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  1. Credit report shows a debt from a Pennsylvania water company for about $140 from 2009. Called the water company to ask who owns the debt. They said they sent it to a collection agency (Commercial Acceptance in Shiremanstown, PA). She also said if you want to pay the water company they notify the collection agency, and if I want to pay the collection agency they'll notify the water company. Who should I be dealing with here? At first I wanted to try a Pay for Delete with the collection agency, but avoiding the collection agency all together sounds somewhat enticing. Any suggestions?
  2. So what I getting from this is that the statute of limitations has passed, but they may still file suit if they want to. But I seem well defended here. I'm still not sure what the next step is though. I was looking at the FOAD letter here (http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=278917&hl=foad). It seems to mention that the statute of limitations has passed and that "continued collection activities, including reporting, verification or insertion of accounts, beyond their legal collection date, to any consumer credit reporting agency, may be considered extortion and/or fraud and subject to criminal as well as civil prosecution" So what's the play here?
  3. Is the copy of the bill considered acceptable Validation?
  4. Does the size of the collection affect the possibility of a successful PFD?
  5. myFICO report lists a collection as follows: The collection agency "496YC05020" was hired to collect a debt of $147 originally owed to "The York Water" on account number "XXXXXX". How do I know who to contact to validate debt if the agency listed are a bunch of letters and numbers?
  6. Going through a similar issue.. Please update with their response when it comes!
  7. I sent a DV letter to Convergent Outsourcing for an old Comcast bill (dated June 2009). They replied with a copy of the bill with my name and old address on it. What is my next step here? Send a PFD letter? FOAD letter? My state is Pennsylvania if that helps. my goal is to have it totally removed from my report, even if it means paying up. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info rslifkin. I should clarify that Covergent was not actively pursuing the collection, I finally checked my credit and this showed up. I'm quite a newbie here, should I ask to validate the debt? I feel if I send an FOAD they will just ignore it like they did my PFD letter, then the debt will stay on my report forever. My goal is have the debt removed from my report ASAP, even if it means paying up to 100%.
  9. Thanks breeze! So CBer's.. Whatcha got for me? Call? Send another letter? Do nothing?
  10. Its been at least 3 years. State is Pennsylvania if that helps.
  11. The debt is an old cable bill (Comcast) from my college days (around $1200). CA is Convergent Outsourcing, I sent the letter to 800 SW 39th St Renton, WA. The letter I sent (with private info removed): To whom this may concern: This letter is not to be construed as an acknowledgment of my liability for this debt in any form, but rather an attempt to amicably settle the remaining balance owed on the following account: #---------- The total amount you allege I owe on the account is $1212.00. I will pay your company the full amount of $1000.00 as complete settlement of this account, provided that you explicitly agree to each and every point listed as follows: 1. Convergent Outsourcing agrees to accept payment of $1000.00 as an agreed full and final settlement of all outstanding charges and fees on Account #------------ 2. Convergent Outsourcing agrees to permanently cease any and all attempts to collect on Account #------------, either directly or through a collection agency. 3. Convergent Outsourcing agrees not to sell the debts owed on Account #------------ to any third party, since Convergent Outsourcing would recognize the account as being paid in full. 4. Convergent Outsourcing agrees to completely delete all references to Account #------------ from any and all credit reporting agencies, including, but not limited to, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Complete deletion of all account references to Account #------------ will be completed within TEN days of receipt of payment without delay, since certified funds will be sent promptly upon receipt of your acceptance of this offer. 5. Upon complete deletion of all references to Account #------------ pursuant to point 4 referenced above, Convergent Outsourcing agrees not to discuss or report Account #------------ with any third party, including, but not limited to: a. All credit reporting agencies, AND b. All collection agencies 6. Convergent Outsourcing will provide ------------ with a copy of the Universal Data Form Convergent Outsourcing transmits to each credit reporting agency showing the deletion requests and/or a signed, dated letter confirming that Convergent Outsourcing has notified each credit reporting agency requesting the deletion. 7. This agreement is binding upon both parties. If you agree to points 1 through 7 listed in this settlement offer, please have an individual authorized to make such agreements on behalf of Convergent Outsourcing sign and return a copy of this offer to the return address listed at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt of this agreement, ------------ will promptly send you a certified check in the amount of $1000.00. The individual who signs on behalf of Convergent Outsourcing must have express authority to make such agreements binding upon Convergent Outsourcing or the agreement is void. I look forward to resolving this matter in the best interests of both parties. I think this is a fair offer, and it is entirely within the rights and legal obligations of both parties to do this. Thank you very much for your time in this matter, and I will await your response. Notice: This agreement is restricted to the terms stated herein. This is not a renewed promise to pay, but rather a restricted settlement offer only. Failure to respond within 30 days of the date of this letter will terminate this settlement offer. The 30 days have passed without a response. What are my next steps? Thanks!
  12. The 30 days I allowed for a response to a PFD letter that I sent has passed without a response. Is the next step to give them a call? I am nervous about messing up and accidentally doing something stupid. What should I do?

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