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  1. What she is really looking for is if there is anyway she can get out of this without affecting her credit. Whether it be getting the title in just her name and taking over the car payments herself or getting out of the repo unscathed because she really feels like the victim here. The only way she is tied to her ex-husband in this case is that the title to the car is also in her name, but because he messed up, she's on the hook. Everyone seems to sympathize with her, but can't do anything for her.
  2. Hey Chargeacar, It's a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and I think they still owe $7,000.
  3. Hey guys, My friend recently called me in regards to her ex-husband getting his 4th DUI. They are not fully divorced and his name is on the title along with my friend, his ex-wife (the car is not paid off yet). The car got repossessed and has DUI hold on it, so she is unable to get the car. She said the bank told her they don't want the car because it won't be worth it after legal fees, so it's going to auction. She has gone to every person she can think of to try and get the title in just her name. She was told that she has to get a lawyer to change the title, but there's still no guarantee that she will get the car. Since the car is in her name as well, the repo will be devastating to her credit. Is there anything you can think of that she can do to save her credit or is she just collateral damage due to her stupid ex-husband? I appreciate any and all help!

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