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    I would get Care Credit. They will help you pay your shrink. Your FICO Score is never going to help you get more credit cards. There are virtually zero credit card companies that use your FICO Score to decide whether or not to approve your application for revolving credit. They all decide whether or not to approve you using the raw data on your credit reports, the information you provide on the application and any other data they have in their internal files on you. Once an issuer has decided to approve your application, then your FICO Score comes into play. It is generally used to set certain terms on your account such as APR and, in certain rare instances, credit limit.
  2. That article is definitive proof that Canuckleheads are regarded ... beginning with the author of the article.
  3. PotO


    And what will you do with those 16 points?
  4. I'd say that consumers stand to lose the most. Look at Australia. They implemented a law that required extremely low swipe fees on credit card transactions after merchants swore that it would result in a price reduction. So what happened? Well, it seems that Australia has its share of congenital liars, too. Within weeks of the new law taking effect, prices rose across the board. I guarantee that will happen in the US, too. Look at how they lowered swipe fees on debit just recently. So, when you pay with a debit vs credit card, do you get a discount? Fook no! Visa and the other card associations better start getting wise and find a creative way to handle this issue. If they start with AFs or lowering rewards, watch consumers react negatively.
  5. Sad. Truly sad. We are breeding a nation of regards. From now on I will ask any doctor I see if he graduated from NYU. If so, I will not let him anywhere near me. Now, with this whole COVID-19 bull💩, I can see requiring classes on Zoom. What I don't see is grading on a curve. You get what you get. That's the whole idea beyond objective evaluations. Can you imagine someone graduating at the top of their class who, were it not for grading on a curve, would otherwise be a C monkey? Funny, now the whole University of California system grades on a curve. Guess I now need to see if any doctor I deal with is a UC graduate, too. This is how academia should operate: In Country X (got to be politically correct or the whiny little biatches will crawl out of the woodwork), there was one Marine whose unit CO was recommending he be set up for a UD (undesirable discharge). I met with the CO to find out WTF was going on and he told me an incredible story -- this Marine used his middle finger as his trigger finger. When asked why, the SNM stated, "it felt more natural to him." He was given every opportunity to see differently even showing him where his response time was over ten times slower than the worst in his unit. This would very likely cause a fatality -- either his or someone else's. He didn't care. So before signing off on the UD action, I had him report to me. I explained how his actions could prove fatal not himself and / or others, but he insisted his actions were reasonable and he "could not" change. I told him I approved his UD and he would be going home real soon and he got in my face and hollered, "Listen, man, I don't give a 💩 what you do. I am right and you are wrong." Well, a swift knee to the 🥚🥚 wiped the smirk off his face and changed his attitude. Several days later he was on guard duty with two others and they were attacked. The extra few seconds it took for him to position his middle finger and aim cost a life -- his. Good riddance! Yes, Virginia there IS a Santa Claus!!!! Fortunately the other two on his team eliminated the threat and were not injured in the process. In my opinion, the extermination of recalcitrant 💩 is never a bad thing. Quite the opposite, it's the best thing you can do to save the gene pool.
  6. My condolences, bro. While two of my BoA cards have a 33% cash limit, my $70k card has $51k.
  7. I don't see that being a factor. I wonder if they even have an EFTA or equivalent to protect consumers from bank fraud. In the US, it will be interesting to see how banks deal with RTP and fraud given the EFTA and various laws which can hold consumers with no liability for fraud.
  8. Some would say that it is CV, but it's impossible. First of all, he kissed a girl. Then, he's not wearing any pink flowers. Finally, he's about 75 pounds lighter.
  9. Only in NYC. Looks like the cows were running short of Twinkies and needed to rob to get money to buy more.
  10. Your goal should be to get it up to at least 12. Once there, work on frequent CLIs. Once you get up to over all limits totally $350k, then you can relax.
  11. $70k is perfectly fine. That shouldn't hold you back at all on obtaining higher credit limits. It is not uncommon to have at least a total of credit limits at 4 or 5 times income. My son is new to the credit game and already has accumulated over 3 times and his income is lower than yours. Yes, we all love to bash CUs, but most of it is just letting off steam. Honestly speaking, CUs can be pretty good. I'd take Navy / PenFed over any other card issuer if forced to make a choice. Well, maybe AmEx would be #1. Go for Alliant. I believe they will easily approve you. I have an Alliant card and, while not great, it is stable. They don't do weird crap like Stinkrony or other issuers.
  12. Very interesting info in that article. I like where they say that US banks hold sufficient reserves to cover losses. Well, Stinkrony better increase their by about $150k. Just sayin'.
  13. Are you combining your income with your husband's? My son is still in university and his legitimate annual income is around $50k. Not counting AU accounts, he has been approved so far for about $200k. Just yesterday Navy gave him $25k and last week Chase gave him $20k. Make a list of cards you are interested in and then of how many INQs you have on each CRA. Break the numbers into >1 year and < 1 year.
  14. Alliant will grow. They are pretty good about CLIs if you use the card. Only disadvantage is that they top out at around $25k or so.
