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  1. That feature alone makes Ring a keeper for me. Prior to the COVID-19 circus, we'd travel extensively -- often to the UK. I could get cash even without ATM fees by using a Barclays UK ATM, and at a decent exchange rate also. I've had my Ring about 9.5 years. Other than Barclays being tightwads, I've never had any issues with them. I wish they had a more robust card offering.
  2. Regarding the Barclays Ring, in addition to no FTF they also have no cash advance fees and interest doesn't accrue until the charge posts a couple of days later. I *never* have an ATM card in my wallet and when overseas and in need of cash, I use Ring at an ATM. Then I go and use BillPay to to pay the amount off and the payment usually hits before the charge even posts. Ring is my ATM card with none of the disadvantages and stench of an actual ATM card. I am thinking that your idea of leaving the high limit on your AARP card may be something I should consider. Barclays will not give me a
  3. You are correct in that CBCG means nothing, but, if anything, [mention]hegemony [/mention]has taught me to be anal retentive. [emoji23] I was hoping that by closing the LOC now they would reallocate the credit limit to my credit card, but the b'tards would not. I believe Wells Fartgo is turning tightwad since the Fed slapped them upside the head and they are using what money they have to recruit new morons who will carry a balance. On a related note, regarding the notation CBCG, I used to have a Stinkrony card that ceased to exist and everybody ended up with CBCG. A subsequent applicatio
  4. Regarding #3, I called yesterday to proactively close my WF LOC to avoid the "Closed by Credit Grantor" and they told me that they had already decided not to report it that way to the CRAs. Not that I believe them, mind you. The only bigger liar on this planet than WF is Stinkrony.
  5. Barclays, IME, is tighter than a gnat's arse in a windstorm. At least whenever I've asked them for a CLI the issue isn't reported income -- although I never include my wife's income. They always tell me that I am not using the card enough. Given that they have nerf'd the Uber Visa card substantially, it's highly unlikely I will be using that card much at all. The Ring MasterCard I find useful when traveling so I might throw all my limits over to that card. The only thing that worries me is that they long ago discontinued Ring so I wonder how much longer until they close all of those out
  6. Exactly. Navy will let you back in if you pay off the loss they incurred. The problem is getting them to tell you that since that could be considered a collection activity on an impermissible collection activity.
  7. HSBC would be impossible. HSBC has recently announced they are -- yet again -- leaving the retail banking business in the US for all but Premier customers.
  8. That happens often when people have an exceptionally limited credit experience. Blispay closed a while back and left people stranded. HSBC has done it and is planning on doing it yet again. Home Credit has done it with the Sprint credit card. There are more than one credit union that has left people high and dry. Synchrony has eliminated cards from their portfolio and simply left the cardholders stranded. They just eliminated the Marvel credit card from their portfolio closing all accounts and leaving cardholders up the creek.
  9. I'm glad you did, too. The money they set aside for your credit limit is probably what they gave to me.
  10. I would hardly think Wells Fargo evil just because they decided to close a certain product line. Banks do this all the time, even with credit cards. It's to be expected and that's why smart people here have a well diversified credit portfolio. I like WF and I also like Navy, but for entirely different reasons.
  11. In Chinese, the number 18 is pronounced, they claim, similar to the phrase "go to hell". Its the first I heard about that one. The number 4 is pronounced similar to the word "die". When you are buying a condo, the vast majority of the people will not want to buy a unit on the 4th, 14th, 24th or 18th floor. Some won't buy on 13th either. It's not uncommon in many buildings to see floors numbered like this: 1, 2, 3, 5, ... 12, 15 ... 23, 25 ... .
  12. 1. I would love to take that LOC limit and move it my CC. I haven't explored doing that yet, but I imagine it will not be possible. 3. Unless you have a balance on the LOC, you can easily avoid the "closed by credit grantor" remarks by closing the LOC yourself prior to their stated closure date. 4. 60 days is enough time to search for another LOC product. Those with an outstanding balance can continue to pay it off as normal. They do not have to clear the debt before the LOC closes. I believe [mention]hdporter [/mention]has provided an accurate analysis of why this is happening. I do
  13. We can remove HSBC from the list. They are, for not the first time, abandoning retail banking in the US for all but those with a $75,000+ average daily balance.
  14. I‘m glad the mystery was solved. I believe AmEx will get him off the hook with both of you on the line explaining the mixup. Now, we've learned two lessons today: 1. Don't trust auto-fill; and 2. Definitely don't trust pink-flowered porch pirates when it comes to permissible purpose (or credit unions).
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