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  1. In November I moved some limits around by a simple PM. Just recently tried again and was told they don't do it anymore so it seems to be hit or miss! Congrats!
  2. Good luck! Anything over $25k will almost always require income doc's, might as well send them with the CLI request
  3. Congrats on the approval!!!! I just recently got my Freedom 2.5 years post BK and was only approved for $500
  4. Definitely not the bk! Fraud alert is most likely the culprit!
  5. I dont have the exact text but have only heard of them asking for last years tax returns or past couple pay stubs. I would say to request the CLI and send last years tax doc's right away so they dont ask for anything at all Good luck!
  6. good luck! My recon took 6 days haha. Cross my fingers for you
  7. I had no option to ask for a specific SL, was told it's decided for me.. I have never had the chance to request a starting limit actually.
  8. NFCU is as pull happy as they get... Agreed.. This is what I did fresh out of BK and walked away with 1 HP and a secured nRewards. It was 2.5 years ago though, so OP should call to make sure things haven't changed. Two HP's is probably worth giving NFCU the shot to approve an unsecured though edit: maybe the deciding factor was that I apped for unsecured nRewards and was offered secured version upon denial? no clue YMMV as always
  9. You got to request a specific limit when applying? That's awesome! Good luck
  10. Pretty sure you can app for nRewards unsecured and change to secured nRewards if denied. Call to make sure. NFCU is pretty lenient though, good luck!!
  11. Why not app for the card and CLOC together? The LOC is underwritten separate from the credit card. Always ask for $15k on LOC
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