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  1. So I disputed the same collection accounts with all 3 cra's. They were deleted from 2 but verified on the other. How does that happen??
  2. Any suggestions on how to fix a situation like this? I still have the OC and 2 CA's on my report.
  3. Fantastic!!! Did you dispute online or by paper??
  4. The documents that have this information on them came from the CA. So is this a hipaa violation??
  5. The reason I ask is because I have 5 different medical collections with one CA. The CA mailed me invoices for all of them and they show a short description of why I went to the dr. Example: one shows that I had a Pap smear, another shows that I had a vaginal delivery. To me that's just to much personal information given to a CA. Am I wrong??
  6. Is it legal for an OC to send information to the CA with it showing details on why you went to the DR??
  7. They are both reporting amounts. One is the same amount as the OC, the newest one is about $400 more.
  8. I got the exact same letter from them and I havent even disputed anything since its within the 4 year SOL for Texas.
  9. I had a Cabelas card and it' now charged off not only is that showing on my credit reports but there are 2 CA's (Millennium and LHR) reporting for the same debt. That cant be legal?!?!?!?!
  10. It's $1350 and is not the only negative.
  11. I got a letter from them a week or so ago regarding an AT&T account as well. They arent on my reports yet so I sent them a dv letter. Have yet to hear back from them.
  12. August will be 2 years since DOFD.
  13. If an OC sales to a CA then why do they both report to the CRA's? Just curious...
  14. I didnt. I didnt know it was reported that way until almost 3 years later. I knew I never was because they drafted my mortgage payment from my bank every month. So there was no possible way I was late.
  15. I had 2 30 day lates (I was never late) with GMAC and also sent the good will letter a few years ago. As soon as I did they sold my loan to Midland Mortgage. I have disputed the lates with the CRA but it keeps getting verified. I'm not sure where to go after this so I guess I am in the same boat you guys are in.
  16. I just pulled my reports and Asset Acceptance showed up on all 3 for a Citibank card. I have never recieved any corespondance from them. How should I proceed with this? DV? It's within the 4 yr SOL. Thanks for any help.
  17. I was just asking if I need to DV the new CA's or the old ones.
  18. DV the new ones? They are not showing on my reports....yet!!
  19. I did some disputes with the CRA's with a few CA's well now I am getting letters from different CA's. Example....one is for HSBC Bank Nevada....I got a letter from a CA and my CR shows a different CA. Why? What do I do??
  20. I disputed a couple of collections with the CRA's. I got 2 letters from the CA's yesterday. Do I DV the CA's now?
  21. They must be going thru old stuff. I had them deleted off all of my reports almost 5 years ago. I got a letter from them last week. Mine was an AT&T account that I had about 10 years ago. As of right now they are not on any of my reports so I sent them a FOAD letter.
  22. I sent them an FOAD letter this morning. So we will see. I dont want them to put that on my reports after its been off for almost 4 years.
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