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  1. cool cool thanks. this place never disapoints....like never!
  2. really? isnt it suppose to show "need verification"? if it shows up as no credit report or no credit whould a score populate?
  3. I had a family member of mine freeze their reports to see what certain banks check when applying for a car loan anyways, some of them checked transunion and it popped up as "has no credit" and not as "unable to view report due to credit freeze (or something that specifies that" when they spoke to the finance manager directly, she said that you have no credit at all, nothing. its coming up as no credit. so should it show as no credit or should it show as something else
  4. i spoke to them and they say all is fine, its an upgrade of the site. must be a michigan thing because i have had 4 people check and same message (all in MI state) unless someone in MI can text it out nd take a snap? because if it works, Im going to rip those outsourced *** ***** a new one for being incompititent or being liars my sister in law needs the history too. they need to stop with the fussing around.
  5. done and ll times, it takes me to this error We're sorry. This feature is not available right now. We're sorry, but the feature you want isn't available right now. Please try again later. (Ref. No. 10033.0)
  6. the link takes me to my homepage. can u post a snapshot?
  7. Hey all, All of a suden, my capital one account, in good standing and 0 balance, is giving me an error when i try to access the authoized user section...here is the error as chris tucker likes to put it......"what the prol is?" am I the only one getting this error? Is it just maintenence? anyways, I'll call them in a bit but just figured this was wierd.
  8. there is no favor I am asking in return (per se) except a better reason than the generic responses Ive received. If they offer me something like a promotional rate on a CD account or something, who am I to deny it.....kidding...or not! also, you never know what someone is willing to do for you unless you give them the chance to. The likelihood of them doing something for me may be low but what if I get them to manually review my app and approve it, how does that hurt. Its the thinking that "why waist my $3 of paper, ink, envelopes and stamps sending out these letter if there is about .0000236% chance of getting a response". You never know, unless you try. How is that letter I send any different than calling them for....say.... recon; except this letter would go to corporate instead, who may have someone call me to get some kind of recon done. In fact it is letter like this that gets peoples attention (and some progress) more so than a phone call into a $10/hour rep at a call center in Kansas or the Philippines. Low risk, possible high reward. If I lose the couple bucks and the hour it takes me to do this, so be it. It aint the end of the world.
  9. it worked well with enterprise. Got 5 day voucher with discounts and complimentary points. who knows what might happen but maybe one of the banks/cu/third party lenders might see something off and rectify it; helping others in the same situation as me down the road. It doesnt hurt.....its low risk....high reward if things work out. There is no harm in trying. btw, my son got approved for a 6.19% loan on a 2006 ml350 with 96400 miles (rounded up) and his LTV ratio was 105%, his score was 680 and his OOP was $1000. He has similar history to me (has my history via AU) and has just one citi card in his name for $4000 ( 6 months sincehe had citi). His balances are also 5% high than mine. when somethings wrong, its wrong. I hope to either find out what is wrong or at least get something resolved. doesnt hurt to try and its not like im going to be siiting at the phone/door all day/night or something. if something good happens, great. if not, no harm done.
  10. approved with DCU not sure what rate is yet. I am also going to write a big letter to corporate (of every bank/third party lender that denied me) and then send them some loans that were approved with lesser credit/financials (have some docs from the dealer with omited personal info on them proving that people quite younger than me, lesser credit/financials and slightly oder vehicles were getting approved. Most of them had LTV % of 90% and some had it at 110%) I would love for them to reply to me with an answer that isnt generic. Maybe they'll just throw them away without even opening them. With that said, might be better to send them 10 copies of the same letter each
  11. Sorry I was specific enough about the car I was purchasing. I can be a dunce sometimes anyways, the car is a 2007 RX400H. Fully loaded to the gills I thought it might be that so I called a few of the lenders who denied me and most of them gave me values of 19K and above for the car (penfed has the value at 21K when I gave them the vin). so the LTV wasnt the issue or the LTC (loan to collateral) wasnt either. Also, the stipulation on miles was that it be 2007 or newer and less than 100K by most of them; logix had less strigent demands. you are right, the car has more miles on it than it should be but not by much (if we are basing this on 12k miles per year). so on average, the car put an extra 167 miles per month. That is not a lot by any standards. I just cant believe I am being turned down and to the fact where some people are starting to treat me like trash after I got denied; after i got denied, the first two dealership looked at me as if I was a sub prime borrower who wanted to put down 500 bucks on a 30k car. One of them offered in house financing at 28%. I politely turned it down but could not believe what was going on. I really dont want to pay cash for the car thats already been driven for 6-7 years and has nearly 100K miles on it, no matter how nice it is. I already paid off the Honda accord (was an 09 and still under manufacturers warranty at the time) I financed before. I might just sell the Honda and probably put down some more collateral; maybe an extra 2K. Hopefully this will get me approved and with a rate I deserve to get, IMO! Problem now is, we would be back t having 1 car and that makes our lives a little bit more difficult. Thats why I paid off the honda, so that I can own 1 car (for my wife) and have the lexus for myself.
  12. dealer only offers 60 month loans and said the lowest rate they have on used cars is 9% and thats if I am approved. Which means hes going to shotgun my app to a lot more banks. In any case, Ill try that (again) and see what happens; like I said earlier, I went through dealers, 2 of em in fact so hopefully this one pans out. If not, Im going to have to buy the car at cash price which is only $200 lower than what hes willing to finance at...yipee! soon lenders will be looking at things like "is his nails too long? Uh, thats a sign of poor hygiene so we must deny him" I guess lenders care more about lending money to those who have repos and bankruptcy and limited history and low 500s than someone with actuall money. While Im a it, Ill shave my beard off; long beards may turn off some banks when I walk in for a loan. what a joke this has become and the joke is apparently on me. BTW, this isnt a knock on dealers, but a knock on the lending system itself. Its flawed in many ways and legit buyers with good enough history to finance, get denied. And I dont buy that "hes only got 3 years history at age 68" crap. What changed from the time Honda was willing to give me a loan nearly 2 years ago, when I had less than 2 years of history at age 66? Well, my score is 60 points higher, my credit history has improved: my different type of credit has improved, my debt to credit ratio improved, I carry a decent enough balance on my credit cards (green amex, gold amex, citi cards, cap 1, discover), I have a paid off auto installment loan. whats funny is, I have enough available credit to be denied for that reason and yet none of them stated that as a denial...so.....it cant be that.
  13. add up2drive (who approved me before as well at 6.2 % if I remember correctly) Cap1 (who also approved me before but at 14%) and Lightstream to the list of denials. Id laugh at how horrible its getting but I would be laughing at myself.
  14. I have 3 years and 1 month of total history (to be exact). Reason why its not longer, is due to having no active credit for many, many years. Ive had my checking account however for almost 15 years with chase and have a nice long history with them, all positive, which is another reason why I am confused why they would deny me. Ive lived in the same home for 17 years and own outright my income is still stable at close to 50k without bonuses i have more than 3 trades i have a paid off auto loan that existed since 11/2011 (showing thats it been paid off in such a short period of time should be proof of financial stability, not to mention the tax returns) i can send u a copy of my credit report if it helps. again, there is something seriously off with the fact that I am being denied when people with worse history (score, length of history and amount of trades) have been approved what other CU, banks, third parties or brokers can I go through to obtain auto financing? Besides the ones already mentioned

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