A HUMMER!!!!

    How much are you paying for hummers?  Just curious.  

  2. 7 hours ago, Burdell said:

    Isn't collection of the debt time-barred at this point?  There is a universal federal SOL on cell phone debts of two years.  OP should point this out to Convergent and send them a FOAD letter, copying CFPB which is currently proposing a federal regulation about attempts to collect on time-barred debts.


    The SOL virtually never bars them from attempting to collect.  They can try to collect for a million years.  What the SOL does do is somewhat prevent them from suing you.  


    All you can do is tell the CA to, as you suggest, FOAD.  Then they could push the debt to a new CA and the fun starts all over again.

  3. 19 hours ago, ApexAZ said:

    Because their notices went to my spam inbox.  Everything went to spam except for the notice of the actual charge on the start of renewal.


    Your spam folder is your problem and nobody else's.  A reasonably prudent individual would check their spam folder regularly to see if anything important slipped in unnoticed.  It does happen.  


    The spam folder excuse is about as lame as telling the traffic cop that you didn't realize you were doing 100 in a 25 mph zone because your speedometer is broken.  Bottom line: it's your own negligence.


    18 hours ago, ApexAZ said:

    What I am specifically looking for are rules or regulations around companies charging for services into the future.  If I specifically say I don't authorize a charge, can a company actually charge me for services into the future that I decline?  Not only are they forcing 3 years of service I don't want on me, they actually disabled the access altogether, so I am receiving nothing from this company.  I never signed anything beyond the initial sign up and they either can't, or are unwilling to show me where I agreed to anything.  Anyone know?  


    As for utilizing regulatory agencies, I pay my taxes too.  I don't know if I have a legal basis for anything, that's why I am asking about it here, because while I can find all sorts of information on chargeback, I really can't find much on services into the future.  I have literally received nothing from the company at this point and yet facing collections over a supposed future debt.


    This really is simple.  You agreed to automatic billing and they are holding you to your agreement.  Reading really is a valuable skill.  Legally, you are screwed.  Instead of whining, you should have just sucked it up and leaned a $200 lesson.  Instead, now you need to just bend over and grab your ankles.  


    Your claim that you "received nothing from this company" is bullshite.  You took $200 from them that was theirs.  The chargeback fee they got hit with was probably around $30.  Enough chargebacks and their merchant services provider raises their swipe fees.  Adding around $25 -- or whatever your contract with them stated -- as a late fee, you probably owe them around $250 at least.  


    If this derogatory hits your credit bureau reports, the aggravation and the blowback from your other creditors, who will immediately see this, is likely to well exceed $250.


    A reasonable and responsible adult would contact the company, swallow their pride and beg to make things right in order to avoid the derogatory tradeline that will probably be coming.  But I seriously doubt that adult is you.  


    By the way, most credit card companies automatically notify merchants who they see submitting recurring charges of your new credit card data.  Your credit card companies generally also forward the recurring charges to your new account.  American Express is very good at doing this.  

  4. 48 minutes ago, butterflywings said:

    Fwiw, I heard Dr. Sanjay Gupta say the other day on CNN that 80% of people infected will never show symptoms, or only very mild symptoms.


    80% seems like an exceptionally large number, but it is true that some will experience / show no symptoms or else extremely mild symptoms.  And this is precisely why this crap of taking everybody's temperature is just a feel-good measure.  

  5. 46 minutes ago, cv91915 said:

    Pro tip:  a cash-out refi on one's current vehicle can be a shrewd way to raise money for a new air fryer, or concert tickets.

    Not to mention on a designer pink-flowered jacket.  But I bet porch surging and petty thievery is more rewarding.  

  6. The numbers are getting better in Beijing, but I'm not sure how long it will last.  Migrant workers, which make up 1/2 of Beijing's 31,000,000 people have yet to return in force.  

    Restaurants are still closed though a few have started to open.  Barber shops are all closed, so no more happy endings for a while.  Busses, subways and airports are all still empty.  Streets are also empty.  

