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  1. Please pick me up a tin of Skoal or two.
  2. PotO

    Nationwide Bank -----> Merrick Bank

    I don't have high hopes for this new relationship. I can envision them slashing limits and benefits to the point where the card is even more useless than it was under Natuinwide Bank.
  3. PotO

    Nationwide Bank -----> Merrick Bank

    What ever happened to that card? Does it still exist? What did Merrick Bank do with it?
  4. PotO

    Nationwide Bank -----> Merrick Bank

    I seriously doubt it would have any negative effects when other creditors conduct ARs, or even if one of their underwriters stumbled across it on a recon. If anything, a $35k 10-year+ positive tradeline from a "subprime" bank is, by definition, super-prime.
  5. PotO

    Nationwide Bank -----> Merrick Bank

    I guess I should count on losing my Nationwide Bank card then, one way or another. I'm guessing Merrick doesn't have what it takes to handle prime accounts. I'm wondering if Merrick Bank has ever had a customer before with good credit and a $35k credit limit on a card with no AF. I should have never let Hege talk me into apping Nationwide Bank way back when in the first place.
  6. Just got the news that Merrick Bank bought the Nationwide Bank credit card portfolio. And, of course, they immediately nuked many of the card benefits. Yeah, the whopping 1% cash back will continue, and so will the auto rental insurance, but all of the other supplemental insurances and benefits have been nuked. I remember hearing about Merrick here on CB before, but I can't remember details. Is it safe to assume they are a sh!th0le bank?
  7. Downgrade to the no AF version. It shouldn't be a problem, but if it is just let me know and I can put you in touch with someone.
  8. Hmmm ... interesting concept. There are a few things I won't give. What about you?
  9. Hege, I would have expected that term from CV. It sounds very anal.
  10. Knowing the tricks of the trade. Knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it and who to do it to is invaluable. From 2006 to 2012, doubling wasn't incredibly difficult. From 2012 to now I've managed to triple ... nearly quadruple ... my CLs. Problem know is is running out of crap worth applying for. Hell, about now if Hege recommended the Sprint credit card I'd probably app it.
  11. Motivation makes the path to Pimpdom shorter.
  12. Easy come, easy go. That's why it pays to get those CLI while the getting is good so that when the tables turn and they start clawing back those CLI you don't end up with completely toy limits.
  13. PotO

    FNBO not issuing cards outside of footprint?

    Since you talked me into that card, too, I've gotten 2 CLIs. The website always says not eligible, but when you call them they are generous.
  14. PotO

    UnionPay Card

    You can request a CLI every 6 months, but it's a hard on EX. Mine are at $25k each now.

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