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  1. My husband and I have wills made out and notarized by an attorney. If, we want to change who inherits something can we make an addenum and notorize it and not have to make a new will?
  2. l. Want to purchase a rental property and use section 8 2. Does the application process change for the mortgage on rental properties 3. Is it a higher % rate 4, How much can be written off on taxes if you have a rental property I hope someone can give me advice on this . thx
  3. My daughter doesnt''t have 20% to put down on a construction loan. She wants to go with a 5% convention loan but the house still needs to be fixed up. Any suggestions?
  4. When a judgement is issued does that actually become a lien on a home property?
  5. Which is the least expensive way to go in purchasing a home that will require 5% down. Are there any programs that dont require mortgage insurance for $65,000 loan?
  6. If she decided to live in the home for awhile what would a payment be? Just trying to get some ideas for her.
  7. Homeowner is about $550.00 per year and taxes ll00.00
  8. My daughter is wanting to buy a house from an individual for $68,000 to use for rental property. What way of financing do you recommend..... conventional, fha, Also can you figure an interest rate and payment for me. Her Fico score is 825. Can she do this with no money down?
  9. How long is the process from the time the bank sends a notice of foreclosure until it goes to sale?
  10. We have met the people that has a house. They know the bank is going to foreclose on it. What is the process for foreclosure? Will they get a notice and how much time do they have to vacate the property? Can they stay in the house until the bank sells it? Just wondering about all these questions because we are interested in the home once they are out.
  11. We are looking to buy a foreclosure but the bank hasn't removed the people yet from the home. What is the process for a foreclosure? How many days do they have to get out?
  12. Siding, roofing, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms

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