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  1. Wait for the annual 100k 20k spend offer from Chase!
  2. Nice! Was the 60K CSP a targeted offer or was that public? I'm still trying to figure out Cappy's 50K on that card. I overstated the CSP bonus This isn't your income Lmao
  3. Airline Miles: 400,000 Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MC: 50K Citi AAdvantage Executive MC: 100K Citi AAdvantage Executive MC: 100K Chase British Airways Visa: 100k Barclaycard Lufthansa MC: 50k Points: 110,000 Chase Ink Plus Visa: 60k American Express Mercedes Platinum: 50k Cash: $400 Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa: $250 Discover IT: $150 In short, traveling the world would not have been possible without Creditboards. My love to you guys. <3
  4. If the merchant screws over the consumer, the merchant should pay, not Amex. It's very rare to encounter a business these days that does not accept Amex. It's a lot more common than I'd like to have my Amex handed back to me, and another card requested, especially for smaller purchases at local places (haircuts, dry cleaning, carry-out). The spending on our Visa has gone up quite a bit over the past few months because this is even more common in Mudland than it is in San Diego. Mudland?
  5. Not sure I follow. Stupid auto correct. I meant that as long as the return protection covers up to the amount of the sofa, you should be fine. In other words as long as the price of the couch doesn't go over the limit Amex sets. For example. the BCP has a cap on $300 per item and $1,000 annually on returns. You can always do a charge back as well but I don't know how that would work out.
  6. Amex will cover the return as long as your return. Protection covers up to that dollar amount.
  7. Oddly enough mine has updated twice this month including today.
  8. Did you apply for the MB Platinum?
  9. Edit: The second month is when I manufactured $1k but the balance was $2,600, not $2,500. Also, the general merchandise transactions on my BCP that the rep brought up where purchases over the last 3-4 months. 4 transactions at an average of $900 each.
  10. Leisure ... though you can't call it that. It is possibly the most challenging, dirty, and frustrating country on earth. Somewhere under neath all of that though it is magical ... it is one of the oldest cultures on the globe. There is a lot of volunteer work you can do in India, and I enjoy all the yoga and meditation too Does that mean CB members have a place to stay in India? I am staying at an ashram for $4.00 a day which includes three meals ... all are welcome WOAH. That makes it so tempting!
  11. I have a BCP sitting at $10,400/$20,000 due to the 0% APR promotion. I was floating $3,000 on returns that I have not made yet. Amex sees this as a jump where I spent $3,000 from my previous month. I have a MB Platinum sitting at $2,500. The first month I made about $1,000 out of $2,500 including the AF (comforters and dress shoes) in returns after the statement printed. A did recieve a call from the charge card department a couple of days after my statement printed reminding me that my payment was due and offered the chance to set up a payment then and there over the phone. She explained how this was customary for a charge card just to make sure the consumer understands exactly what it is. I paid the full balance on the day I agreed I would. I did not make a payment or set up one through the agent, I just set up the payment on my own. The BCP looked like -$3,000 for arguments sake. Due to my noob status at manufactured spending, my Sallie Mae reported with a $3,000 balance higher than the previous month. My Citi AAdvantage with a $1,300 balance. I also took $5,000 from my Freedom for a Chase Ink. This part looked like -$9,300 on top of the -$3,000 for a total of -$12,300. During my lovely chat with the F/R agent, he questioned if my general merchandise statement on my BCP were gift card transactions. They were actually suits I bought but due to the merchant code assigned to the shop it rung up otherwise. I did however manufacture spend $1,000 of the $2,500 balance on the MB Platinum. He didn't know this. He also questioned why I was returning so many items. I explained how I loathe the hassle and time that goes into trying an item at the store. If I like it I buy it. If I don't like it enough to keep it I return it. This also made me think that due to me returning the comforters/shoes after the statement printed on my MB Platinum, Amex may see this as my realization that I spend more than I can handle and I need to lower the balance so I can successfully make the full payment for the month. , Some of this may be theory, but the numbers are against me. I completely overlooked the reporting aspect and how it would affect me.
  12. Still got your lunch money from the 3rd grade?
  13. My 50K and + cards are not ignored by me, however The FICO algorithm is like the recipe for coke...
  14. I disagree. I use it now for restaurants and the fast food categories for the 5%. Having both of those covers nearly everything I go to with my GF. Jamba juice, starbucks, chinese food, etc. The 2% I dont even think about as I use the Amex BCP Eat a healthier/frugal life style and you'll save more than 5%.
  15. There is a special pit in Hell for unicorn murderers. AND FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE DEEPEST HELLPIT SHE HATH RETURNED, UNICORN IN HAND: BDK, WHERE ARE YOU???? There is a special pit in Hell for unicorn murderers. AND FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE DEEPEST HELLPIT SHE HATH RETURNED, UNICORN IN HAND: Marry me? You could just steal my husband's identity : he got an identical one in his name too. I have two unicorns on the couch next to me, and they're both glowing in rainbow auras and farting sprinkles that smell like chocolate cake. It's pretty remarkable. That, or I need more coffee. Or some sleep. I'm drooling so much that I have enough for your cup of coffee.
  16. You must not be carting around a Discovery IT then. Hands down best looking card out there. I carry the mix tape version around and I get more compliments on that than the CSP and Platinum combined. That looks like dodo? Doesn't mean I wouldn't carry one.
  17. if you aren't in a hurry, just wait for the $200 or $300 sign up bonus on the Freedom to come back, that is if you PIF and don't need the promo 0% APR.
  18. but are these a year old? I was responding to your assertion that it is hard to get an Amex with any derogs whatsoever, which is not necessarily true. Of course a year old derog will probably make it impossible. He said hard, not impossible. The year old derog makes it that much harder.
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