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  1. Was it one of those hooker vending machines in Amsterdam? I've never had a card shut down, but I have had transactions denied until I've called in to confirm it was me. And that's all over the world as a I *never* submit travel notifications.
  2. The sad thing is that there raterds over there who salivate at the thoughts of a $500 NavChek. It's fun to go over there once in a while with brother @Hegemony for a laugh
  3. $500 isn't the norm. My son, still in university, applied and got $5,000. The Neanderthals over at myFUCCO probably are all math challenged and misplaced a 0.
  4. The best way to manage accounts at USAA is carefully -- at least in the beginning. After you've been with them for a while they are less paranoid and don't mind what other banks would term risky behavior. For example, I sometimes use USAA as a hub for ACH transfers. Transfers from USAA to external accounts can be really fast and if you transfer in from an external account you can get instant availability. So if I want to transfer money from, for example, Chase to Bank of America, I use USAA as the conduit. Some banks get upset when you use them as a hub, and I've heard USAA slap some upsi
  5. Got news for you. As much as I do like CapOne, they have never -- yes, never -- beaten USAA in anything like that. CapOne until today does not give you instant availability on credit card payments made via CapOne eBanking. And the CapOne mobile check deposit function is light years behind USAA's in virtually every aspect.
  6. OMG! O.M.G!!! Purdy, Sexy, Sassy, and Smart!! [emoji171][emoji3448][emoji170] Oh, it's gonna be hard falling asleep tonight. [emoji170][emoji3448][emoji171]
  7. Mobile check deposits are a YMMV with USAA. Your daily limits and whether or not you get instant availability depends on how long you've been a member, how you've managed your accounts, how often you utilize the mobile deposit function and whether or not you are credit qualified. My daily deposit limit is $100k and I always get instant availability on everything. Recently USAA made an update to how credit card payments post when made from your USAA deposit account. It used to be that the payment took a day or two to post and your available credit wasn't replenished until that time. No
  8. Good to know. Thank you! So I guess in the end I will drain all but $5k and then let the card move over to Barclays in order to keep the age.
  9. You don't have to walk when you are warm and cozy. Shall we give it a try?
  10. There are other ways to keep warm and cozy, too.
  11. Same here. Never any problems. I haven't been into a branch in 20 years or more.
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