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  1. I guess we will see. At at this point, I don't GAF. This might be the only card I pass on -- even if Hege urges me to apply. 😀
  2. Wow! I've always dreamed about living in a sh!thole. Not.
  3. SSSSHHHHHHH! Don't tell them that!!! Let them ship out and get stuck there. Just means more space for you and I.
  4. So when will they finally release the damned thing?
  5. Nice to know Navcheck can be used like that.
  6. Yes, better than nothing. But then maybe not. What's the difference for many people between only $25k in medical debt and $1m in medical debt? If they are barely making ends meet, either one and they are screwed. Yup. One weird medical system is very true.
  7. As long as she isn't wearing her grandmother's coats and stealing shit from her neighbors.
  8. I'd guess probably UnionPay, but the article doesn't really explain the situation. Even if UP, they clear over the Discover network so I wonder what problem there could have been. Oh, wait ... Canada. Stupid Kanuckleheads could screw up a wet dream. There was a time when most Chinese credit cards were dual currency with the UP logo and the Visa / MC / AX logo on the card. They are moving away from that now. Now the default is you get two different cards each with their own logo.
  9. Either of the other three would be fine. Only problem with retirement abroad and relying on Social Security is medical care. In either of those places you'd either pay cash (assuming they even had quality medical care), return to the US or croak. Medicare doesn't function abroad. Tricare, though, does. 😉 Personally, I'd go to Arica, Chile. Beautiful, quaint, extremely safe, economically & politically stable, first-world -- but without first-world problems. $50k per year would be more than sufficient. But then there's medical care. I feel sorry -- well, ok, almost feel sorry -- for these people who think Medicare will see them through to the end. If you live in a community property state, you had better have either a lot of money saved up or a bankruptcy on the shelf waiting when you or your spouse get one of the major medical problems that are common when you get old. Relying on Medicare is a farce. A guy used to work with me got out before retirement and is now on Social Security with his family in Vegas. He gets a bit over $2k in SS every month and has Medicare. Medicare doesn't cover everything so you need to pay for supplemental Medicare plans plus dental. About $300 per month. It only covers him. Fortunately his wife works. Anyhow, around August last year he got diagnosed with thyroid / neck cancer. It was caught really early so the prognosis was very good. Still, needed radiation. Radiation continued until March of this year. His total cash cost was $25,000. How the fook can that be if he has Medicare? Well, there are co-pays. They are limited to $7k per calendar year. $7k for 2018. $7k for 2019. But there are other things in addition to the co-pays that aren't covered by the $7k annual limit. Since the radiation was for his neck, needed a special Spider-Man mask that cost $20,000. He had an additional $4k over the co-pay for that. Each radiation session of a whole 5 minutes or so cost $17k. He had 14 that cost him an additional $500 each -- over the co-pay amount. I guess you could say he was lucky because the cancer has disappeared and no signs of it spreading. He's lucky because they are not forced onto a Meow Mix diet because of the $25k they had to pay. He's lucky because he doesn't have rent to pay because he has one helluva nice fooking landlord. Even luckier because his daughter is a genius and she has a total university scholarship and stipend. But what about the Fred Flintstones of the world? They'd be pimping out Wilma and probably Pebbles, too. They'd drill small peepholes in the wall so they wouldn't have to splurge any longer on their PPVP.
  10. #3 is cool. Make sure you have prepaid services to return your body to the US for burial after you are murdered. #5 is slightly better. You'll enjoy the cheapest coke in the world and wouldn't even notice when you get gunned down.
  11. Generally when you look at investing and savings, I think most families do it as a unit. I usually hear, "We have $1m in the bank" as opposed to "I have $1m and my wife has her $1m, too". If a family has $2m to retire on, then $100k per year isn't bad at all. 1. You must have some serious issues if you think that car will last you twenty years. 2. I don't feel like moving to Alabama when I retire. I like where I am now. 3. Don't forget those medical expenses when you or your wife gets Alzheimers / cancer / stroke. Or you get sick at all. Medicare does not cover 100%. You can have up to $7,000 per year out-of-pocket and even more under certain circumstances. 4. Medicare is not free. Don't be like our buddy, Fred Flintstone, and be a tightwad with your insurance. You probably actually have a home and assets worth going after for any deficiencies in car / homeowners insurance coverage. 5. If you live anywhere there is a real winter, your idea about $200 for utilities is delusional. 7. $200. Sure, if your idea of dining out is McDonald's or Crack in the Box. A decent steak dinner for two at Outback is $60 -- if you are a cheap bastard like our pal, Fred Flintstone. Try $70 to $75 if you leave a tip. Good think Fred's only friend is Barney, the midget. Inviting him to eat would be cheap. We like to take vacations twice a year. One of those we stay home and spend time with family. On one, we like to travel. It costs $$ to vacation in the Czech Republic and see what a shithole it really is. You are the typical CBer who went off the opposite deep end when they had the financial skills of a brain-dead monkey at one time. I never had that issue and I never will. I've always done well and saved a lot. I save about 40% of my income and 100% of my wife's -- and she earns 5 times what I earn. Even in retirement, if we I had only $50k in savings, it would be a nice life and worry-free because our medical expenses are $0. But that's not your average retiree. For your average Joe, $50k in retirement is going to be difficult unless you downgrade your lifestyle. Or unless your lifestyle is already downgraded from the get-go because you just had low standards. Maybe for you -- and certainly for Fred Flintstone -- maybe you like those challenges -- "Gee, we should all go out to eat at Crack in the Box because Friday's or Outback is out of our budget this month. Oh, and if your parents ask, don't tell them we are going out because we certainly can't afford to invite them, too, unless they only have Happy Meals. And even then." But we all have dilemmas. Mine is which card gives me the most cash back when swiped at the carwash. And Fred Flintstone should be happy I don't bother to usually wash the car myself. They'd have less business and then they'd lay him off.
  12. Fred, you consider anybody not on food stamps to be a gold digger. We are talking about $50k per year in retirement. Ask Barney to help you with those reading issues. Your employer will not pay for your gas when you are retired. You must have shitty insurance @ $500 per month. No medical? Oh, wait, you have Medicaid. Probably have welfare-level car insurance. Of course, anybody sues you for what your insurance will not cover would be a waste of their time. You live in a hovel. No wonder Wilma gave you the heave ho. Not to worry, you have $200 worth of Pay-Per-View-Porn every month. No, we wouldn't call your neighborhood "bad". We call it a slum. Before you came along, Fred, I thought the Flintstones were a make-believe family you only found on TV on Saturday mornings. Now we see you really do exist.
  13. Ok, Jethro, honesty is also not your forte it seems. Nice to know your employer will provide gas when you retire. From food expenses and insurance, you live alone with no kids. Easy to see why. $150 per month in property taxes, you must have a double-wide that floats in that Lousianna swampland. $200 for entertainment and eating out shows your only socializing / entertainment is PPVP. Driving an old clunker sure is classy. Goes with the inability to marry, I guess, and not having kids. With the food you live on, you won't need $1m at all. Like your fellow Neanderthals, you'll be dead of high cholesterol and diabetes by the time you are 60. Not that that's entirely bad, though ... it just lets the Social Security fund last a bit longer for the others. One thing you did get right is "cheap". Pin that badge to your chest.
  14. Sidewinder, you are ok. I apologize for saying you were a nutjob. I was wrong. I may not understand you, but you have a helluva sense of humor. Carry on.
  15. Terry, don't worry. Sidewinder is our resident nutjob.
  16. It can be hard to get a good one. You can get a new new card with a $20k SL. Probably cannot get a $20k CLI.
  17. Good thing you don't have a swimming pool like Contex. Try Little Whiskers. Can also save money when you have to shave less.
  18. PotO

