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  1. Subjective. Some destinations have killer stays for 10k points. Def better than the fee waiver if you will be in that part of the world anyways.
  2. I take it you haven't been to China. No. Good place to squeeze one off? Let's put it gently, I would prefer the traditional outhouse like my aunt's farm had. Complete with a crescent moon carved out of the door. The ventilation was better. My favorite part of Chinese bathrooms is the lack of handsoap. Always an awesome feeling to know the people preparing your food aren't washing their hands. Stir fried dishes don't matter. But anything cold, or the sliced watermelon they bring after the meal, nice to know that broad didn't wash her hands Personally I enjoy the outlying areas where there simply is a hole in the floor that you squat over. Better have good aim or no amount of ventilation is gonna help ya! Most places are just holes outside of hotels catering to foreigners or factories that have constructed a WC specifically for foreign clients. My US business partner went to China with me in 2009. He got sick. Our main contract manufacturer at the time only had squat holes. He blew flowers on his shoes. He has never been back. Literally never seen the factory we own now, never shown up for the factory Spring Festival dinners. Read this while having a bowl of cereal. Almost threw up. Then I realized that I would have to eventually get up and serve myself another bowl. Forget about the cleaning myself up part.
  3. I got this card just for a trip to Egypt and Jordan (80k bonus though). Some nights were 5k and others were 10k. I still have points left over but only because there wasn't a Hilton in Jerusalem. Gold status was nice too. Was upgraded and given access to lounge. I won't exactly say plan a trip around this card. I kind of did but only bed on visiting these plecause I had already plannaces anyways. Didn't spend a penny.
  4. If you have a reliable Kate, you have other options. You can always place an order online and then go deposit them to Kate.
  5. Which card is it? Might be the card to churn! lol
  6. It might be because you are capped at 2k per day at Staples.
  7. Neither has benefits over the other based on not having an Amex. Ok let's try this again NOT based on Amex I prefer Serve because it can be done by ATM. That removes the possibility of any objections by employees. You can load Serve through ATM? At the Walmart Money Center ATM (Kate). Oh.. Kate's never work by me. EVER. Well.. it looks like I just got rid of my BB for no reason. and the person that sold me my RB for $20 is laughing all the way to the bank. I think he might be sad all the way to the bank. I'm sure he was making more than $20 up until this died.
  8. This. I also get treated differently based on the type of card I use.
  9. I better see those PMs coming then CV!
  10. Might have people who aren't aware of this. I wasn't 15 months ago. I found out about it here with people mentioning churning and M$.
  11. You may need to double check your kate info. WM ATM is 1999 per ten minutes. There is no maximum amount. The max load amount is dependent on the load limits of the card you are loading to. WM ATM is actually $1999.99 Dollar makes a difference in the long term.
  12. You may need to double check your kate info.
  13. There is no risk so what are you talking about? You may lose a gift card. Buy a gift card that has been skimmed for fraud. Lose a recently opened credit line that will only report for 2 months because the creditor shut you down. Get robbed because you are seen buying thousands in gift cards. It also comes down to the way it's viewed in the eyes of the ms'er. I think what you meant to say is that there is very minimal risk in this. You can also get hit by a car on the way to MS. I don't look at that as a risk. I think you are exaggerating that. I meant directly. Driving more often will increase your chances. Not by much but it will.
  14. I would suggest you stick to the tried and true. STAPLES.
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