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  1. Google advanced search operators are your friend sometimes... site:firstbankcard.com got me a ton of their various offerings, as I couldn't find a list anywhere. Yale, Cathay, Ducks Unlimited, Alitalia... quite a random mix here. Anybody know if I can app multiple on a single pull / other tricks? Most suck but some of the bank related ones have 1.5% back when deposited to an account.
  2. Which card? FNBO has some state restricted cards, and various co-branded cards that are nation wide. And last year, sometimes the restricted ones could be applied for by choosing a state like Nebraska, then when you get to the actual application form you fill it out correctly with the correct state. Of course it has been over a year, so they may have plugged that loophole. Thanks for letting me know! I didn't know about the cobrands, I tried direct. Will check out cobrands and update...
  3. I juat tried to app and it is only accepting from a few states
  4. Hege, how do you stay on top of this stuff? Do you monitor websites, are you getting email newsletters, grapevine...? I'm plotting the ascent (hopefully) to $5m in the next 5 years and it'll take some planning. Also, do you have any recent (say, past 5 years, as a lot of changes are afoot with fatca and such) experience with offshore personal banking?
  5. They just opened a branch right across the street from me in nv, first one I've seen... an omen!
  6. I'm thinking about adding an Ameriprise World Elite MasterCard, but I noticed that the app is by Barclays. Since I already have a Barclays card with a high enough limit, I'm wondering if I apply for this, will it be Ameriprise's credit risk / guidelines (meaning, since I don't have a relationship with them, they may want my business) - or, will it be Barclays, saying "wait, we already have 50k in exposure to this duck" Make sense? Thanks ahead duck
  7. I think us bank only gave 10, I need to update my sig again, lots of nice developments
  8. Aaaaaand finally.... approved for 25k @ 11.74% Thx all!!!! Next steps thoughts anyone? I see a lot of cloc's on here...
  9. Update as promised- earlier today I received a voicemail saying welcome - but it took a call over the weekend, waiting on hold, resending docs I had already sent... Sloppy operation but looks like I'm in! Next on the menu, 80k flagship rewards and what else...?
  10. Penfed has been marvelous for me. But why not get both if you can?
  11. Status update, just received this: Thank you for your interest in joining Navy Federal Credit Union. In order to process your application, we will need documentation showing how you are eligible for membership. The different ways that you could be eligible for membership include the following: Sent navy league confirmation email, fingers crossed!
  12. Very complicated subject. Read up on international man, sovereign man, nomad capitalist, they all have lots on this. Banking possible, credit almost impossible
  13. Update 3:40 pm -sent them bk stmt and passport
  14. Update as promised, some action: I just received an email asking for proof of address and ID. Good sign!

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