  15. Those comments were primarily from our now defunct 💩 in the pink-flowered jacket and who steals stuff from neighbors. You can ignore them.
  16. Good job on the Comenity card! Discover is a pain in the arse unless you use the card a lot. Credit Unions are not as quick to take adverse action as other banks are. It is rare to hear of Navy, PenFed or USAA to slash limits on a whim.
  17. They don't understand just how much tail gets thrown at you every day -- usually at exam time. Just ask Professor @hegemony.
  18. Are you 150 years old? Those signs you mentioned disappeared many decades ago. They will never return.
  19. Ok, I'd try a few things. You can app a new AmEx. It's usually only a soft INQ. If they try to steal limit, you can cal them and tell them not to and they will honor your request. The same with a CLI. You can call them and tell them to reverse the thievery. A CLI with Comenity should also be a soft INQ. You can app another Chase card. Then after a while transfer that card's limit to your other Chase card and close out the new one. They usually give easier approvals and better limits on the Chase Amazon card. You can try a few new issuers. FNBO has a decent pre-qual tool. I think your father's status will get you into Navy and PenFed and, perhaps, USAA. They could require proof of service, but generally they do not.
  20. Your credit reports are totally clean, right? Why did AmEx chop your limit on the EDC? What reason did they give you? Or did they theft limit from one card to give you a CLI on another? With AmEx you can move limits between cards. Do you use both of your AmEx cards? You could move the limit from one to another and then apply for a new one. Comenity has always been decent with me. I only have one of their Visa cards and they always gave me decent periodic no-hard INQ CLIs up until I hit around $35k. After that, no CLIs at all. Maybe that is their maximum exposure? Or perhaps because I don't use the card much? That's weird that Disco wants a hard INQ from you. They haven't pulled a hard INQ on me in over a decade. Did they ever tell you why they insist in a hard INQ? Have you tried their pre-qual tool to see if they'd give you a second card? US Bank is good, but they require a hard INQ for any CLI. I am not sure about your situation, but one issue I have seen with retired families is how they report income when applying for credit. Let's say your income is $75k and your husband's is also $75k. You can legally state your income as $150k. That would make it easier to get higher limits. One big question, though, my dear friend, is WTF aren't you in Navy Federal CU or PenFed??????? There has to be a way to get you in. That would easily add another $35k or so to your credit portfolio. If we add USAA, you'd hit $50k. Chase is good. Do you really use the Southwest card? You could move that limit over to the Freedom and, then since it appears you may be under 5/24, apply for a new Chase card.
  21. Not to mention that even if $500 could get you a new alternator and battery you'd be at 100% exposure. That's just begging to get FITA yet again. You are doing very well at $300k. Not everybody is as anal retentive as I am when it comes to certain aspects of credit. And as every good jarhead will tell you, seat belts anal retentiveness saves lives. The standard load for Marines on a combat mission is 240 rounds. However, if I ever caught a Maine in my unit carrying only 250 rounds I'd shove my boot so far up their arse that my knees would be 💩stained. I demand everybody carry at least 1,000 rounds and for me, I'd never be caught with less than 2,000. Better to get a hernia humping ammo than a closed casket. Same applies to credit.
  22. I'm proud of you! Now keep up the good work and go for $250k.
  23. Yes, you are missing something. @TheVig and @hdporter have already given excellent rationale for having as many credit cards as possible. A key phrase to remember is: Get while the gettin' is good! We have all seen times where issuers get paranoid and start slashing limits or closing accounts out of pure paranoia. We have all seen times where issuers have issued dismal starting limits out of paranoia. We have all seen where issuers start declining applications for nonsense reasons such as too many INQs just because they are paranoid. There may well come a time when you will need more that $100k in limits and issuers will tell you to FOAD because economic times are not good. What happens when issuers start slashing limits and your $100k becomes $50k overnight? All you can do is sit back and whine about it. Well, not me. DILLIGAF if times turn sour and approvals are difficult? I already have almost every card out there. DILLIGAF if issuers start reducing credit limits 50%? Slashing my limits 50% means I go from $2m to $1m in available credit. BFD! There was a time when I had two kids in college and one month every quarter had to pay about $40k in tuition and expenses. Do you even have $40k amongst all your cards combined? I'm positive you don't have even one card with a $40k limit. So WTF would you do, pay by bank account ACH and lose $800 in rewards? Fook that! I'm lucky now because only the last of the trio is in university so that means every quarter I have one month with a $20k expenditure. I bet you couldn't put $20k on all your cards put together without reaching 50% UTIL. For me, it would be 1% UTIL. Now, to be fair, there is a disadvantage to having a lot of available credit. You need to have graduated third grade math and be able to control your spending habits as well as you should be able to control your bowel movements. Anybody that cannot do that needs to stick with debit cards.
  24. I wouldn't apply for an AmEx card from anybody but AmEx unless there was a good SUB or I was really bored. I have the Comenity / Bread Caesar's Rewards Visa for many years and no problems with them.
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