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  1. Note to self ( i wonder how long it will take for people to realize they're being ignored) Im sure the thread is off topic by now, so can we please get back on topic, thanks to everyone.
  2. If navy would pull ex, id be all over it tonight.
  3. a lot of people care about prestige in many aspects of ones life. BIg house big car prettier wife higher limit cc higher education higher income etc all status symbols to some
  4. Im so anxious to app for their cc and cloc...Patience. patience....
  5. Running a 100lb jackhammer for 12 hrs a day for a month keeps me in shape. My occupation keeps me at a healthy 205 lbs @ 6'2". I haven't been in a gym since school 30 yrs ago. I eat, drink what i want and as much as i want. I couldn't imagine having a low physical activity type of job.
  6. If scientists and non-believers of GOD believe in evolution, then why are there still apes?
  7. Ironically enough, I believe the Gorilla brand is based out of cincinnati.
  8. He was anti war except for the Irag war which he fully agreed with.
  9. Stop PM"ing me krad. Please. thank you. You're e-stalking me and that's kinda scary. I hope your threats are idle and you don't intend to follow thru with them.
  10. NASA SP for member initiated apps? Or just CU offers? Sent from my SM-G925P using Tapatalk I'd do some research on NASA before considering them for anything. A lot of negativity about them lately. In a nutshelll....sometimes HP, sometimes SP, sometimes both....acct closures, massive CLD's, etc..... Even the prominent CB'ers have advised to re-think getting in with NASA.
  11. Looks like penfed softed me on 5/31. That sucks if they use that score. My file/score is better today than it was 30 days ago.
  12. 2 app submissions, 5 phone calls, 10 days later im in. I plan on applying for a cc and cloc soon. Ill post up results with stats.
  13. EQ would work better for me.....20 pts higher and clean. EQ 04 though, right?
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