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  1. I successfully got a card from Penfed with 0% APR and a 20k line of credit. Although I now realize it is incredibly hard to turn that into cash with Penfed. Anyone have any tricks? Ive tried to search but couldnt find a definitive answer. Ideas: B/T To debit card. Would they detect this? B/T To checking account. Would they detect this? B/T to another credit card and ask for a refund check. I have heard this is risky, especially with large amounts. I think it might be suspicious is if I overpaid a bill by about 18k.. Does anyone know of CC issuers that have no problem with this? An
  2. This is very useful to know. 2% is more reasonable to me. I will have to test this out with Citi too then. Thanks!
  3. That's pretty interesting. Actually I forgot to mention this before, but I got the same 1% offer from Barclays as you did. I have 4 cards with them and I got it in the mail for 3 cards all on the same day. That's what made me think that there was value to be had here. But sadly, I spent some time researching what investments I considered safe enough, and did not realize that the balance transfers had to CLEAR by a certain date. And I called up Barclays before to double check. They told me I should deposit it at least 10 days before the expiration to make sure it clears in time otherwise I woul
  4. Haha. Yea it is a pretty large amount. It's the result of signup bonus oriented AoRs that I have been doing for the last 2.5 years. Every 3 months I go for 5-6. Not recommending anyone else do this unless they are meticulously obsessed with monitoring their credit and searching for tricks to prevent it from getting destroyed.
  5. I think that pretty much just leaves you with only NAVY at this point in time. Sounds like it. Thanks everyone for your input. If anything interesting comes up please let me know!
  6. I wish this was the case with me. But they tend to give me <5k credit lines while other issuers will give me closer to 15k. They also tend to require me to move credit over from an existing card as opposed to giving me new credit, and that would force me to close other cards I would rather not close. The other thing is that chase tends to have some of the biggest signup bonus cards, and I would rather save my inquiries with them for getting a guaranteed ~500$ signup bonus with no risk, as opposed to likely getting a credit line less than 10k, and needing to take significant risk to ear
  7. I am not directly eligible for membership for NFCU according to their website, but I have read on FW that sometimes there are other ways of qualifying that aren't published online, that can be available over the phone like contributing to a military group. It might be YMMV but figure its worth a try. I was hoping there were some other credit unions that have a similar pattern that are easier to get into, but its starting to sound like there aren't. I was not aware that Penfed is finicky with approvals. I wonder if I have a chance. I have a pretty good FICO (740ish) but have around 40
  8. Thanks everyone. I agree that Slate is probably one of the the best 0% APR card to apply for with no fees, but I was wondering more about being able to reliably do this year after year with large enough credit lines that it makes it worth it. Chase for some reason is very stingy with credit to me. I guess part of the reason why Penfed and NFCU stand out to me is that I believe they tend to have a history of giving higher credit lines and offering 0% offers with low BT fees to existing customers. Any chance there are more superstars like them out there? Maybe I'm just pushing
  9. Thanks. Anyone know of others? Especially ones with 1% or lower BT Fees?
  10. Hi, I have no debt, and have built up a large credit line from a history of AoRs (to earn signup bonuses), currently around $280k. I am interested now in creating relationships with credit issuers that have a history of giving out 0% APR offers to current cardholders. I plan to leverage the 0% offers (with low BT fees) to invest in the market in mutual funds that I consider to be a reasonable risk tolerance for me. I understand that I could lose money, but in the long run if I do this every year and have a stable income that I can repay back on down years, I should make money. I al
  11. Did disputing the open date work for you? Same problem for me.. I D* a few months ago, but it seems EQ only shows the updated dates for 2 cards that I applied for after D*.
  12. Bob - for chase and discover does "reports aus at same address" mean that those banks will only report these credit lines if your addresses match, or that it adds your address to their credit report but still reports? Also for chase and discover - do you know if it reports the original date you opened the account or the date that you added the AUs?
  13. Thank you for the advice. Should I ask them nicely? Or come from a position of authority / threatening to sue? Does anyone know if I have legal authority? I would assume the bank has some legal requirements of providing accurate information about a debt and repayment before they can claim that I did not pay it in time. For example: If they incorrectly show an account balance of 0$ and then later on I get a late payment reported, because they incorrectly showed a 0$ balance when really it was a 40$ balance. Would they be liable? I would think in that case they would be liable. And in
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