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  1. So, I should try and settle even if they won’t delete it to keep from getting sued? Thanks for your response!
  2. I have a charge-off with Capital One for $4587. They’re still the only one reporting, but a lawyers office, Couch Lambert, sent me notice. I sent a validation/verification letter and they sent me a copy of the credit card statement. Can I settle with them or do I settle with Capital One since they’re reporting? I feel like Capital One might just re-route me to them, but I also want the account deleted and don’t want to waste my money.
  3. I just started a NAV account and have business accounts on my business credit that aren’t mine. How do I dispute?
  4. I received a letter from Radius Global Solutions for Capital One (OC). I cannot, for the life of me, find the letter they sent. How do I get the account number to send the generic validation letter? I called Capital One, but they transferred me directly to Radius and they asked me to verify my SSN and birthdate, so I hung up. What do I do?
  5. Do I have to call and ask for this? Or just pay the accounts up and it will happen?
  6. So, last year, I was on bedrest for 8 months. I got behind on everything. I have 90-day lates on all my credit cards except two. A couple of them have closed the accounts, I have closed the others to keep interest from compounding. My question is, should I let them charge off and try to remove them or should I make arrangements to pay them ASAP. I plan on paying them all eventually, but will it hurt more if I start paying on them right now? Or should I let them charge off, start paying them, and fight to have them removed?
  7. He’s been helping a little. That’s how I’ve kept the lights on, car note, insurance, our cheap phones paid and bought food. So, when I get back to work, I should just try to catch up? I shouldn’t call and try to negotiate interest rates or anything? Okay. Maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe it’s not as bad as I think. 2-3 years isn’t terrible.
  8. I’m SO behind! I feel like I’m drowning in debt! So, my dad died in December ‘18 without insurance. I paid for his burial out of my limited savings - supposedly, no one else had money. In January, SO and I parted ways. End of January, found out I was pregnant. Fast forward 9 months, I’m behind on ALL my CCs that carry a balance, a consolidation loan, and my house note d/t being on strict bed rest since April. I had a c-section 3 weeks ago so still not able to go back to work yet. I have 90-day lates on two Capital 1 cards ($4,000 and $500), Chase card($500) and Dillard’s, Victoria
  9. I’m trying not to be a helicopter parent. He’s in on the process, too. He’s new to this “life” thing, and I’m trying to be a guide.
  10. He’s been working for two years with the same company. He has check stubs. No certain type of car, just dependable. And, he doesn’t have any credit, other than being my authorized user.
  11. My son just turned 18. I just added him as an authorized user on one of my credit cards. Other than that, he has no credit. He’s leaving for college in August and needs the money from his college fund to pay for school. He has a good job (for an 18-year old). But he needs a car! Any ideas on where I can get him financed? I must add that I can’t co-sign. My credit is good, but my DTI is too high, I’ve been told. Unless you have some ideas there, also.
  12. So, the credit bureau told me the dates of the accounts. I was looking through my Dropbox for something and ran across a letter sent to me last year by PMAB. The letter says they removed the same accounts from my credit report last year. Same dates and amounts. Apparently, the hospital resold the accounts. Do I have any recourse? Still no answer from this CA (they still have about 10 days). By the way, the amounts were what remained after insurance paid for ER visits, says Blue Cross.
  13. I'm not even sure whether the accounts were for myself or my children because the CA hasn't answered my DV. So, I don't know what to tell the insurance company when I call (dates of service, etc). As soon as they send me some info, IF they send me some info, I'll call the insurance company. Thank you!
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