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  1. I'd definitely be a mega depositor.
  2. Actually the best investment is Chinese real estate. Guaranteed at least 15% per year just sitting on the vacant house. Renting it out add another 5% or more.
  3. Five years at 1.35%? Now that is depressing.
  4. Point well taken. That's a perfectly valid concern.
  5. I do have quite a bit in other investment accounts to include funds and shares. Fortunately they have done well, but I still hate seeing even minor downward fluctuations. We have a $5,000 CD @ 0.03% that we opened for my son's B of A secured card. When I log into online banking I can see it increase $0.01 every day. It doesn't make me feel great, but it doesn't make me worry. On the other hand, we have quite a bit in S&P 500 funds and, while they do well, there are times I log in and see it went down from $XXX,XXX.90 to $XXX,XXX.87 and it irritates the hell out of me. There's this old Spanish idiom that translates to something like, "Everybody is crazy in their own way." Well, except @hegemony.
  6. For the record, I am not recommending Affirm. I am not banking with them. Ever. The hassle of transferring all my funds to Affirm only to have them collapse their rates in a very short period of time isn't worth the hassle. I'm not talking about investing with Affirm. .5% extra APR is around $2,000 for me. I would definitely switch FDIC insured banks for $2,000. Again, savings is not investing.
  7. But it is still FDIC insured.
  8. Hege, right after you sign up for Affirm they will drop the APR to .30. Other than that, what's the risk. They are all FDIC insured, no?
  9. There is an AF??????? @hegemony, WTF did you recommend I apply for a card with an AF?????????????????????????????????????????? 🙄 😂
  10. Which is weird anyhow. It's not like the Poop Dog crowd buys beer in the first place. They steal it.
  11. Now I damned sure will only get my insurance through USAA. That "general" can bite my richard.
  12. Don't worry ... I'm dimmer. I still don't really know WTF those letters QED mean. 😂 I can't see Blake investing in artwork though. At best I can see him spending his ill-gotten gains on running a still, buying a snowmobile, a moped and maybe a very used Ford truck. And hookers. Plenty of hookers.
  13. I'm wondering ... Is Hege's link implying that the financial criminal is Blake? It would not surprise me in the least. 😆
  14. Isn't Poop Dog in prison now? I'm pretty sure I read something about him that wasn't very flattering recently. Aside, that is, from that his music sucks.
  15. Thanks, Hege, but I might have to pass on this one. I already have $65k with Barclays. They've already told me several times -- albeit very nicely -- that they will not give me more. Otherwise, I would hit on this one just for the SUB. 😆

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