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  1. Schools paid for 3x over. Thanks to Prepaid college, good grades and military service. All the loans are to me is cheap investment capital. Lifestyle capital comes out of profit. Med school, long time no payments. Money only goes into assets. Even when the clock starts ticking fast its goes its at 3-4%. I do hear what you're saying though 3% of a *Admin removes vulgarity*ton is a pain in the flowers.
  2. So its been a year or so since my last post. Just got first round of student loans. Used them for CC's that I maxed during a business closure. 0.25% for 18.99% -- I'm going to place my usage ratios back down to 1-2% like some of the sites regressions have suggested and ride the wave up until I see a stall. Then app time. I'm an authorized user on a $15k cap1 account Nov '92 Discover It $1900 Feb '14 Journey $1500 Feb '11 $6800/$7400 auto-loan, initial aug '13, 2 cash out refi's Jan14 Mar '14 $6800 student loan unreported thusfar 736 EX Credit Sesame 671 discover TU 753 EQ
  3. Do you think that the optimal rate might be linked to the Monthly interest rate on your cards? I'm noticing the 1-2% utilization rates suggested in this thread and thats about the monthly interest on most cards. 18.99APR/12 = 1.5825. It may also be an average of accounts of some sort.
  4. What you say makes sense. Do you think it would be wiser not to close the non-revolving accounts until I can open a new one so as not to affect Util.
  5. @EOO It was a thought I had after seeing that the main factor in my Denial Letters was too few accts paid as agreed. I'm at 66% EQ and EX and 50% TU b/c of the double up. Despite 2 years of perfect payments on mine and 18 years on my dads. see below soft pull from Lending Club: Your credit score:656 Date of Credit Report Pull:January 17, 2013 Scores range from 300 to 850 Key factors that adversely affected your credit score:Serious delinquency Too few accounts currently paid as agreed Length of time accounts have been established Number of accounts with delinquency Any
  6. I have 3 accounts 1) Cap One Journey Card $500 limit (Perfect History to 2010) 2) Authorized User on Dad's Cap One Card $20k limit Perfect History back into the 90's (added NOV12) 3) Eglin FCU CC -- Charge off 2008 LDA 7JUL11 EQ 700 12/12 EX ?? TU 656 1/13 #3 is double reported on TU. Once as CC once as CL. the double up happened when I payed them and sent them a strongly worded letter. I'm a veteran and a College student. So far all Solo attempts at student loans and unsecured CC's have failed. I've Let the inquiries drop off. Just Got that 700 EQ. and am r
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