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  1. Newbie with lots of questions. I've been reading and reading and I am going in circles. I have a CO from 8/2011. I don't recall ever getting written ntoice from the CA, only from the OC. I pulled all 3 credit reports and scores today. I found my credit scores to be: 688, 693 and 688. The CO is the only KD. I have a few 30 days late payments but otherwise, a good credit history. I dispute the validity of the CO. Should I direct that to the OC or to the CA? The CO is related to a contract I signed in nursing school. The contract states that I must "fulfill employment commitment after graduation". It does not specify a timeframe that constitutes the employment commitment. I did obtain employment with that company in accordance with all other terms of the contract and was employed there a little over two years until I left to purse another opportunity. Because no timeframe is specified in the contract or promissory note, I contend that I met all the terms and should not have been charged with this debt. My questions are, If I DV this CO with the CA 1. Is that the correct place to start (as opposed to the OC, my former employer) 2. What do they have to prove to validate the CO? Basically, I would be asking them to agree that I met all the terms of the contract as I was employed and no timefram for employment was ever defined in the contract or promissory note (the only documents I signed). 3. What happens if the CA can validate the CO? Do I enter into negotiations for settlement? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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