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  1. Dolphins again? Speaking of dolphins, I just noticed a line item in the Navy budget for increase spending in acquisition and training of combat dolphins. Seriously. When stationed in San Diego, I had several friends -- yes, I do have friends!!! -- at FASWTPAC and they all swore that dolphins were their best friend and could be trained to be excellent warriors. And sea lions. Also a valuable tool in the Navy arsenal. Just sayin'. I am not encouraging contact. I don't want Bev to clobber me, too. Then I'd need a helmet, too.
  2. Typical WLB. You've been on CB since 2009 and simple concepts escape you. Then, @centex points out salient facts, and you go WLB with accusations that she's a know-it-all. If she made you look stupid, it isn't her fault. As previously stated, it's often the dunces that accuse those with a particular expertise of being a know-it-all. You've proven that point.
  3. My understanding is that only the entity that owns he debt can send the 1099. As brother @hegemony so accurately stated, there are distinct and important differences between OC, CA and JDB. Not all CAs are really JDBs and JDBs often use CAs to collect their debts. Also, the FDCPA does not apply to OCs, although the Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does. Also, there have been several FTC advisories about how the FDCPA does not apply to JDBs, although virtually every JDB will comply with the FDCPA to avoid the issue of whether the FDCPA applies to them being heard by the courts. Regarding this debt, exactly what are the tradelines on your credit reports? There are distinctions which should indicate whether or not the OC still owns the debt and if an entity is a CA or a JDB. I've not looked at those things for a while so I am not entirely sure myself, but I believe @hegemony, @hdporter and @centex could shed light on this. As for PFDs, almost every CA will accept them and most JDBs will, too. Most OCs will not. You need to identify the players. It would suck if you negotiate a PFD with a CA, but then the OC / JDB derogatory tradeline is still on your credit reports.
  4. You've been told the answer, but you are too stupid to listen. Unless you can increase income, significantly reduce the money you need to borrow or find a banker as severely brain damaged as you are, your only electric vehicle is going to be a battery powered 6" x 6" Batmobile. Everybody, especially an ex-con, should be able to clearly understand that the law prohibits a bank from lending more than your income and reasonable expectation of expenses can justify. Banks have already told you that and here it has also been mentioned, but you are just too stupid to accept the fact. While in prison you should have focused on that remedial reading group. You were told what to DO to increase the loan amount a bank will give you. DO increase your income. DO save up more money and / or DO lower the amount you need to borrow. DO get your former cell mate to co-sign for you. A troll? Coming from an ex-con -- and they ALL say they were innocent 🙄 -- that is a compliment. If a troll, then I'm one with more available credit than you and your entire family tree for 10 generations has ever had. I get offers almost every single day from Citi and 1/2 dozen other banks begging me to please take their unsecured loan offers of $35k. You've been on CB since 2014 and what have you learned? That raising your FICO a few points will not help you? Nope. That unlike you, banks mostly try to follow the law? Nope. Well, the good news is that Batmobile will easily fit inside your new prison cell.
  5. Jethro, you've been here since 2009 and still have the logic and pure credit skills of a third grader. To make it fair, Granny should weld a dunce cap to your head so we know not to expect much from you. The mistake is assuming someone couldn't stay in third grade for over a decade. You've shown it is possible.
  6. Now it appears that one significant reason why you live in poverty is because you have the IQ of a dyslexic gerbil. Congratulations! People are poor because either they have made stupid choices in life or they were unlucky enough to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, spending 1/2 your adult life in prison isn't a huge help.
  7. He's just a Neanderthal failure setting himself for yet another in what will be along string of failures. Just sit back and enjoy watching yet another failure on the horizon.
  8. $5k. On one of Chase's most generous card offerings, $5k is akin to being on food stamps.