    People avoid going to see a doctor.  Hospitals are pretty much empty except for the fever departments.  They are still packed.  

    Housing estates are now prison camps.  Each housing estate has issued resident ID and you need that to enter the complex once you leave.  Without it, no entry.  Plus, they check your temperature when you enter.  Fever?  GTFO.  Some even have restrictions on the number of people that can live in your home, the number that can leave the complex each day and even on how many times per week members of your household can exit the complex per week.  

    Those people in the center of the COVID-19 are fooked beyond fooked.  I see no hope for them for at least a few more months -- if they are lucky.  They can't leave the city.  Nobody can enter the city.  Hell, they aren't even allowed to leave their houses.  And still there are about 200 people croaking per day and, IIRC, about 1,000 new cases per day.  

    And all because some POS richardheads have to eat their exotic animals that folklore says are good for your health.  And although the government makes it illegal, they still do it.  

  7. 10 hours ago, centex said:

    I used to have fun with the time-share weasels...making them so frustrated the weasels just asked me to leave (but I would not do so right away- not until I had been paid whatever was being promised for showing up). 

    We've been to a ton of those in Vegas.  Now we are banned.  🤣

  8. 10 hours ago, butterflywings said:



    Fwiw, I don't feel that student loans should be held to a higher standard than mortgages, car loans, or even credit cards, which can all be bankrupted away.

    You obviously have math problems.


    Federal student loans are unsecured loans with a looong grace period at approximately 4.5% APR and can be obtained by virtually anybody with a pulse.  Your mortgage and auto loans are -- surprise, surprise -- secured.  And even then they require good credit for the best APRs.


    Maybe on your planet you have unsecured credit cards with a 4.5% APR.  On ours the number of people who get a normal APR of 4.5% are precisely 0.


    So, I imagine if you accepted student loans with a 26% APR, a 60-day grace period and had to have good credit to even get that, your lenders might be willing to accept the risk of you including them in BK.

  9. 10 hours ago, centex said:

    You missed the point- they were GIVEN a residential address.  It is the ONE address other than my PO Box that appears on the credit report and that only because I have not changed the address for the ONE card that is attached to the address.  The other two residential addresses are nowhere to be found on the four major bureau reports.  Nor do any of them appear on my TxDL or FAA documents or IRS documents or Bar documents or...and the list goes on. 


    They even agreed to accept the credit card statement for ID purposes and CLAIMED to have grasped that the TxDL would show the PO Box.  But apparently their computer belches when given government-issued identification...

    They have computer problems with their address formatting on the credit card side once you establish an account.  It's all because of their shiatty Indian customer service / technical staff.  

    The best thing to do is play the game.  Get the card.  Take their SUB.  Let them screw up your address for a month or two.  CFPB them and get a $250 goodwill offer.  

    Then dump the fookers in the most nasty manner possible.


  10. 11 hours ago, centex said:



    'grats on the Austin selection.  If he is not living on campus or within walking distance, look for some of the hidden steals in West Lake Hills or Rollingwood.  They don't have those stupid plastic bag bans so you can still take groceries home in useful bags.  There is also a small pocket of unincorporated Travis County just off of Bee Caves Road that contributes to the lower prices precisely because it is NOT WLH or Rollingwood (and ALSO not City of Austin).  Taxes are cheaper and the independent landlords often pass that on to their tenants.  This includes the neighborhood behind that Flagship Randalls location that is used for voting...

    The first year he will likely be on campus.  

    We might end up getting a house there.  We like Texas as a retirement spot and if we establish residency we can save about $30,000 a year on tuition.  

  11. 2 hours ago, Cosmos Human said:

    I’ve seen expensive coats such as Monclear (spelling?).  Canada Goose are up there in price as well. 

    Close by the Burberry shop was a Canada Goose one.  It was a few dollars cheaper.  But my son wouldn't bite on that brand.  Maybe because it didn't have a nice "Look at me I'm wearing a Burberry" patch on the sleeve.  

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