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  1. You should blow your wad, too. You're not getting any younger.
  2. There was a time where they started dumping non-PA residents.
  3. Photoshop. He's actually a bit chubby. All that KFC and the 10-gallon Pepsis.
  4. Ditto. It's just like with inquiries ... there are other factors at play aside from opening the new accounts.
  5. I saw you the other day. Well, not exactly you ... just your hand. Sticking out and waving from under the stall wall.
  6. ... pants on fire. Hell of a cold spell in Vegas these days. So cold they started hanging posters in Croatian instead of English by mistake.
  7. Just the latest in the CV Line of Fine Richard Simmons Apparel.
  8. Porch surfing in a Richard-Simmons-reject pink flowered jacket ... what's not to feel okay about?
  9. Can you get a $60k limit on a Red Card? On MoFoForums you can on a Synchrony Wally Card!! 😂 In any event, of course the new Wally Card doesn't compete with the Red Card. Let's use a little academic integrity here ... Head over to Blue Diamond. There's a Wally's and a Target within spitting distance of each other. The Wally's is huge, cheap and has everything imaginable. The Target has 1/2, smaller and more expensive. In Target you don't have the added benefit of a walking freak show / circus to entertain you on your journey through the aisles. Staff at both locations are very friendly, but those at Wally's are a bit more colorful and interesting. The best thing? It's CapOne and not TurD Bank.
  10. Cute shirt, Hege. Did you get the from the CV Collection of clothing?
  11. You were probably drunk and didn't feel anything. Or perhaps focused more on his pink-flowered jacket. I doubt he'd get high-quality anything unless he porch-surfed it from his neighbors.
  12. Vegas Strip. Right outside Hard Rock Cafe. For a few $ you can get your photo taken snuggling up to a porn star wearing the skimpiest g-string ever invented and two dime-sized patriotic pasty stars. Or you could get offered a HJ in exchange for a Hard Rock Cafe hamburger. Different class of ho, though. Personally, though, I'd opt out of the HJ. CV's hands are heavily calloused.

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