    Early Warning

    Probably. Not sure. But if enough people complain, it can't hurt.
  19. There are a number of reasons for that, my friend: 1. You are smart; and 2. You have fully mastered reading skills; and / or 3. Have common sense. Everybody on CB knows that the best CLI increase with Chase is a new card. And then they actually pay you $$$ for doing it that way.
  20. Ok, cheap and confused about geography. Central Europe includes France and Germany. The GDP in France is around $39k and Germany $45k. Now, maybe you mean places like Poland where it's $16k. WTF would I move to Poland? If I wanted to freeze my balls off in winter and live with people with bizarre accents, I'd move to NYC or Jersey. You can forget about income tax reduction. In any event, the $50k from savings of $1m are pretty much tax free (except for any interest). The $40k you mention is a joke. Where does $3,300 a month take you with two people: 1. Car payment for those who won't drive your 2004 Ford Pinto: $400 2. Property taxes (not counting HOA fees): $400 3. Property, car and medical insurance: $800 4. Food and incidentals: $600 5. Utilities: $350 6. Gas: $100 7. Entertainment / Dining out: $400 8. Clothing: $100 Wow, a whopping $150 left over!!! We're fooking rich!!!! If we save that money for 3 or 4 years we might be able to afford a vacation to Disney in Florida. Oh, sh!t ... we're forgetting that stupid fooking myth that Medicare is completely free and also covers 100% of your medical costs. Well, there's always food stamps. Sh!t, we're already living a life of luxury. No food stamps for us. Did you say Purina was tasty? Actually, though, I don't GAFF. As long as folks like CV only stick to stealing neighbors' electro-domestic and assorted mail order goods and not actual tax money, my retirement is golden. My wife's is even better. We have backup savings and investments. It's the other people that we worry about. Unless, of course, they all follow you to Poland. I hear they have real great immigration policies there. 😂
  21. You'd probably never see an auto CLI unless you gave the card a lot of use.
  22. Hmmm ... San Antonio, Texass. Let's think for a minute, who else is in San Antonio and does a lot of mortgages? ** USAA. USAA's mortgage department is pure sh!t. I wonder if USAA doesn't outsource their mortgage business to PenFed. Or could it be the opposite? Either way, if they are somehow linked then maybe their mortgage staff deserved to get FITA. ** Aside, of course, from a certain Central Texass resident we know who has a b.s. story about owning several properties. 😉
  23. Then a good majority of Americas live a shitty life. They struggle to make ends meet. Have to sell blood to get enough money to see them through even a minor emergency. In credit card debt up to their eyeballs, and then there are student loans. Real emergencies drive them to bankruptcy. Older and have the inevitable medical issues? Rots a ruck. $50k might be good if you live in some overseas areas, but certainly not China or any decent part of Europe. I hear $50k makes you a trillionaire in Venezuela. In the US, $50k might be good in some Louisiana swamp. But if you live to the average life expectancy of 84, better develop a taste for dog food. Is Purina a good brand?

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