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  1. PotO

    Missed an Annual Fee payment(over 30 days)

    Several obvious sins here: 1. Not using a card for a year and a half; 2. With 19 cards, not having a spreadsheet with all important data on it; 3. Not set up for alerts; 4. Not set up for automatic payments. You are right. You were dumb. But we've all been guilty of making mistakes, too. The important thing now is not to be dumb twice. Contact Barclays. I'm not sure if it will be best to suggest they dropped the ball by not alerting you, or just being contrite and accept blame. Let's see what others suggest. Then work out a spiel and go for it. If they refuse, escalate. If that doesn't work, write a letter to the CEO. Good luck!
  2. Thinking in terms of opt-in or opt-out is probably not the best way to look at it. A freeze prevents INQs from those with which you do not already have an established relationship with (and a few other exceptions, such as CAs) -- there is no distinction between whether they are soft or hard. If a potential creditor wants to check you for a pre-qual, a freeze prevents them from softing you. It's not the opt-out / in status that prevents the pre-qual, it's the freeze. We tend to think freezing has no effect on a soft INQ, but it most certainly does. If you've never signed up for Credit Karma before, freeze your reports and try joining. It will not succeed. We even have some current creditors who cannot soft if you are frozen. Sync is famous for that.
  3. That works only if they have successfully obtained your report at least once prior to the freeze.
  4. #10 is cool ... But so is #3. 10. Correct Mistakes Author and TV host Jeffrey Hayzlett recommends on Entrepreneur if a troll points out a mistake you have made, then you should look into it, make the proper corrections, and admit that you were wrong. Hayzlett states: “Let the person who wrote the complaint know you have corrected an error and explain what you did. Most times you’ll never hear from the person again, but I can guarantee the individual will appreciate that he heard directly from a company representative and didn't have to navigate an endless phone tree.” 3. Make Let Light of the Situation Rachel Wisuri states on Social Media Examiner humor is one of the best ways to handle trolls. Wisuri uses Sainsbury’s, a grocery chain in the United Kingdom as an example of using humor to battle trolls after an unsatisfied customer reported that they had purchased chicken that tasted “like it was beaten to death by Hulk Hogan.” The brand replied by using a metaphor, as well as an apology. This was effective because the brand engaged the unhappy customer in a lighthearted manner. As Rachel states, “When you make light of a troll’s tweet, you simultaneously acknowledge and defuse the situation.”
  5. Focus on third grade, Jethro. You aren't far from your goal of admission to the Sally Struthers School of Truck Drivers & Wanna-Be Lawyers. My comment was directed to the main topic of the thread: Indebtedness on a credit card and the SOL.
  6. CapOne has always used their latest quarterly soft for me, too. Sometimes you get the timing right, sometimes you don't.
  7. What do you make of the $870b in US CC debt?
  8. PotO

    CA Indicted for Bribery

    Must be a slow day in Chicago.
  9. I generally prefer a lock. Freezes are far too slow. While they say an hour, that's not entirely true. It can take a few days. I don't remember whether it was EX or EQ (but I think it was EX), but I unfroze it and applied a day later at SDFCU only to be declined for having my file frozen. Seems some don't pull from EX directly rather than a sub-bureau that contracts with EX. There's considerable lag time. Then there is the freeze bullsh!t about not applying to existing creditors. The problem is that almost every possible creditor out there is already an existing creditor on my credit reports. I kept EQ frozen to nudge B of A into pulling EX, but they could still pull EQ even though frozen. WTF??????? I like the EX lock. It's fast and they actually lock *everybody* out. They even notify you of any attempts to gain access.
  10. What is the difference between delinquency rate and charge-off rate? 4% seems pretty high to me. How can they turn a profit? $870b in CC debt. That's about $3,000 for every man, woman and child in the US. Do you think that's actual debt carried over from month to month or does that include debt that's reported but actual PIF before payment due date?
  11. Self-reporting is always a good idea, but I'm not sure about worrying about a letter of indebtedness. I don't recall ever seeing any letters of indebtedness in any of my commands during the last 20 years. DoD policy has been for a long, long time that commands never entertain any correspondence regarding civilian debt. Creditors know that. They also know that federal law prohibits 3rd party contact initiated by a creditor. While this does not include original creditors, even then there is substantial legal risk. Another issue is state law. Military installations are required by DoD regulations to follow the more stringent of federal law or state law to which they're subject. For example, on installations in California, the state RFDCPA mirrors the FDCPA, but also applies to original creditors. The time to worry about security clearances is when there is a tax offset, income execution (quite rare for military personnel), law enforcement involvement, civil lawsuit, on-base auto repo, periodic security audits or a nut-job spouse.
  12. If you had actually finished high school and made it to law school, you might have developed the required reading skills to understand the original poster is inquiring about debt. "... statute of limitations starts on a credit card debt" You keep pulling extraneous crap out of your butt in your attempts to pretend to be a lawyer.
  13. Yup, good old ExpressVPN. Both Airbnb and Barclays were turds in this issue. They deserve to get FITA. I used Airbnb once. It was ok. At the time, though, I didn't realize they were such a-holes.
  14. PotO

    2019 Credit Recession (self induced)

    This should be an interesting ride, Hege. But this time I am NOT following you. I ain't closing a mutherfooking thing. 😜
  15. Ho Lee Fuk. Barclays needs a good azz-fooking as does Airbnb.

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