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  1. Picking up on where I left off... I sent the CA the DV for medical debts reporting as paid on 10/16. They received it on 10/20. Not a peep back, and there's been no change to the TL on my CR (I have real time monitoring). Is that unusual, to just get no response? I suppose that it's possible I'll get something in the mail over the course of the next week, but it feels increasingly unlikely. I guess the next step, as you mentioned before, is to follow up with the EQ dispute. One question: that letter says that "i disputed as per your [i.e., EQ's] instructions", but EQ never said that at all; they just sent me back a written response saying "verified." (I did send the exact initial CRA dispute letter, so they clearly didn't read it or give it much thought). Should I change the wording of the follow-up EQ dispute letter to reflect that? Thanks for your time!
  2. I have a CA reporting a paid medical debt on EQ. I sent out a dispute as per the WhyChat program, requesting names of providers, dates and types of services, etc. I got back my response today. They: 1) Confirmed the item is mine 2) Modified the "status date" and "balance date" to 9/2020. Obviously, this is not responsive to my request, at all. The next step is to send out the "Alternate Medical DV for accounts that have been PAIDTO THE REPORTING CA AND ARE BEING REPORTED AS "PAID COLLECTIONS" letter, correct? Any mods or advice in light of EQ's non-responsiveness, or just run with the program as laid out?
  3. No. I had paid it before I had discovered his method. So I disputed it, and got it off 2 out of 3 CRs; it's just EQ that's the issue. As I understand it, once you've paid it, it's too late for the WhyChat method.
  4. I've managed to put a decade of financial difficulties behind me, and I'm getting close to my goal of having a middle FICO mortgage score of 720. MyFico shows my mortgage scores as EQ 696 TU 677 EX 728 I'm looking squarely at that Equifax score, since that's my middle score. I have a collection item listed on my EQ report. It is a medical bill from a couple of years ago. The original balance is 176, but current balance is 0. It reports as "Paid" and "Consumer disputes this account information- Medical." Back in 2018 I had disputed this item with all 3 CRAs and it came off of TU and EX, but for some reason it came back verified with EQ. Is it worth disputing with EQ again at this point, or if I get the CA's attention do I risk it going back on my EX and TU reports as well, and thus should just leave it alone? Interested in any thoughts or suggestions! Thanks!
  5. No, not yet. Just preapproved thru USAA for up to 50k.
  6. Both the family cars need to go. FICOS about 660 but I have good income. I’m already reapproved for one. I’d like to get a lease for the second car about two to four weeks after purchasing the first car. Is there some sort of red flag that is going to be thrown up by trying to get the second car so close to the first?
  7. So last April, I started the WhyChat process for a medical collection (less than 200 dollars) that was sold to a JDB. I wrote the dispute letters to each of the CRAs, and they all deleted! I figured that was the end of the process for me. All was well, and then one day this fall I noticed that the collection was reinserted onto my EQ file, but not the other two credit reports. I never received any letter or communication stating that a reinsertion was going to happen. What was also weird is that I never got a communication back from EQ that my investigation was complete and they were deleting the item; I just noted shortly after I sent in the dispute that they had removed the item from my credit report. EX and TU, on the other hand, actually responded with a "deletion" letter and another copy of my corrected credit report. (1) What should I do about EQ at this point? I should mention that I tried calling the JDB yesterday and see if they would do a PFD, since it's so small. They did not bite, which surprised me b/c I have found that med collections often do. In the course of the conversation I made it clear that I was not admitting the validity of the debt but that it was just more convenient to settle the dispute as long as they deleted it. Which raises a second question: (2) I thought I heard that a new policy of the CRAs was that they would delete paid medical collections if they were under $250. I read this on a web site that seemed to have been set up by the three CRAs to tout implementation of the settlements with the various state attorneys general. But of course I can't find the source anymore, or otherwise confirm it. Am I imagining this?
  8. So I'm starting on my credit repair voyage. I have my three paper reports, and the issues on there are a number of 30 day late payments, a couple of 60 days, and one 90 day. But there are also two medical collections on each of my CRs. They are for services rendered to my wife (who was on my medical insurance). (Actually, all of our financial problems stem from her illnesses, which thankfully have be happily resolved!) I figured I would start repairing the medical collections first, and later I'll try goodwill letters with my existing credit card carriers. Med Collection #1: Collection reported 3/2017; Assigned 2/2012; Amount $347; Status as of 3/2017: Unpaid; Date of 1st Delinquency: 8/2011; Balance as of 3/2017: $523. This is being reported by an entity other than the original creditor (i.e., it's either a CA or JDB). Med Collection #2: Collection reported 2/2017; Assigned 8/2016; Amount $176; Status as of 2/2017: Unpaid; Date of 1st Delinquency: 6/2015; Balance as of 2/2017: $176. This is being reported by an entity other than the original creditor (i.e., it's either a CA or JDB). I have currently "opted out." I have some questions: 1. The last time I moved as well before any of the above debts were incurred. Can I skip the step of removing old addresses? 2. My paper reports are dated from late March. I assume that they are not too old for me to use right now for the purposes of disputing? 3. I plan on proceeding with the normal Why Chat medical collections dispute process. Any reason, based on the info I provided, why I should deviate, or does any other issues jump out at you? Thanks a million!

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