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  1. You must have a lower standard of living than a lot of people.
  2. Question: What is a FICO Triad report?
  3. Yup, that's a lot of fooking money to be just pissing away. Imagine what you could do with an extra $9k per year. Hell, Kat and I could go on a second honeymoon. 😍
  4. Good luck! Hopefully nobody will balance chase you. Your interest on those accounts must be at least $500 per month. Paying them off is a really smart move no matter what happens.
  5. PotO

    Early Warning

    I've never heard of people with bank accounts gone bad being reported to the credit bureaus, but I do not doubt what you say at all. With what you described, a checking account could be considered a credit account. Then the FCRA would seem to force EWS to provide freezes.
  6. That's because you are a high-class pimp. Me, not so much. 😂
  7. Hege has been pushing me to apply for an HSBC credit card for the longest time. I got a pre-approval a couple of weeks ago and applying online never seemed to work. I kept getting error messages. Still, the only way to get Hege off my back was to actually apply and, hopefully, get shot down. So I did. But I didn't get shot down. Instant approval. 😟 😀 🙁 Limit sucks at only $10k, but let's see how high it can be pushed. At least there's a SUB. Strange thing is that I almost never get instant approvals. It's always the same old crap with an instant wait-and-see followed by recon and / or approval after a day or two. Is HSBC trying to make up for the fact that they sold me to Crap1 many years ago?
  8. Interesting dilema. I'd be curious to see how it plays out. Wish I could offer more.
  9. #1. WTF is Wamego? #2. WTF would live there? #3. WTF would even live in Kansas? I was stationed in Kansas and I'd never return. It's almost as bad as Central fooking Texass.
  10. I was looking for it, too. It disappeared. Figures for Crap1. Probably also Discovery. How about a new 2fer logo ... "Discover Crap" ??
  11. PotO

    Early Warning

    You didn't answer the question. How exactly does a credit card company use EWS when you apply for their credit card?  Which banks have told you that opening a savings account or a checking account (w/o OD facility) is an extension of credit? I think there is a better chance of bringing EWS to the table when we can show that EWS is involved when you apply for a credit card or loan.
  12. If they could, they probably would. I personally know the CEO of PenFed and he certainly isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.
  13. What kind of Neanderthal thinks ... pulling kids out of school; selling their house / buying a new house; spouse quitting their job / finding a comparable new one; going from a 0% to 6%+ tax on every $1 you spend; and moving to the Shitty State of Texass, which has obviously r ... Ooops, can't say that word ... lawyers ... is a nuisance? Does it hurt when you think, Jethrine?

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