  9. Compassion and empathy for those who live under the poverty level is not a problem. Where it gets tricky is when you add an IQ < 4 to the mix. While you can live and do so probably enter that some people who earn ten times what you do, you have serious issues understanding third grade math and banking regulations. Banks like to lend money to people who don't need it. The law mandates they look at your whole financial picture and failure to do so can result in multi-million dollar fines. Any banker who wants to keep their job is going to look and say that after all your expenses you will have a cushion of $100. What happens when, heaven forbid, you total the car and have to pay your insurance deductible of $500 or, with the quote they gave you, likely far more? What happens if there's a medical emergency? A fire? Or any one of a hundred other catastrophic events? With the FICO you quoted, it seems you have good credit. That helps you a lot. But banks are mandated by law to lend according to your income or resources known to the bank. The 2024 Equinox will have a startling MSRP of, according to Chevy, around $30k. If you have 1/2 that saved and get the incentives you mentioned, maybe you only have to borrow $10k and have monthly payments of around $200. Banks would go for that. I seriously doubt they will go for $20k or $25k. That your income is steady and you have mastered excellent financial habits goes towards getting your loan application approved. Then the trick is how much they approve you for. Again, the law mandates they use your income to decide how much to lend you. You tell them your income and how much your housing costs are and they plug in their own values to determine expendable income and determine how much they will lend.
  10. Jethro, ask your Literacy Volunteer for a refresher course. Suing while outside the SOL is a FDCPA violation. Normal collection activities are not. Trying to collect a debt is not a violation. Suing to obtain a judgment with which to collect is.
  11. It correlates with your IQ. No reasonable person will ever consider income of $1,060 per month sufficient to justify a new car loan without a huge downpayment. And maybe even then. Housing expenses of $177 with no utilities and no food expenses signifies to a reasonable person that you live under a bridge abutment and live off food stamps. A car payment of $450 per month is about 45% of your monthly income. Given those facts, if any bank were to lend you what you wanted and you ultimately defaulted, banking regulators would have a field day. And with a mere $100 cousin, your chances of default are astronomically high.
  12. A couple of observations. NerdWallet does not provide a FICO Score. They provide a Vantage Score which is pure 1,000% 💩. Even if you plug a FICO Score into your pre-qual app, it is useless. Unless you are going for a home mortgage, there isn't one single bank, credit card company or other reputable lender which uses your credit score to decide whether or not to approve your credit application. The only data they consider is the information you provide on your application (Hello, income!), the raw data from your credit report(s) and any internal data they already have on you. Once they decide to approve your application, only then will your credit score come into play, if even then. If they use your credit score, it is to determine certain terms of your account such as APR and, in very rare instances, your credit limit. It's also important to note that FICO has multiple versions of their credit scores and each creditor may use a different one. Assuming they use your score and it is roughly 771, you should get a very good APR and that will keep your payments a bit lower. You are totally correct in that life can be a biatch. I applaud your efforts to take things in stride and to be totally prepared for multiple scenarios. I hope things go very well for you.
  13. 4.5 years in federal prison. Far too short!!! They should have given the biatch the max of 20 years. Ericka Andrea Monique Johnson is from -- surprise, surprise! -- North Carolina. Shall I post her photo? P.S. God bless PenFed!
  14. Just because an OC has charged off an account does not mean that they still do not report the tradeline to the CRAs. The accounts that you refer to intros threat are being reported by the CA(s), correct? Are they also being reported by the OC(s)?
  15. It appears you have a never ending supply of bull💩. While the process may be discouraged, there are very, very few CAs that will not accept a PFD. Apparently Forbes is also full of 💩. A PFD is most definitely NOT prohibited by the FCRA. Anybody with kindergarten level reading skills can see the FCRA does not prohibit the removal of accurate data. Nowhere does the FCRA state that you have to report; only what you do choose to report must be accurate. Reading is a valuable skill and Literacy Volunteers are available free of charge. Yes, there is the possibility that the CA may not keep their promise. That is why an intelligent person will get the commitment in writing or actually record the CA when they make the promise. It's also a good idea to enter a restrictive endorsement on any check you use to pay them. Also, if you do get screwed, you can dispute the tradeline with the CRAs and are likely to be successful. If there is a successful PFD, the whole fooking CA tradeline will disappear. Forbes is a regarded liar. FICO 9 most definitely does NOT ignore collections accounts. That said, the PFD removal may not affect your credit score if you have a 💩load of others that still remain. Still, it is a step in the right direction getting the tradeline removed. As for Vantage, DILLIGAF? And neither should you. Vantage is 💩. Anybody who states that a PFD is certainly not a good financial move has the IQ of a dyslexic gerbil.
