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  1. It would be far better to support posters who warn other posters that they are wasting their time and energy on even clicking on a thread where they have to pay to participate.
  2. PotO

    How Long Before Asking Again For Cap1 CLI?

    That's only in CV's brain. To be fair, it could be physiological caused in at least part by STDs, infections and lack of a penis.
  3. Most banks and business outsource their payment processing. Perfectly logical.
  4. These merchants are just being whiny little b!tches. Their real motive is discrimination through obscurity. Being the nice guy that I am, if I were motivated, had time to kill and knew a merchant trying to pull that stunt, I'd teach them a cute little lesson. I would go into their restaurant with my one closed or expired credit card in my wallet and order something. When it came time to pay, they'd swipe my card and it would fail. Ultimately I'd end up telling them, "Oh, I am soooooo sorry, I ,insert hare-brained excuse here>, but I have cash." They either accept that cash or my meal is free. They can b!tch, they can moan ... they can call the cops ... but they canNOT win. Ever. I've had several similar experiences, usually at sh!tty little Chinese restaurants up and down the east and west coast (Do NOT ask me why!) where merchants display the Visa / MasterCard decals yet when it's time to pay they demand cash saying they don't accept credit cards. I make a habit to ensure they get FITA.
  5. PotO

    Shift Card Closure

    Shift took a sh!t. Probably run by the same turds at Blispay.
  6. Although NFCU is great, I was joking about cv91915. I enjoy pulling his chain. To join NFCU you will need a military nexus. Have a family member who is a veteran? They could join and you could join through them. In the end it is worth the hassle as they are really good for rebuilders. Other than that, Discover or Bank of America are good. Whatever you decide, you want a secured card that will graduate.
  7. cv91915 will undoubtedly confirm, by far the best secured credit card is Navy Federal Credit Union's. NFCU, he has said countless times, is God's gift to the financial industry. I believe him.
  8. PotO


    What's their number?
  9. PotO

    Is INNOVIS trying to pull a fast one?

    Right. Even if -- and it's a big if -- they are right and the INQ doesn't signify the potential lender gained access to my credit report, is the INQ legal since it is visible to other creditors?
  10. PotO

    Is INNOVIS trying to pull a fast one?

    Same here. Mom, I know you are looking down with a smug look on your face and grinning ... thinking that you have had a positive influence on me. And even though you have, please don't take my title away. Please!!!!!!! I can't imagine living life any longer titled Mr. Nice.
  11. PotO

    Is INNOVIS trying to pull a fast one?

    There is one very positive note in all this. The lady from Innovis called and left a message and I returned her call. She was nice, but I was in a pissed-off mood, especially when she started he story about the INQs are there, but they never received access to my reports. I tried reasoning with her and using logic, but she was dense. In spite of that, I treated her well. I used a slight bit of sarcasm and humor, and she did chuckle. But in the end I treated her well, was exceedingly kind and polite, thanked her profusely. I know this will come as a surprise to all, but I am NOT like that in real life. And I am rarely even like that on the phone. When pissed, I am a MAB (Mean, A$$hole B'tard) ... heck, even when I am not pissed. And it's because of Mom. Mom always tried to tell me that being nice on the phone even though pissed is the best way to handle things. God bless you, Mom.
  12. PotO

    Is INNOVIS trying to pull a fast one?

    That's what I suspect happens when someone tries to pull any of my Big 3 when frozen. I never see any INQs, hard or soft, except for the usual soft INQs from the CRA itself and my current creditors AR. But for some reason when I to my Innovis report I saw one soft INQ and one hard INQ from two non-pre-existing lenders made on dates when I had the freeze in place. The hard was Sagestream / Home Credit LLC. I applied for the Sprint card (because I was bored and fooking Hege never gave me any decent alternative to apply for) and they pulled EQ. But why could they get Innovis if frozen? The soft was Sagestrem / Lending Tree and result of some Credit Karma pre-approval crap did just for the heck of it. And how the hell did they get through a freeze, too? I filed a CFPB complaint and Innovis called me. There story (b.s. story for sure) is that the INQs are there to document the request, but because o the freeze they were not actually given access to the report. That story smells like poop. With the Big 3, the INQ signifies that the lender was successful in getting access and that's logical. You apply, grant access, take the hit. Fine. But with a freeze, there should be no hit. That INQ could cost a few points on my FICO, for example. It could result in an application denial for inquiries. Why should I risk adverse effects of an INQ that should have never ht a frozen report? ** ** I know the points don't matter. And neither do INQs. But since lenders like to make us believe that they do matter, then I should rub this poop in their face. I need to research the FCRA. Hopefully there is something that states that an INQ is the result of successfully accessing one's report. Then I will clobber those mfers.
  13. PotO

    Is INNOVIS trying to pull a fast one?

    Yeah, five other threads and yet nobody knows anything. Gee, almost time to go to MYFooko for answers.

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