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  1. i dont know. thats why i am asking for help. Is it even worth me doing anything.
  2. Maybe i can ask for one now instead of all this funny business. I got the house listed but my friend who is the agent doesnt think it is going to go anytime soon..
  3. ok so here is the next big question. Do i have to Answer the summons. We are not in the house. We have moved out and are just trying to sell it. What should i do. At this point i moved into my new house. So any ideas. I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to answer this summos. Not to sound to dumb about it but how would you relay to the court we are already out and tring to buy some time to sell the house.......I guess i can answer that my wife is not on loan but on title.
  4. I am going to work on my answer this week. We are movng into our new place on monday thank god.
  5. So i have been served along with my wife for our mortgage that is 90 days past due just went 120. My DW is not on the mortgage but on Title. We had been making payments on house since i finally got my job after my previous company shut down. We got 90 days past due and i started making my reg payments in January. I had to push one back 15 days but sent them more money. Then in Sept i called to make a payment and they refused, they wanted all or nothing. This was crazy because the month before i paid them and nothing like this happened. Now last month they added attn fees anded jumped upto $12k
  6. Thanks for the reply. We are moving in the right direction. Met a guy who rents properties and his DW if a manager for a Title office and they have purchased a few homes that were Short Sales. He said he would like to help us. We may even be renting his house with purchase option. He said they would set up a escrow account and $400 a month worth of rent would go towards a downpayment on the purchase. Total rent payment is $1200 way better than my $2500. I would love to pay only utilities and have no rent or bills for a few months but it would drive my wife nutz, knowing we are sitting
  7. My DW and i cam across a rental that was owner renting. The gentlman has 8 houses in our area. 4 for sale and 4 rentals. My Dw is going to look at one of his houses he wants to sell but will rent. We told him our situation about our Pre Foreclosure and he said he would work with us. He even said if we pay a extra $100 a month for a total of $1300 he would waive the Deposit. We told him we really want to own again and he told us that if that is really what we are interested in doing he would help us out by setting up a Escrow account and putting $400 of our Rent into it and after 1 or 2 yrs of
  8. I am going to be in the same situation in a few years. We are trying to sell our pre foreclosure home and if not it will go back. We are already looking at a couple of rentals and some have a lease with option to buy. I think that with a bad score and foreclosure we may be able to do this. I hope my true story as to what happend to me works in getting either of the 2 houses we are interested in renting. I tell you what in Central Florida there is a FOR SALE sign or Rent sign in almost every street and it seems like almost every 5 -6th house so i dought i will be selling my house.
  9. Well i finally got a letter from my lender about what is going on. It was from the mitigation dept. They want a hardship letter and gave me a list of possible options. One is a Repayment plan where they would add my late fees and past due into my reg paymt amount. That would make my payment increase. They also said that i can discuss with them a Deed in Lieu of Forclosure (?) i have no idea what that is or a possible short sale. Well i still want to try and sell and get out of here. Any idea as to what i should be thinking of. THanks
  10. We found a house that is for rent buy the owner. It is going to be $1200 a month with a $1000 Deposit. I will save about $1300 a month. I cant wait to get going on this. Saving money every month and saving a little so eventually i can have a nice down payment. My house hits the market next week and with a little luck maybe it was go. If not i am going to be saving a few months Mortgage payment money and be able to put down the deposit and 1st months rent.
  11. Spoke with a rental agent today, told them my story and they said they would be able to help and that it is a really good renters market in Florida. So that was good. We also found a 4 br 2 bath 2300Sq ft rental for $1295 not to far from my house. It was listed for rent buy owner with a buy option.
  12. I am going through the same thing in Fl. our Mortgage co wont accept any payments. They set a Sale Date for the 27th of DEC. I have a good friend of mine who is a broker and he is listing the home for me and we are going to see if we can get anything before the Sale and then i am going to go rent a house. I know how scared you are so hang in there. Yesterday i was all over the place. Nervous as heck and scared.
  13. Yea it has hit a point. My wife wants to take some time apart to look at where we are a couple and so that doens't help my stress much. This house has brought us nothing but problems. Sell the house or give it back and see if we can start a fresh new life. Hopefully we can work it out but if not i will have to face that also. It has been the week from hell!
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