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  1. I have too many...though I do rotate them.
  2. Are the majority of your TL's older or newer? If FP has some distance between it and most of your other TL's in terms of age the age factor may really bite FICO in the short term. It really S U C K S to pay them all those fees (as I said in another thread I am the ultimate hypocrite with them because I still keep my FP from seven years ago ONLY because of the age factor.) Adding a new TL and removing one of the oldest is risky and you should expect a FICO drop but I do know some people that were in similar situations that upon closing FP actually had a slight FICO boost so it's definately a YMMV. Simple answer: Expect a FICO hit if you do it...but it does make sense to get FP and the fees out of there.
  3. I hope you never pay them online either with the $7 "service charge" that comes with it. The TL itself may be worth more than the $72/year you'll spend keeping it but IMO if you have any TL's as old as this one I'd tell them to "sock" it. Of course I'm being hypocritical by telling you this since I still have mine 7+ years later with perfect payment history (one of the only ones I actually kept current in the evil old days!)
  4. I'm assuming you've already done all the newbie stuff since you've been here about a year. Have you disputed them at all before? I would dispute them as no knowledge of accounts since it doesn't seem that they are accurately reporting all the information in the TL's. I wouldn't give LVNV a dime either...but that's just me.
  5. I may be crazy (and I grew up in Naperville and lived in Lakeview for a few years...off Diversey and Barry...and I liked parking there...so I guess I am crazy) but I thought the WAMU PFICO was a bankcard enhanced FICO...meaning it gauges your creditworthiness with a heavy bias towards your unsecured revolving debt history vs the classic MyFico which is a more general score of your overall creditworthiness (credit cards, loans, mortgages, auto, etc.) Had anything changed between your pulls? Are the reports that reflect those two scores identical? When you pull at MyFICO it's a snapshot of that exact moment in time that you pulled. (Infamous beat me to it...and is correct...I think!)
  6. Thanks so! I'm living proof this place can change your life for the better. This place is great! Good luck on your journey!
  7. Now that makes sense heg!
  8. The quote was from Experian's website. I should've clarified that. I know Wachovia used it for our mortgage (why I'll never know.)
  9. If those last two baddies go away I think you'll be in really good shape FICO wise (but it's FICO...so YMMV of course.) I would also consider adding a TL from someone like Citi or Amex or BofA if you can find a card you like. They should give you a solid CL to start or at least the ability to bump it up (Amex especially.) Work on those last two negs if you can...I think that's really your best avenue for FICO (plus a clean report always looks really nice!) How are your inq's?
  10. On mine they report as Revolving...I once had a credit limit/high balance as $35 for Green.
  11. More positive TL's will help, but your average age of TL's will hurt. Getting rid of the negatives that are left will help. Is the util that was being reported when you last pulled FICO low? Can it be lower? How many positive TL's vs how many negatives right now? When you pull FICO does it give any negative factors? Like util, average age, etc?

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