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  1. I sold a tradeline once. Never got cash out of the deal, only booty. It didn't work out very well, though. Ended up marrying Pharma Ho and now I pay her.
  2. Regardless of what Experian claims, I seriously doubt it is illegal. Experian is just scaremongering. That said, I do think buying tradelines is an absolutely dumb thing to do and fraught with risk, too.
  3. My experience in this area is extremely limited. If you are inclined to pay, the good news is that junk debt buyers will normally accept a pay-for-delete. What are the two accounts that haven't been sold to a JDB?
  4. And even then. I guess it depends on how you define stingy. I got their normal rewards card with a starting limit of $25k. Later on I added their Premier card at $30k. Now I'm up to $35k / $50k. I think their maximum exposure is $100k. What is good about HSBC is that they don't give a rat's ass about inquiries. I had like 20 at the time. They like to see you have a banking relationship. Not sure about baddies. I think their pre-approvals are solid, but they don't give instant decisions. Each time it took them a day or two on mine and also on wife and son's. If you do end up with an HSBC credit card, the last thing you ever want to do is have to call and deal with their card security / address change team. They are totally FUBAR. It's all handled by raterdad Neanderthals who speak English about as well as I speak Hindi.
  5. I just asked my account rep. about this after reading the Barfburg article yesterday. He indicated it's just a rumor. Duh! Of course it's just a rumor, but the question is whether or not it's true. If HSBC exits the US banking scene, it will not bode well for their China operations at all. The HSBC Global Transfer service is a BIG thing here. It offers commission-free and instant transfers between HSBC China and US linked accounts. I'd hate to lose that. On the other hand, the last time HSBC abandoned the US credit card market I ended up with a $100k Capital One card (thanks, of course, to @mrjuggalo9er). I wouldn't be very upset if I ended up with three more. 😁
  6. Never been to Habour Palace. Where is it? My favorite restaurants in LV are, in no particular order, Outback on S LV Blvd, Fridays, Denny's, McD's (only breakfast), KJ Kitchen, Hard Rock and Cracker Barrel. I have heard Ruth's Chris Steak is excellent, but haven't been there yet. Maybe next time I'm home if the COVID-19 circus ever ends. Don't even think of asking what my favorite restaurants in Beijing are.
  7. I wouldn't eat at that shothile if you paid me. There are only two decent Chinese restaurants in all of Nevada, both in Vegas. One is, IIRC, called The Asian Buffet. They also have a supermarket. It's opposite the BMW dealer. Another is called KJ Kitchen on West Spring Mountain Road. With the COVID-19 circus and all, I haven't been to either of these places in over a year. Not sure if they still exist.
  8. That's the problem I am facing, too, but with far fewer miles than you. As much as I'd like to take the family and go home on leave or find a nice beach and escape winter, looks like that plan's on hold. Best is to stay home bored, but safe. The Vaccine is due out at any moment now. Even if it seems to work as well as they hope, I'm still going to give it a half year or longer to see how it works on the other guinea pigs. My miles & points will hold out a while longer. I suppose your buddies from the other thread, Jethro & Ellie Mae, will be first in line for The Vaccine since it will be free.
  9. Only one bottle? Don't be a tightwad, Hege. I'm sure CV can porch-pirate you at least a case.
  10. That's too bad. You should have tried harder to stay off Chex.

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