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  1. Image moved or deleted But I can surmise from context that apparently this happens often. Darn! Thanks BW.
  2. In the last two months, I've tried getting 7 of my cards to report a balance by charging $1 to them (I had temporary fee-free transactions with Google Wallet and was able to add $1 to my wallet balance fee-free from each card). To my surprise the first month, two cards carrying a $1 balance were given a $1 Credit Adjustment on statement close, such that they did not report a balance and no payment is due. I thought it was just a weird fluke... ...except the next month, the other five cards carrying a $1 balance were also given a $1 Credit Adjustment on statement close. So now none
  3. Interesting, okay. Should he contact the US Dept. of Education and set up repayment terms? Would he be potentially better off finding a third-party educational loan consolidation company and doing that? He hasn't tried anything at all, we literally pulled the reports about 10-15 minutes before my post last night. He hasn't received anything in the mail because they don't know where he is, they do not know he is overseas as far as I know. He is not deployed, he got a job offer overseas and left with pretty much less than 2wks notice a couple years ago. Thanks!
  4. I am posting for an overseas friend (from US). He has a slew of delinquencies and past-due education loans and he's decided he wants to make things right and start cleaning things up. We pulled his Annual credit reports and after some parsing, came up with what is below. Any recommendations on best next steps? He is currently overseas, has been for 2 years, and will not be back for at least another year. Equifax: Open accounts: A University, last reported 2/17/2014 for $2,481 : 120+ days past dueClosed accounts: US Department of Education, last reported 2/8/2014 for $3,765 -- last pa
  5. I pay the AF for both of these. For BCP it is because at the break-even mark of $2500 spend, it will begin to outpace the BCE for CB. For the CSP, combining the UR pts with my Freedom 5% is super nice. It's also metal and I like it
  6. Yeah I called twice and tried to get it raised, no-go. It sucks because I was planning to use it for TVs and/or Smartphones, but the limit is so low I flat out can't.
  7. I opened a new Discover account January 2013, and today I was alerted by various monitoring services that my Discover Inquiry on TU has been removed. That is hardly 24 months, is this something Discover does? I see no other reason this inquiry should have gone away. I'm not complaining, I just thought it was really weird
  8. Very cool. I am actually a Unitus member, they've got stellar service. The Equifax score updates monthly automatically and appear to be backed by Equifax.com and, for whatever reason, are about 8pts off from what I get on MyFico.com I have heard Discover sometimes offers ScoreTracker to Discover It cardholders, but I personally have been unable to be offered. Also, US Bank's Cash/Cash+ comes with access to a score provided by USBank.ExperianDirect.com -- I don't think this is FICO though?
  9. So I just got approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I also want to get in on the Southwest promo, but had some questions: Since it is a Chase-backed card, will they just re-use the inquiry from my CSP? Does Chase have some sort of rule like "You were just approved for another Chase product, so cannot be approved for this"? I just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time/inquiry. Thanks in advance!
  10. Unitus is my primary B&M bank (along with OnPoint). I love them and the EQ score monthly isn't bad. I much prefer them over OnPoint in terms of lending leniency and customer service, their available locations are a bit more sparse - but they offer mobile check deposit and check/cash deposit via credit union ATMs. For all my loan offerings through them they have also used EQ, yes.
  11. No... But the services like AmEx CS and USAA CCMP that you can get B* from won't pull for EQ and TU if EX fails in this manner. If I am incorrect, and you can indeed get them to pull at the very least, EQ, without needing them to also pull EX - please let me know.
  12. The issue appears to be in pulling new information via third-party services, e.g. can't b*: And:
  13. I can't pull on USAA CCMP or AmEx CS because it says Experian is down. Sadness.
  14. Do you let the balance post on statement cut-off, or do you pay it immediately?
  15. How exactly did you word it? I called twice, two different occasions, first time said I was thinking of canceling and asked if there were any promotions going on. There weren't. Second time I said I wanted to cancel because of price and if there were any reduced rates available, they only offered up the $12.95 for 2/month or whatever.
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