  16. You are right. A PFD removes the tradeline completely. One thing to consider is that the PFD with the CA only affects the CA's tradeline and not the OC's. If the OC is reporting, you need to negotiate a PFD with the OC and not the CA. Unfortunately most CC OC's will not negotiate a PFD.
  17. Bull💩. A Pay-for-Delete, as the name clearly indicates, deletes the derogatory tradeline completely from your credit reports. Only if you do not PFD will the tradeline be reported as settled and even then must fall off at the 7-year point from DOFD. The only disadvantage to a PFD is if the OC is also reporting in addition to the CA. A PFD with the CA has no effect on the OC's derogatory tradeline.
  18. Rosenthal is all but useless. Statutory damages are something like $50. The only good thing about Rosenthal is that it includes original creditors which is something the FDCPA does not do. Collecting on a debt is definitely not a FDCPA violation unless they are attempting contact after you have ordered them to cease. They can still report and still attempt to sue, provided the CRTP and SOL is not an obstacle. No CA has to "prove" anything unless they are suing you and you are smart enough to demand proof. All the CRAs need to continue to report after you have disputed the tradeline is for the subscriber to say the debt is correct. This has been hashed out in the federal courts ad nauseum ... no CA ever has to prove anything in order to report derogatory data. They never -- yes, never -- have to provide anything for verification of a debt other than a simple statement that they have verified the concept and amount of the debt with the original creditor / junk debt buyer. If they decide to sue you, which in the present case it seems like they cannot, then you can insist on verifiable proof.
  19. DOFD. Date of first delinquency after which the account was never brought current. You can make multiple payments after DOFD and as long as the account was not brought current the CRTP cannot be reset. It sits at 7.5 years from DOFD.
  20. Block away, Jethro. You have a well-deserved reputation here, as clearly evident from your posts showing a myopic understanding about credit, as a moron. Let's face it, even a regarded gerbil knows that virtually every issuer as a recon / backdoor number.
  21. When someone doesn't know squat it's easy to assume someone who masters the topic is a know-it-all.
  22. There is no such thing as the Chase reconsideration department. What there is at Chase is called underwriting. They actually make decisions. If you only spoke with a customer service representative, you wasted your time. If you spoke with underwriting, then you have a chance. The Chase Amazon Visa is a bit easier than other Chase cards. I think they are trying to be more accommodating to appease Amazon. If you burned Chase previously, then you are usually facing an extremely uphill battle. Did they mention that during the phone call?
  23. There are still light years to go. I seriously doubt they will ever have anything but microscopic holes in the wall unless, as is rumored, AliPay buys WeChat. The current test as mentioned in the article is really nothing special. One creates a QR code on the AliPay platform that you can then send to a friend. What the article fails to mention is that the QR code can also be sent via e-mail or any other messaging platform and not just WeChat. Then there is the pesky limit of under $300 in local currency equivalent. Here that would be considered a micro payment. Basically the difference between AliPay and WeChat is the messaging platform. Although AliPay has a messaging platform, it is cumbersome and not as fluid, dynamic or robust as WeChat's. Everybody -- and I mean EVERYBODY -- uses WeChat for messaging here. On the other hand, AliPay has THE best payment platform going. WeChat cannot compare at all. So, what people do is chat and transfer money on WeChat and then immediately transfer the money into their bank account and then link that bank account to AliPay for payments. When you think about WeChat and AliPay, they are awesome platforms. Every business and government entity has a WeChat forum and you can do everything from pay Customs duty, show COVID-19 vaccination / nucleic acid testing results and check your online banking. With AliPay, you can pay anything and anybody. They have what used to be Uber and pretty much all the other functions WeChat has, but with a lesser chat feature. Seriously, without both WeChat and AliPay here, your life is fooked. That's why they have 1.4 billion people walking around 24/7 with an iPhone planted up their arse.
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