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  1. It isn't the credit card industry that needs reform, it's the Depends-wearing Neanderthals with the IQ of a gerbil who don't understand third grade math. Start off with a simple examination on Personal Finance 101. Pass, you get a credit card. Not pass, an EBT card. Every year you can try again.
  2. Get it off your reports NOW. If you wait until it is reporting you are very likely to suffer some unpleasant unintended consequences.
  3. You think LendingTree would actually touch this guy with even the sh!tty end of the stick? When they turn him down cold, hopefully he won't come to CB and whine about it.
  4. Yes, it would have been sweet to see that appear on your credit reports, too, but the major accomplishment is becoming de-blacklisted. That itself is cause for celebration! 👏🏻👏🏻
  5. Sure, there are more than just you. Neanderthals had a tight-knit community. Remember to ask Barclays and AmEx for CLIs so you can keep plenty of tissues and ballsack thread in stock. Bet you go through a lot. Seriously, it's fun watching you cry. Makes us miss Tophie.
  6. That's because you have firing neurons and a ballsack. DP can't afford those because they nerfed his Care Credit.
  7. Oh, did those bad boys at Synchrony step on your itty bitty little ego? Shame on them. Have mommy call and talk to their parents. Yeah, coming here to rant and rave for a little while is to be expected, but after that people here sew their ballsack back on and start looking at things rationally. Maybe it wasn't your fault that CA stained your credit reports. Maybe it was. It certainly wasn't Synchrony's. The fact is Sync saw the derogatory tradeline and took swift, fully-appropriate evasive action. Everybody here knows that Synchrony is highly score driven. After a few billing cycles they will have that score decrease out of their system and you can call Credit Solutions and get everything back and much more. People here -- myself included -- have gone from $5k to $25k on each Synchrony account within 60 days of account opening with just one phone call. But your itty bitty ego can't handle that. Being the whiny little b!tch and firing Synchrony completely makes you feel like a man. Others, though, feel more like men by getting things off their chest and then letting everything slide. They go back in and get Synchrony to give them $100k and then laugh their butts off when other creditors see that and then loosen the chains to let them break out of all their other toy limits. But you like toy limits. Makes you proud.
  8. Nice to see being a whiny little b!tch works for you.
  9. Put a bandaid on your butt and get over it. After a couple of billing cycles when that infamous soft inquiry has disappeared from their systems, get the cards back up to where they were. And WTF are you even requesting online CLIs? Is your time worth so little? Everybody here knows that Sync is highly score driven when it comes to CLIs. Everybody also knows that the way to get decent CLIs is by calling Credit Solutions and telling them, "Give me 25 grand." Seriously, if you have no derogatories, a year or two of experience with Sync and a score around 750ish and you aren't close to having $100k with Sync (I think maximum exposure is around $110k), you should hate what you see in the mirror every morning.
  10. The last time I ever heard someone make a statement like that was ... never. I admire your whatever it was that inspired you to say that.
  11. Does it hurt when you think? A sniper takes a shot at you, and some idiot like you will just wait for the second or third shot to make sure it's serious and he's really after you. No lender is obligated to wait for "other evidence" to fall into place after seeing the first piece of evidence and taking preemptive action. Then there's the pesky little issue that everybody here with 1/2 a brain cell knows Sync is highly score driven on their credit limits. You need to market your ESP skills.

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