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  1. The last time I ever heard someone make a statement like that was ... never. I admire your whatever it was that inspired you to say that.
  2. Does it hurt when you think? A sniper takes a shot at you, and some idiot like you will just wait for the second or third shot to make sure it's serious and he's really after you. No lender is obligated to wait for "other evidence" to fall into place after seeing the first piece of evidence and taking preemptive action. Then there's the pesky little issue that everybody here with 1/2 a brain cell knows Sync is highly score driven on their credit limits. You need to market your ESP skills.
  3. Interesting. My take on this is that amongst Sync, AmEx, Barclays, NFCU, DCU & PenFed, the only fiscally prudent lender in the lot is Sync. Seriously, the others should have their head examined as to why they didn't take AA.
  4. I don't think they data mine off of USAA, but I could be wrong. You might just be lucky or perhaps they will keep you on a tight leash. I have heard people formerly blacklisted who got approved for a charge card, but have never been allowed an AmEx credit product. I read about a guy yesterday who similarly was approved for the AmEx Platinum Card, but has been under a $2,800 hard limit for a long, long time. Take it slow and hopefully they have truly de-blacklisted you.
  5. Wow! I am soooooo fooking impressed!!!! One Percent!!! At least PisPay had the decency to go bankrupt on us.
  6. In fact, the risk of divorce is nearly 33% higher when a husband isn’t working full-time, according to “Money, Work, and Marital Stability: Assessing Change in the Gendered Determinants of Divorce,” a 2016 study of more than 6,300 couples by Alexandra Killewald, professor of sociology at Harvard University. Pfft ... that ain't nuthin. In China, the risk of divorce is 99.9999% if the wife earns more than the husband. Or if the wife is taller than the husband. Or has a higher educational level than the husband. Or -- and this is for you, CV -- has a bigger Richard than the husband.
  7. The odds are high they'd know you have returned. The million dollar question is what are the odds they'd sue you. Even if you hadn't left the country, not all creditors end up suing. Many just swallow their losses and ride off into the sunset. I'm not sure what the odds would be right now, but let's say it's 50%. Returning to the US after a 10-year period and finding yourself still within the SOL, your odds of getting sued are < 50%. Just because they can legally sue you doesn't mean they still have the documentation needed to win a lawsuit after all this time.
  8. Maybe now we will have a few less debit-card-carrying Neanderthals.
  9. Sorry to hear about that. If you don't mind, how high was the utilization on those cards? Were they Chase cards?
  10. https://pasteboard.co/IdL0x0Y.png
  11. Microsoft has a sale on spreadsheets.
  12. I liked it better when you were a real whore. It it takes no skill or o^o to walk a flat Earth.
  13. Congratulations! Glad it worked out for you.
  14. I've had several mortgages and they've never run a full factual. In fact, it would be rare if they did. Same for employment. Unless there are special circumstances, it would be rare. According to the FCRA, the data can remain forever. Each CRA may have their own policy.
  15. If you’ve caused them a financial loss, they will never forgive you. The reason I asked is because if you hadn’t parted on bad terms with Navy, their secured card is light years better than the one turd @Zander36 the Clown is blindly in love with. But right now just make the best of what you got. Work on the derogatory data. Look for WhyChat on the Medical Forum here and he will help you defeat your medical trade lines.
  16. Sure, fine. On vacation all this month in Hege’s hometown. We might drive over and visit our favorite Kat. Just that May 1 is National Smack a Drama Queen Day.
  17. Good idea! Donating goods you stole always makes one less of a thief. It’s useful when you seek a plea bargain.
  18. I'm not sure if CapOne will steer you towards their secured card if your normal app fails. Are you or are you not still a member of Navy Federal? Did you cause them a financial loss? A Navy secured card would be a very good option for you.

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