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  1. If that's the alternative, a cheap slutty flowered jacket that turns you into a porch surfer, I'll give him $4k to buy two Burberry coats.
  2. They have computer problems with their address formatting on the credit card side once you establish an account. It's all because of their shiatty Indian customer service / technical staff. The best thing to do is play the game. Get the card. Take their SUB. Let them screw up your address for a month or two. CFPB them and get a $250 goodwill offer. Then dump the fookers in the most nasty manner possible.
  3. The first year he will likely be on campus. We might end up getting a house there. We like Texas as a retirement spot and if we establish residency we can save about $30,000 a year on tuition.
  4. Close by the Burberry shop was a Canada Goose one. It was a few dollars cheaper. But my son wouldn't bite on that brand. Maybe because it didn't have a nice "Look at me I'm wearing a Burberry" patch on the sleeve.
  5. Burberry. A simple black down-filled coat. I can tell you right now the feathers inside that shiatty coat must be from that goose that laid the golden fooking eggs. One of the few nice things about being where I am is that you can beat your kids and the law doesn't give a rat's arse.
  6. Come on. You know better than that. The only one around who has submitted more credit applications than I have are Hege and Ron1. I have never seen a credit application that does not ask for your residential address and carries the obviously-placed disclaimer: PO Boxes and CMRAs are NOT acceptable. There may be some creditors -- especially those where you already have an existing relationship -- that will overlook that, but HSBC is one of the many others that are anal retentive. When I applied for the first time, they did pretty much the same thing to me. I overlooked the annoyance just like they overlooked my dozens of recent INQs and new accounts. That they didn't handle your ID verification properly, much less intelligently, is another story. I'd probably cool down after while and apply again just for the challenge. Get the SUB and then drop them. As I mentioned previously, they do have a lot of people from India handling various functions at HSBC. Not that all reps from India are POS -- the ones at AmEx are actually great! -- but the ones that work at HSBC are pretty much shiatheads. Almost every time I run into one, I have to tell them how incompetent / illiterate I think they are and tell them to connect me with their supervisor.
  7. Can't fix stupid. Especially if it's hereditary. It's almost impossible for anybody but one's parents to reel in their piss-poor financial habits, but when the parents themselves are clusterfooks, what can you do other than hold them accountable. My youngest son is 18 and off to the University of Texas at Austin for his first year of university and independent living. He believes he's an adult. Financially, he seems very responsible, but there was an issue a short while ago with a $2,000+ coat he wanted. A fooking coat -- $2,000. So, we had a nice little father warden - son confinee chat just recently. Eventually he came out with the bullshite theory of how he's an adult and can make independent decisions and I should trust him. I then pointed out a few rather inconvenient facts. First, we have this thing called the Uniform Code of Military Family Justice. Under the UCFJ, I am the ultimate decision maker. Period. I may ask for his opinion and give weight to it, but in the end I will discuss this with my wife and I will make the ultimate decision. As for trust, in my line of work you never trust anybody ... anytime ... anywhere. Ever. It's always trust, but verify. So I will trust his financial decisions, but his credit cards all have a $500 limit. I monitor them every day. He gets a monthly spending allowance, and of that he is required to save a minimum of 50%, 1/2 of which is to be invested. 1/4 is long-term savings and the remaining is your typical emergency fund. I monitor all accounts on a daily basis. I anticipate getting to the point where this is unnecessary. He knows there are certain rules that carry extreme punishment. For example, knocking up his girlfriend or failing his classes. If that happens, all his funding is reduced to $0, he returns home and he can enroll in one of two programs: Sally Struthers School of Barbering or the Sally Struthers School of Bicycle Repair. Otherwise, he will GTFO of my house and find a bridge abutment he can live under. Now, hopefully he will be motivated by love, self-respect and common sense, but people need to understand what, precisely, the consequences of certain actions will be. When he gets to the point where I do not have to provide for his education, food housing or related expenses and is totally independent, the odds are he is on the solid path to not being a major fook-up. Not only are the kids who blow their student loan money on partying re ... -- Oopss, can't use that word here -- but so are their parents for not exercising the necessary parental control and oversight. They both deserve to get FITA.
  8. To an extent, true. It's not what you study, but what you do with it. The difficulty exists in determining whether the person is like your MD who has an intelligent, solid plan or whether they are a moron who winds up $150,000 in student loan debt because they studied history with the goal of living in NYC and teaching 1st graders for $40,000 a year. It all boils down to IQ and personal accountability. You live with the consequences of your actions. There are few on CB who don't have direct experience with that. Frankly, I don't see a problem with the program. Cut the leeches off at the kneecaps. Forgiving all student loans just emboldens freeloading. Forgiving student loans means many banks will exit the student loan business. Cutting off all student loans hurts a lot of innocent, deserving non-freeloaders. Raising APRs to pay for student loan defaults / BK also hurts innocent people. Keep everything as it is and let the whiny little beaches cry.
