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  1. $12 a month isn't that bad. I'd follow Hegemony's advice and use the cash to get a couple of secured cards. Those will help you far more in the long run.
  2. Please share your experience with that, Pam. 😜
  3. Who is the lender? I agree with Hegemony and Shifter that efforts are best spent on other endeavors. But for now, you already have the loan it seems. If your idea is to pay off the loan and get the installment loan hack score boost to ride for a while, there are a few things to think about. 1. Some lenders do not count extra payments as credit on future monthly payments. For example, if your payment is $100 per month and you pay $1,000 thinking you will have no payment for the next ten months, you may find your lender doesn't operate that way and you still have to make the next monthly $100 payment. Your installment loan hack score boost will probably die before it even begins. 2. Some lenders forgive low balances. I paid off a large loan years in advance leaving a $100 balance that I thought would keep the loan reporting as open for years. Come to find out, USA writes off balances of $100 or less so the loan was closed on me and my score boost died an early death.
  4. Rather than opening date, do you have the dates on each for when you first went delinquent? Some of these are approaching the statute of limitations so there may be no hurry to pay.
  5. If people didn't test the limits, we wouldn't need a CB.
  6. OMG!!! 😲 Hege, you hit upon a goldmine! You need to sue the bejesus out of every lender which has given you higher limits than your wife. You'll be a star!
  7. "Victims of discriminatory algorithms seldom if ever know they have been victimized,” Chopra said. It's simple, Jethro. They haven't been. But then you wouldn't have job security unless you touted the whiny little biatch schtick.
  8. No, no, no, no, no, Hege! You are doing it wrong, dammit! You are never going to get in the papers for your 15 minutes of fame unless you play the whiny little biatch card. Remember, the only reason her limits are lower is because you have a richard and she doesn't.
  9. I'm sure there is "bias" in just about everything in the credit world, if not the world in general. If someone's goal is to eliminate all forms of bias and discrimination, they are tilting at windmills with a shite covered chopstick. From a credit pimp perspective, I see a lot of disparities when I look at differences between my credit profile and application results and that of my wife's, my sister-in-law's and even my mom's. Women tend to earn less than men so it's not surprising that this can affect credit limits and from there higher limits beget higher limits. We all know that. According to my wife and my mom, owning more than one credit card is a waste of plastic. And they are perfectly fine with that one card being an AU card on their husband's account. Up until somewhat recently, stay-at-home mothers had limited credit opportunities. I know many families where the wife isn't on the mortgage or even car loan. I know even more families that when it's time to take a small personal loan, it's the husband who does it. It can not be at all unusual for the husband to have more depth and breadth to their credit profile than the wife and that, after all, is what lenders love to see. Every year and a half we take a long extended-family vacation and split the costs with my sister-in-law. Rather than dip into savings, I get a personal loan from USAA. I've had now about 14 of them. My wife has done it only twice, mainly because I insisted. The last time she applied the application went to underwriting and they called to ask her questions and request paystubs. My last one was a few days ago and it went to underwriting. I called and the underwriter took a look and said, "Sir, this is by far the easiest decision I've made in a long time. If you want to increase the loan amount up to our maximum, it would be also approved." No muss, no fuss. Lenders could care less whether you have a richard or not. They look at cold, hard data. The data doesn't consider gender (or other factors). Now you can say that gender is a factor, but it really isn't gender -- it's life choices. What about the LGBTXYZ landscape these days? You can have have a family with two male parents. If one is a stay-at-home parent with all the characteristics of the traditional wife, he could end up with the credit profile some women might have. So when Apple Card gives him a limit of $10,000 versus the $40,000 they gave his partner, where exactly does the gender discrimination come into play? The simple answer is, it doesn't. Unless one is a whiny little biatch. Life is real, get over it. Can't handle it? God invented tall mountains and cliffs.
