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  1. does anyone know if landmark credit union reports to authorized users
  2. I have some questions hope someone has answers to. So, been repairing my credit for some time now. In the past two years I was able to have 20 or so items removed from my reports. But, in me going so my score dropped points mainly because I been applying for credit cards but have not secured one. I tried several secured cards and was denied for all except capital one witch oddly was the same card I had a charge off with in the past. I have not signed a contract with them just because they want me to send them $300.00 and in return the would send me a card in like 8 weeks dont sound practical t
  3. i have my trans union solutions, how do i use this service for b*
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    has anyone ever used a company that offers to have you add to au account for a fee
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    I have one year of trans union monitoring and creditkarma witch is vantage score. I applied on line for the card they recommended unsecured.
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    so I applied for a capital one card and was denied, does anyone know of any sub prime cards that i can apply ?
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    Hi CB members, I'v been a member for about a year now sucking up all the info I can. I'v sent out plenty of letters and made tons of phone calls. I was successful in removing around 16 negatives off my report all of them were paid accounts but, Now I hit a road block and need anyone and everyone's advice since i'm running out of time. To start I only have 4 items left on my reports and, after all others were removed my score went up a few points but not much to make a difference. My score was at low 500's and now after all paid collection were removed (16 or more) it topped off at 565. I
  8. pea-jay, what was the wed address you used or email for on line dispute access
  9. i'm i got green card back about a week ago disputed with cra and they verified so i disputed on line have not here back from them
  10. Hi, cb users, I'm new to credit repair but, been reading a lot on this forum. I have a collection for at&t (oc) with afni, inc. afni sent me a few letters but I never responded. so I'ts passed the dunning period. Recently I received a call from them on my wife's cell phone ( don't know how they got that number) I was asked if I lived at an old address and I answered what is this about. They said at&t I said don't know what you are talking about I will send you a dv letter they said fine, end of conversation. I sent them dv cmrrr the same day. got green card back in like a week and
  11. im a newbie but, been learning alot on this forum. received a dunning letter from ca that is not yet reporting to cra. sent ca dv letter within dunning 30 days. received green card. ca sent me my last 3 cc statements as validation. what to do next. the debt is mine, its around $300.00 and i am willing to pfd but need some time. how long do i have till they can report to cra. oc is reporting co.
  12. I need some advice. received dunning letter from ca that is not yet reporting to cra. sent ca dv letter with in dunning period. ca sent me last three cc statements as validation. what is my next cores of action. the debt is $350.00 i do owe this debt but need some time to settle should i send 2nd dv or ptd asking for 50% off. how much time do i have before they can start reporting to cra?
  13. what is pg stand for been here for awhile never seen it before
  14. yeah thats right the city da takes care of that im going to make an appointment monday thanks
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