  9. Your other drivel aside, "useless" should be determined with what you do with your degree and not so much what you major in. Your hypothetical MD graduated with at least 50 credit hours of hard core science, math, psychology or related courses. Obviously they applied themselves as an undergraduate. Life's a biatch, Jethro. You solicit and accept a loan, you pay it back or suffer the consequences. It really is that simple
  10. HSBC is well-known for their applicant verification and general paranoia. What is surprising is that all the years on CB and you don't have the common sense God gave a gerbil. Every credit report that the CRAs furnish a subscriber is annotated to show whether each address appearing is residential / commercial / CMRA / affiliated with a business. While you have the right to use a PO Box, your lenders have -- and most exercise -- the right to tell you to FOAD. It makes sense.
  11. You must have your own private WHO or CDC. The real WHO and CDC have already determined that with COVID-19 the individual can be contagious almost immediately. They have shown time and time again that even though you are asymptomatic -- as many have been shown to be -- you can still infect others. They have also shown that once you test negative for COVID-19, it's unlikely you remain contagious. That's why they release those with confirmed cases 24 to 48 hours after the CDC laboratories have confirmed negative results. A few other myths that have been debunked are that surgical masks will protect you. They will not. They are highly ineffective. Even industrial N95 particulate respirators are completely useless. They've debunked the myth that supposed COVID-95 tests run by hospitals are accurate. They are not. They have been proven to have an at least 40% error rate. The only testing proven accurate is conducted directly at the CDC. They've debunked the myth that everybody gets high fever and suffers respiratory distress. There are people who are totally asymptomatic and there are those with symptoms so mild and without respiratory problems, but both of which remain highly contagious. The fact is, there is more they do not know about COVID-19 than what they do know. What they have been able to determine is that the disease seldom affects children. They've determined that the mortality rate is highly elevated amongst those, especially senior citizens, with other preexisting conditions. And so far they believe the mortality rate is a tad bit lower than 3%. Right now, the risk level in the US is probably relatively low. Hopefully current measures in place will keep everything under control. In China, most areas outside of Hubei Province are probably ok. Wuhan and surrounding cities, are fooked. COVID-19 has a firm grasp on the population and people there lived more packed than fat sardines in a thin can. Before this shiatnami ends, I'm sure there will be more than 200,000 infected and at least 6,000 dead. At least. The whole circus will probably play out for at least another 3 to 4 months -- much longer in Hubei Province. We won't be seeing any vaccine for at least another 10 months. Not that a vaccine will even help. By the time we have a time-tested vaccine and fully understand COVID-19, those shiathead Chinese pig farmers will find another strange fooking critter to eat and there will be a completely new Coronavirus. COVID-19, meet COVID-21, 23, 25, etc.
  12. Hege, how about an explainer on inflation / deflation? It would be an interesting read.
  13. I love reading about dysfunctional families.
  14. You are confusing incubation period with survival in a non-biological environment. The CDC has made it abundantly clear that they have determined COVID-19 cannot survive more than 24 - 48 hours on a hard surface. Clothing is not a hard surface. In carpeting, it can survive up to a week. Once introduced into your system, the incubation period is thought to be 14 days from time of infection until you are symptomatic. There has been some recent evidence, though, to suggest it may be up to 28 days.
  15. Not just Hong Kong and, to a lesser extent, Singapore, but Beijing is also pretty much a ghost town. It's clear, however, that an in depth understanding of the situation escapes CNN. Nobody in China fears mass lay-offs. Nobody. Chinese Labor Law is exceedingly clear and even in the best of times firing an individual is virtually impossible. Worst case scenario is that the business goes bankrupt. Even then, authorities liquidate the business and all the personal assets of the owners to pay employees. Each employee is entitled to back pay plus an additional 1 to 3 months pay for each year they have worked for the company. Work-from-home is not as attractive as it sounds. Not only are you working from home, but your spouse is also working from home, too, as well as your kids in online classes. I'm not sure about Singapore, but in China and Hong Kong it is virtually impossible that both spouses do not work. WFH involves extensive telephone / video conferencing and it's not very convenient when you both share the same living room. In Hong Kong, it's totally impossible. The average Hong Kong home is approximately 35 m2. With three or even four people packed azzhole to elbow, when one flushes the toilet the others in your family member's teleconference hear a waterfall. At least when talking about major multinational companies, work-from-home has not been well-received. CNN is pulling stories out of their arse. PharmaHo's company, the largest of its kind in the world, at first thought it was great working from home. Soon, however, they realized that it isn't very productive and totally ineffective. Those boner pills that CV and HDPorter rely on to get through the day cannot be developed, manufactured, marketed and sold in someone's home. Apparently the Neanderthals at CNN forgot to ask real companies what they thought about work-from-home. Folks at the American Chamber of Commerce both in China and Hong Kong seem to think the consensus amongst their members is that it's a disaster. If you have a pre-schooler at home, you are fooked. You are stuck working, cleaning, cooking and caring for the kid at the same time. The cleaning lady you've hired to come and clean / cook isn't coming. She's either stuck back in her hometown under lockdown and cannot escape or simply isn't going to take the risk by going to various homes to clean while neither would you even want someone who has visited various other homes to come to yours.

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