  10. My mortgages were paid and dropped off quite a while ago. No car loans. I seem to recall from Konrad's loan hack thread that this will not work if you have an open mortgage or car loan, but I am not sure. I'm not sure what the effects of a new loan account (or 2) will have on my scores, but I'll post that when I see the results. Right now I can show score results after the loan reported closed. By the way, these are all from Experian data. FICO Score 2: + 17 points FICO Auto Score 2: + 16 points FICO Auto Score 8: - 44 points FICO Bankcard Score 2: + 18 points FICO Bankcard Score 8: - 50 points FICO Bankcard Score 3: - 31 points These scores were compared two days before the loan reporting closed with one day after. The only other changes to my report during this time period were going from one single account on my report showing a balance of $5 to that account now showing $0, but a different account going from $0 to $3,002. Limits are high so that $3k is only 6% utilization on that one card and less than 1% global. The $2 Trick never works for me. I only get the $2k Trick. When I get one account showing approximately $2,000, I get a score increase.
  11. Like parent, like son. I'm inclined to actually default so your son's CA can try sending letters to my banks. I'll be LMFAO when I sue the bejesus out of them. Alas, that will never happen because Texas law says you are full of sh1t.
  12. Let's hope your IT skills aren't as dismal as your legal skills. First of all, in Texas no bank can release data on the existence, much details of, any individual bank accounts unless they have express written permission of the account holder or in receipt of certified legal process hand delivered by an appropriate agent of the court. The idea that an attorney or CA can just send off a bunch of letters to inquire whether or not you have an account at a particular bank is more than laughable. Per Texas RCP, any writ that involves possession of any person, property or thing can only be served by a sheriff or constable. I'm going to emphasize "only" because I know you have comprehension issues. Ask your Literacy Volunteer to read Texas RCP Rule 103 to you. Even in those situations where service by mail is allowed, not just any schmuck can pop the document in the mailbox. Certainly nobody at the law firm you state that you worked at can. There's another pesky Rule that states just who can. You need to come up with better stories. ** Thanks to my good friend at SJA and associate at Akin Gump for the guidance, advice and a few cold beers this evening.
  13. Every few years I use a modified version of the Konrad & Mindy Installment Loan Hack to push my scores up from around 820 to 850 and then ride it out for a few years or until I get bored seeing a $200 loan balance on my spreadsheet. This latest one from USAA I foolishly paid off about two years too early and my scores all dropped around 30 points taking me out of my usual cheery mood. I just applied for another USAA loan and for some reason it is never an instant approval. I have to call in and they put me on hold while referring the application to an underwriter. This time, however, the underwriter said that they need a couple of days to process the application. Not one for delayed gratification, I hung up and called Navy. My original goal in calling was to collect data to ensure that the loan hack would work, but I decided to apply while on the phone. Instant approval and the money was in my checking account while still on the phone with the CSR. I'll wait a week or so and then pay the loan down to a $200 balance and ride it out for a few years. Now the problem is that a couple of hours after getting things squared away with Navy, USAA decided to approve my application. So ... 1. Will having a second loan reporting ruin the hack if one is at 9% and the other > 9%? 2. What about if both are < 9%? Will the hack still work?
  14. In Texas the writ must be served by the sheriff. No bank is going to answer a letter verifying an account unless actually served with a writ.
  15. Some people were born Neanderthals. Hansson probably has two strikes against him -- being a whiny little biatch, too. Your credit score does not have much, if anything, to do with approval. We see every day here on CB how people with an 850 get rejected whereas folks with a 650 get approved. It's also unlikely a credit score itself directly influences your starting limit. When GS pulled mine, it was 849 and I got a lower starting limit than some buttflake on MyFuKO who got $40k. Having a joint bank account or having all joint assets also means squat. WTF is Wozniak thinking? Just goes to show that extra chromosomes are equal opportunity inhabitants. Even famous entrepreneurs aren't immune. I'm sure that if their wives grew a richard or if they slice their richard off the credit application results would be the same. But you don't get 15 minutes of free publicity for doing that.

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