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  1. PotO

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    True, it is minor. I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. What type of fraud issues or abuse could they have that would be mitigated by issuing paper checks?
  2. That's not an issue. My credit limits are nearly ten times my income. I bet you can get Discover to $50k.
  3. PotO

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    No idea about PenFed, sorry. With Navy it took 11 days from time of BT request for the check to be credited to one account in California. 14 days to the other in Texas. The one in Texas was USAA and they are always slow posting mailed-in deposits. BT was requested on a Thursday morning, posted to my account on Friday. They claim the check went into the mail on Friday. I call bullsheet on that. I've never seen it take 9 days for a first class letter to go coast to coast. I'm betting Navy never put that check in the mail until Monday or Tuesday. And WTF do they even mail checks? How Neanderthal! In the past they did these electronically, but now they claim their new policy is that all BTs are by check now. I'm going to probably end up agreeing with CV about the whole "Memberlicious" schtick ... and that just pisses me off even more.
  4. Only two observations, buddy ... 1. Great! Job well done!!! 2. First time in a YEAR??? WTF???? Only humping that button once a year??? Come on, sweetie, get with the program. That luv button will think you don't luv it. Every 90 days, please. You could have been up to $40k probably.
  5. Yup, and they shouldn't be holding their breath. I probably will be quite a while longer before they are actually up and running. Hege, remember your ICBC USA UnionPay credit card? UnionPay clears over the Discover Network in the US, but now UnionPay is in the process of establishing and ramping up their own independent network in the US. They just signed up Amazon. Anyhow, when UnionPay starts to get a solid foothold in the US market and, I suppose, Europe, then we might see the Chinese Central Bank allow Visa and MasterCard a place in the Chinese market. Then they won't be worried about competition. The only reason American Express got approved is because they partnered with a local company. And we all know how that turns out eventually.
  6. PotO

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Just found out they don't do their BTs electronically anymore. They have to send a real paper check to the other bank. How Neanderthal is that?
  7. He never needed a sugar daddy. He needs a sugar babysitter. And a sugar neurosurgeon to give him a lobotomy. Even Joseph gets porked on a frequent basis without having to go on Grindr. Some people were just born to be clowns.
  8. PotO

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    Interesting on the mortgage. Must be some kind of regulation.
  9. PotO

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    I thought of the "new phase" thing, too, but then said fook it. You've got me wound up already, Hege, apping for anything with a pulse and a SUB. 🤣 Thank God you were never into the SCT. I've still got that damned UNFCU on my to-do list because of you. 🤣
  10. PotO

    NFCU Balance Transfer

    No, they won't. Bank of America will not. Chase will not. Even our beloved Discover or Capital One will not. It's pretty much only credit unions.
  11. PotO

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. One inquiry got you $11,000. Could have been worse. Much worse. The good news is you still have space to grow. They don't like to give more than $35k on one card.
  12. PotO

    Is there such a thing as too many CCs?

    It's not that difficult if you set up a system. I've got Hege beat by a bit now and with about 50ish open non-AU cards (not counting overseas cards) reporting, it only takes me about ten to fifteen minutes a day to manage everything. First, spreadsheets are your friend. So is Microsoft Money. If you are the type to pay bills every couple days, you will be fine. Set up alerts. Set up every alert possible. Almost every creditor has an alert for statement issue and balance due. Have it sent to both a failsafe e-mail address and to your cell phone. Pay the bill immediately. I've only had one or two odd credit unions over the years tell me I have too much available credit. But then there are ways to get around that if you are dedicated.
  13. Make no mistake about it, it is hurting. Any derogatory item appearing does not do you any favors. Some banks are good for goodwill adjustments. I don't remember specifically about Cap One, but I think the consensus is that they are very difficult. Hopefully someone with Cap One experience will come along and set the record straight.
  14. I hate that carrot & stick advice suggested in the article. Once, maybe twice I can see sitting down and trying to reason with her. Three times? LART. And after the first time I would take preventive action. Close all of her accounts. Remove her as AU on any of my accounts except, for example, American Express where I can set her a $500 limit. Get her off the deed to the house. Remove her from any bank accounts. When the shite hits the fan from her uncontrollable spending, don't go down with the ship with her.
  15. PotO

    Anyone have experience with NFCU car repossession?

    Rogue has asked the same questions I would have asked. I can only relate to what I have seen happen to countless people in my units over the years. Navy typically will harass you for a while before they repo unless there are other serious credit problems and / or they smell a bankruptcy coming. They also tend to factor in how much equity you have in the car. Until you can clarify things with them, I would follow Indy's and Rogue's advice and keep the car inside. And lock the garage!! If unlocked, they will enter and take it still. Navy is a ruthless b'tard when they want their money. If you talk with them and assure them you will bring the account up to date in a week, I'm sure they will work with you.

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