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  1. I admit, in 1996 I was 18 in college, got an Amex, charged it up, and didn't pay it. Fast forward 22 years later, I applied for an Amex and was denied. My current credit score is 786 with my DTI at 6%. I'm sure I was auto denied because of what happened back in 1996. Is there a way I can contact them and ask them to remove the block from my profile so I can get an AMEX?
  2. I am so lot looking at these charts, can someone sum them up? What's the best way to jump my score 100 points with multiple settled credit card accounts that were months late?
  3. Im going off what the updated statement says. We were on a blp program at 0%. Once that program agreement broke, the most recent statement now says interest now adjusts to 27.99 and making our minimum payments will have this paid off in 27 years. $8000 of it though was cash advances so that interest rate i believe is even higher.
  4. Ugh we are just so pissed off the rep left out such a crucial detail. If we catch it up and get current who would refinance it? What companies do that? The account is closed, has been for 3 years. We have 9 other credit cards in blp programs, so what company should i contact to get it refinanced possibly? It just sucks now where all $202 each month was going to principle and now only $14 will go to principle.
  5. Currently in a tiff with Chase. 10 year perfect history with them, hit hard times 3 years ago, went on their blp program. Missed a payment, agreement was broken and interest rate went from 0% to 27.99%. Haven't made a payment in 54 days now because I told them I'm not paying another dime until I can get a more reasonable rate. I would have had this paid off in 23 months but now at that same monthly payment will take 27 years 3 months which is ridiculous. But now that we sold our house we will need to buy a home in a year from now. So do I dig in and fight chase or give in and make ridiculous payments until we buy a home next December? Letting that credit card go until they offer a settlement in a few months- how bad I'll that hurt our credit if we settle it around 90 days late?
  6. What kind of an attorney? I have contacted 2 locally in the past 5 days and neither attorney will call me back. Can they/will they sue me like they threaten?
  7. I took out a payday loan last summer. I lost my job Two weeks later and have slowly been sending them money to pay them back. Well every 15 days if I don't send them at least $50 they start calling my phone, my wife, her parents, her family members, my family members demanding more money, threatening a law suit if I don't send more money immediately. I don't mind sending money when I can bur this harassment is getting old quick. Is this legal? If iit isn't what steps can I do to stop their harassing calls to my family members and legal threats? Can they really Sue me for the unpaid balance? Can I take any legal action against them for the harassment and threats?
  8. we received 51 total pulls PER BUREAU AGENCY. I can deal with 6 per, but not 51. Ive got over 100 inquiries between my wife and I since July.
  9. oh and one caveat, we currently have 2 autos in our names. One the wife drives daily, and one I sold to a family member but im toting the note. So really we only have 1 car, but 2 are on our bureaus. So will anyone talk to us for a "3rd" on paper?

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